Whittling 2021 Volume 7

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Whittling 2021 Volume 7

Whittling, a special issue of Woodcarving Illustrated, includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. This issue is not a part of the regular magazine subscription. It is available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing, foxchapelpublishing.com or 1-800-457-9112.

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Starter Guide


Basic Knife Cuts

Learn the four type of cuts to take on any future project

By the Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated


Whittling Safety

Heed these simple rules to prevent injuries

By the Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated


Knife Selection

Follow these tips when selecting a folding knife

By the Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated


The Basics of Sharpening

Properly prepare your knife for safe and enjoyable whittling

By the Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated


Comfortable Carving

Practice these simple stretches to enjoy carving for long periods of time

By Don Swartz


Teaching Kids to Whittle

Simple suggestions make it fun and easy

By Mindy Kinsey


“It Floats” Sailboat

Soap whittling offers smooth sailing and good, clean fun for beginners

By Janet Bolyard

Product Review: BeaverCraft Carving Kit for Beginners

Introduce someone you love to the craft with this all-in-one box of cheer

By James Miller 

Simple Whittles


Avocado Pit Owl

Instead of ditching your food waste, why not turn it into a unique piece of jewelry?

By Anna Prikazchikova


Trick-or-Treater Caricature

Transform a basswood turning into an adorable work of art

By Lori Dickie


Balancing Birds

Defy gravity with this aerodynamic design 

By Chris Lubkemann


Sitting Squirrel

Carve a cute backyard critter in just eight short steps

By Gene Messer


Flat-Plane Cat

Customize this flat-plane feline in dozens of ways, so everyone gets the purr-fect gift

By Tom Hindes


Tiny Unicorn

Complete this petite project in just seven steps

By Lieve Roelants

Afternoon Carves


Laid-Back Lumberjack

Spend your next camping trip making a character who loves wood as much as you do

By Peter Jofs


Bird in a Cage

A few simple cuts turn a classic design into a showstopper

By Daniel Breeding


Simple Tomte

No need to fret over eyes or hands on this beginner-friendly carve

By John Overby


Chubby Stylized Seal

This nautical creature is all smiles—and once you carve him, you will be, too

By James Miller


Snowman Ornament

This cute caricature will make you want to deck the halls all year long

By Sara Barraclough

Alaskan Fisherman

Beat the heat with this beginner-friendly project

By Nikki Reese

Weekend Projects


Feather Pendant

Charm your favorite avian enthusiast with a piece of stunningly detailed jewelry

By Giles Newman


Matchbox Lake Scene

Float into vacationland with this tiny (but oh-so-detailed) diorama

By Steve Tomashek


Carving a Human Figure

Learn to add movement and personality to caricatures with just a few cuts 

By Dave Stetson


Celtic Knife

Use simple techniques to create an elaborate knotwork pattern

By Bob Kozakiewicz

Little Vampire

Sink your teeth into this adorable carve

By Alex Joiner

Online Exclusives

Free Pattern  Are you a fan of the Trick-or-Treater project? Download a pattern and follow the instructions to make them a friend! 

Click here for the project

Free Project Downloads Find more whittling projects and patterns in the How To section on our website.

Click here for the How To section

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