Online Carving Courses


Online Carving Courses

Carving, of Course!

 Looking for your next carving class? Check out this short list we prepared of online resources available to help you keep those woodchips flying.

We’d love to continue adding to the list. If you know of a course, please email the class information to¬†





Contact Info

Mary May


$14.99 per month

$159.99 per year

Alec LaCasse

Fundamentals of Woodcarving

$25 per month

$250 per year

Betty Padden

One-On-One Tutorials

$25 per 15 min/session
$45 per 30 min/session

Marty Leenhouts

Chip Carving

$29.95 per course
$120 per year

Alexander Grabovetskiy


$19.99 per month

$214 per year

Dave Stetson


$115 per class

Minisa Robinson

Pyrography Tutorials

$5 a month



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