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Fox Chapel Publishing has several dozen books in the works at any given moment–books for coloring, crafts, home improvement, travel, and more. In the woodworking department, we have about 20 projects “cooking” right now. Some of them are at the printer, while others are ideas we’ve accepted and are working with the authors to bring to fruition. We thought we’d share a couple that we hope you will be excited about.



  • Realistic Pumpkin Carving by Lundy Cupp

Grab your carving tools and make the best jack o’lanterns on the block! Lundy Cupp shares his techniques for carving creepy/cool faces in pumpkins, squash, and sweet potatoes. The carving doesn’t dull your tools, and mistakes don’t matter when the face is supposed to look scary (and the carving will disappear in a week or two anyway). The book includes two step-by-step projects, plus extra info about carving eyes and teeth, and patterns for 24 designs.

This book is at the printer. It is available for preorder now or you will be able to pick it up from your local woodworking or book store in August.



  • Caricature Soldiers: From the Civil War to the World Wars and Today by Floyd Rhadigan

This book grew out of a casual conversation at Artistry in Wood in Dayton, Ohio, about 18 months ago. Floyd had a few Civil War figures on his table, and we thought it would be neat to do patterns for each branch of the modern military. Inspired by his own service as well as his admiration for veterans of all branches and eras, Floyd carved a dozen figures representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and more. There is nothing like it on the market, and we think you’ll love it.

This book is in the design process. It is available for preorder now or you will be able to pick it up from your local woodworking or book store in September.



  • Carving and Painting Noah’s Animals by Betty Padden

After we published the plans for Betty’s ark in Woodcarving Illustrated magazine, we had to add this book to our order system way ahead of schedule because so many people called to preorder it. Betty has spent the past several months carving an assortment of animals. Once she’s done, we’ll deliver the manuscript and photos to the design department to make your book! In the meantime, we are enjoying displaying Betty’s ark and the first three animals in our office.

This book is under development. It will be available for purchase in early 2017.

Want a preview? Click here for instructions to carve the ark accessories.

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