Shop Tips

Convenient Finishing Station

K&M of Virginia has combined standard painter’s pyramids with a lazy Susan-style turntable to create a complete finishing station for small- and medium-sized projects.

The Finishing Turntable features pyramid-shaped work supports that slide on rails attached to the top of the turntable. The shape of the pyramids allows air to flow under the project for a faster drying time while providing the necessary support. The pyramids slide in toward the center to support projects as small as 4″ across. The 16″-diameter turntable can accommodate larger projects.

Because you can spin the project around to access it from every angle, the turntable speeds up the finishing process. The plastic turntable is impervious to most finishes and is easy to clean. The turntable supports up to 100 pounds, making it suitable for small and large carvings.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Finishing Turntable is $39.95. The turntable is available from several woodworking sources. For a complete list of suppliers, visit the manufacturer’s website at

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