Competition, Museum, School and Show Links

Below you’ll find a links to various competitions to enter, museums to visit, schools to improve your skills, and shows to attend.

Please click on the link to visit a site. Note that all links will open a new window while Woodcarving Illustrated’s website will remain open in the background. To return to this web page simply close the windows you opened from this page.

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Affiliated Wood Carvers Congress

National Caricature Carvers Competition


Warthers Carvings

Museum of Woodcarving

Ward Museum

Museet svenska trägubbar i Mullsjö

Classes and Schools

Wisconsin School of Chainsaw Carving

Woodcraft University

Wood Carver’s Store & School

Joe Leonard’s Custom Woodcarving

KJ Woodworking, Furniture Refinishing

Woodcarvers Retreat in New England

North House Folk School

Mary May Carving School

Peter Newton


Brant Wildlife Festival