Observation Leads to Inspiration

Creativity powers John Taye’s carving John Taye’s ideas for carving materialize while he pushes a cart up and down the aisle of a grocery store’s produce department. He’ll also mine ideas from drawing and doodling in a sketchbook or observing the world around him. “I see things in nature that […]

by February 5, 2010 Features

Schimmel’s Carvings

Turn of the Century Carver’s Work Popular Among Collectors Pennsylvania woodcarver John Bastian recreated several Wilhelm Schimmel carvings before designing a cat based on Schimmel’s style. Wood carver Wilhelm Schimmel may have been considered a tramp in his time, but today his pieces are popular among collectors of folk art […]

by February 5, 2010 Features

Modern Ivory Carving

How to carve authentic looking ivory in materials available today Carvers have a long history of turning to ivory as an alternative carving material. It holds detail better than any woods, but is much harder than most woods. Ivory from elephant tusks has been outlawed for many years, so carvers […]

by February 5, 2010 Features

Soff Jaws™

There are literally hundreds of ways to clamp a carving—and nearly as much a variety in prices. But Soft Jaws™ converts an ordinary shop vice into a very useful carving vice for a variety of projects. The shop vise is one of the most widely owned tools in workshops throughout […]

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The Humorous World of Pete LeClair

Lanky figures, eggheads, clowns, and grizzled faces are all part of the carving repertoire of Pete LeClair. A resident of Gardner, Massachusetts, Pete has been carving since 1979. After an unrewarding stint with ships in a bottle, he tried his hand at carving caricatures. He tracked down a couple of […]

by February 5, 2010 Features

Branson: A Carver’s Paradise

Ozark tradition of carving makes this Missouri hot spot a great vacation destination Branson has been called the “New Nashville” because of all the country music shows held there. With 100 shows, three full blown amusement parks, and a host of water parks and go cart tracks, there are many […]

by February 5, 2010 Features

Art of Chainsaw Carving

Most people think of a chainsaw as a tool for cutting limbs and trees, but artists have been using them to create sculpture for years. Today, carvers use chainsaws to sculpt everything from garden decorations to furniture and priceless works of art. Whether you’ve been thinking about getting involved in […]

by February 5, 2010 Features

Woodcarving at the National Scout Jamboree

Introducing 50,000 boys a year to the joys of carving through the merit badge program More than 1,000 Scouts, ages 12 to 17 took a three-hour class in the basics of wood carving at the 2005 National Scout Jamboree’s “Merit Badge Midway.” The Jamboree was held in Caroline County, VA. […]

by February 2, 2010 Features

Hand Carved Classics

You don’t need lots of tools to carve a masterpiece; I have carved a wide variety of things with just a pocketknife—including a variety of chains!  

by January 29, 2010 Features

Carousel Carving – Preserving the Past

The rise, fall, and rebirth of carved carousel horses Most people have fond childhood memories of riding on a carousel. The bright colors and lively music make the ride difficult to resist. In this article we’ll explore the history of the carousel and take a look at several organizations who […]

by January 29, 2010 Features