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Folding Carving Bench: 3D Model

In Woodcarving Illustrated Spring 2012 (Issue 58), Jack Schmauch showed how to create a folding carving bench. Scroll down to find a 3D SketchUp Model that allows you to rotate the piece and see it from any angle. You MUST download the free SketchUp program or the free SketchUp Viewer program to view it. The full SketchUp program can be intimidating for a new user, but the Viewer program is easy to use. Download the full program at HERE or the viewer HERE

My carving style has always been two-handed—I hold the wood in a vise, or positioner, which allows me to have both hands on my carving tools. I find it to be much more productive because I can carve with the tool in either hand. An added benefit is that it is less tiring for me than using my left hand to support the piece while carving with my right hand.

My wife and I travel in a motorhome, and I always take projects along to carve. I used to attach my work positioner to the picnic tables campgrounds usually provide, but there were so many variations in the heights of tables and the distances between the seat and the table that I decided to build a folding carving bench I could take with me.

I wanted a bench that included a place for me to attach my work positioner at a comfortable height. The bench also needed to be lightweight, comfortable, easy to set up, and easy to tear down. While I use my bench for gouge and knife carving, it would be easy to adapt it to relief or power carving, or other types of crafts. It’s also perfect for carvers who have limited space at home.

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