Online 2020 Carving Courses


Online 2020 Carving Courses

Carving, of Course!

Taking a class might look different this year—but it’s not out of the question. That’s why we prepared a short list of online resources available to help you keep those woodchips flying.

We’d love to continue adding to the list. If you know of a course, please email the class information to





Contact Info

Mary May


$14.99 per month

$159.99 per year

Alec LaCasse

Fundamentals of Woodcarving

$25 per month

$250 per year

Betty Padden

One-On-One Tutorials

$25 per 15 min/session
$45 per 30 min/session

Marty Leenhouts

Chip Carving

$29.95 per course
$120 per year

Alexander Grabovetskiy


$19.99 per month

$214 per year

Dave Stetson


$115 per class

Minisa Robinson

Pyrography Tutorials

$5 a month



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