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Pat Scott Scores Big

In the Summer 2011 Issue of Woodcarving Illustrated, Hall-of-Fame baseball player Pat Scott shares her story and carvings. What do baseball and woodcarving have in common? The determination and tenacity of one gifted individual: Pat Scott of Walton, Ky. A powerful right-handed pitcher in the historic All-American Girls Professional Baseball […]

by April 18, 2011 Features
2007 Santa Carving Contest – Honorable Mentions

2007 Santa Carving Contest – Honorable Mentions

Will Carve for Hershey’s by Jim McGuire Judges Notes: Jim McGuire created a wonderfully functional and attractive piece. While the carving is painted with opaque paints, it still looks carved. The Hershey’s kisses tucked into Santa’s sack is a nice touch, but the overall pose would have benefited from a […]

by February 21, 2010 Best Carving Design Contest Archive

The Dream Weaver

There’s much to learn from professional woodcarver Ian Norbury, whose carvings are in collections all over the world. “I don’t sell woodcarvings,” Ian Norbury declares emphatically. A quizzical statement from a man who has been a professional woodcarver for over 25 years, until he completes the thought: “I sell dreams […]

by February 7, 2010 Features
All About Drawknives, Spokeshaves, and Scorps

All About Drawknives, Spokeshaves, and Scorps

Whether pushed or pulled, these tools rank high as wood removers By Roger Schroeder As a woodcarver, you know that the game plan is to remove wood. A sharp knife can’t be beat for a small project in softwoods. For large hardwood pieces, chisels, gouges, V tools and power tools […]

by February 7, 2010 Techniques

Branson: A Carver’s Paradise

Ozark tradition of carving makes this Missouri hot spot a great vacation destination Branson has been called the “New Nashville” because of all the country music shows held there. With 100 shows, three full blown amusement parks, and a host of water parks and go cart tracks, there are many […]

by February 5, 2010 Features
Realistic Skin Tones and Practice Walking Stick Topper Patterns

Realistic Skin Tones and Practice Walking Stick Topper Patterns

Simple mixtures and techniques to create a variety of flesh colors By Lora S. Irish While there are a variety of pre-mixed paints to simulate different skin tones, I prefer to mix my own. That gives me complete control over the colors, highlights, and shadows. It also allows me to […]

by January 24, 2010 Patterns & Projects, Techniques