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Lee Valley Painters’ Pyramids

Lee Valley’s new painters’ pyramids help elevate pieces for easy and fast finishing. The individual pyramids allow you to use as many–or as few–as you need. The pyramid shape gives you a solid base and the rounded point protects the wood and the finish. The painters’ pyramids cost $5.95 for […]

by February 14, 2010 Product Reviews

PL FIX 2-Part Wood Repair Kit

Henkel Consumer Adhesives Inc. has created a new polyurethane-based wood repair and filler. The resin and hardener are mixed together to create a light tan epoxy. The wood filler is thin enough to fit into small gaps and cracks, but thick enough that you can mold it. Unlike some other […]

by February 14, 2010 Product Reviews

Flexcut SK120 Scraper Set

Specifically designed for carvers, these tools make it easy to smooth rough surfaces Flexcut has designed a new set of scrapers especially for carvers. Scrapers are a popular finishing tool for woodworkers. The adaptations on these tools allow carvers to enjoy the same benefits. The tools fit into Flexcut’s popular […]

by February 14, 2010 Product Reviews

Guinevere Sanding System

The Guinevere Sanding System by King Arthur Tools claims to be the smallest inflatable sanding drum. What the tool lacks in size it more than makes up for in power. Many carvers use sanding drums to shape and sand their work. Because you control the inflation of the drums, you […]

by February 14, 2010 Product Reviews

Garrett Wade Patternmaker’s Vise

Premium tool retailer Garrett Wade has redesigned the classic patternmaker’s vise for today’s carvers. The heavy vise, weighing 32 pounds, can be mounted on any work surface up to 6″ thick. The primary advantage of the vise is that it can securely clamp irregularly shaped items. The vise rotates 360°, […]

by February 14, 2010 Product Reviews

Veritas Cane and Staff Tip

Lee Valley and Veritas have teamed up to create a cane and staff tip set that allows you to switch between a heavy-duty rubber tip and a sharp metal tip. The set includes a tapered brass end cap designed to fit 1″-diameter or larger shafts. Shape your staff or cane […]

by February 14, 2010 Product Reviews

Koch Sharpening System

Take your sharpening to the next level with the new extra-fine grit compound and the Koch Sharpening System. Two features make the Koch system different from other systems: The natural fiber wheels and the thermo-reactive sharpening compound. In the past, only the green fine-grit compound was available. I use this […]

by February 14, 2010 Product Reviews

Flat Lying Trammel Set

M Power’s flat lying trammel set (FLTS) makes marking your carving a snap. The locking trammels securely hold a pencil and attach to any ruler, making it easy to go from drawing centerlines on a carving to marking in a chip carving grid. The FLTS is based on M Power’s […]

by February 14, 2010 Product Reviews

Dremel Multi-Max

Dremel’s Multi-Max combines a triangular sanding pad with an oscillating saw and scraper system. The tool makes a useful addition to any shop. The Multi-Max sands away a surprising amount of wood quickly and features an adjustable oscillating speed. The offset saw attachment works great for relief carving. It allows […]

by February 14, 2010 Product Reviews

Schimmel’s Carvings

Turn of the Century Carver’s Work Popular Among Collectors Pennsylvania woodcarver John Bastian recreated several Wilhelm Schimmel carvings before designing a cat based on Schimmel’s style. Wood carver Wilhelm Schimmel may have been considered a tramp in his time, but today his pieces are popular among collectors of folk art […]

by February 5, 2010 Features