House and Barn Pyrography

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House and Barn Pyrography

Woodburn an additional rustic scene from this Connecticut farm

By Carol Wallace
One of the rural places I have been captivated by is Hunt Hill Farm in Connecticut. In addition to the barn and silo pyrography project featured in the summer issue (#95), I decided to create an additional pyrography pattern of a barn and house to capture more of the farm’s beauty.

About Hunt Hill Farm

The legacy of orchestra conductor and composer Skitch Henderson, and his  wife, Ruth, is being revived  at the late couple’s former property in New Milford, Connecticut. Alessandro Piovezahn and his wife, Daniele, purchased Hunt Hill Farm, which dates back to 1707 and encompasses three farms. In addition to continuing the former owners’ vision, they created The Henderson Center for Excellence  for Youth Empowerment in 2020. Listed in the National  Register of Historic Places, this destination is often referred to as Silo Country.



Tree Lines

To make the pattern a little easier, try transferring just the leaf clump outlines rather than each individual leaf.

Leave Space

When outlining the silo sign boards, leave the right-side lines unburned until you finish burning the sign letters. Then, if the letters need extra room, you can adjust the sign’s width accordingly.

About the Author

Connecticut artist Carol Wallace’s interest in painting and drawing barns began during her early years. She was born and raised in Bucks County, Pa., an area known for its idyllic rural landscape, rustic barns, stone houses, covered bridges, and quiet back roads. Her scenes of Americana are crafted out of a passion for preserving American history and culture. See more of her work at


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