Carve a Tower of Teetering Turtles

These stylized turtles are fun to carve, and the project is even easier to complete when you can see it from every angle. In Woodcarving Illustrated Summer 2011 (Issue 55), Harry L. Limings, Jr. shares his carving of stack of turtles climbing on top of each other.

This 3-D model shows the tower from all sides.

The idea for this stack of turtles came from a mid-March golf trip to Charleston, S.C. The water temperature had warmed up, and the turtles in the golf course ponds were clambering for a spot on a log to soak up some sun. One pond had only one piece of log suitable for basking in the sun, and all of the turtles were piled up, competing for the best spot. The comical sight was the inspiration for this carving.

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