Product Review: MakerX® Rotary Tool & Airbrush Combo

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Product Review: MakerX® Rotary Tool & Airbrush Combo

Unique power hub gives you the freedom to craft wood wherever the open road takes you

By the Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

MakerX WX992L Manufactured by WorX® $169.99

One of the greatest joys of carving is the portability of the craft. There’s nothing like putting knife to wood on a porch or park bench, in your backyard or on a cross-country trip. Until now, power carvers might have been the exception to this, but a unique system from WorX lets you unplug in a whole new way.

This was one of the first thoughts that hit us when we examined the MakerX rotary tool and its amazingly portable-power hub: now, power carvers can have the same freedom as hand carvers do.

Controls are on the power hub, not the tool handle.

The Power Hub

The MakerX hub transfers the energy of a 20-volt lithium ion battery to any attached tool through a super flexible cord. The hub has an onboard power switch and variable speed control, negating the need for them to be incorporated into the individual tools. The kit we tested includes a rotary tool and an airbrush—but the hub can power additional MakerX tools, such as an angle grinder, heat gun, and burnisher. The WorX Power Share battery can provide up to three hours of power on a single charge, depending on the tool and how it’s being used.


Changing bits is easy with the integral spindle lock and the wrench supplied in the kit.

The rotary tool has excellent power, with speeds up to 35,000RPM.

The Rotary Tool

The handpiece has a comfortable ergonomic design with a soft-textured rubber grip. There’s plenty of power in the brushless motor, which allows for speeds from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM. We used several carving bits on pine and walnut blanks, and the tool performed well. The universal 1/8″ (3mm) collet holds any brand of rotary accessories.

The tool is not loud, but has a high-pitched whine, especially at faster speeds. It’s worth noting that the tool will shut off when pushed too hard. This is a design feature that surprised us at first—but it occurs so that the bit or blade will not kick back or become difficult to control. If this occurs, reset the system by turning the startup button on the hub off, and then turn on again. Once familiar with the tool, we were able to carve with minimal interruptions.

The compressor pump provides a stable base for the airbrush to stand upright.

The Airbrush

No noisy, bulky compressor or hose needed with the MakerX airbrush! The airbrush pen mounts directly onto a lightweight canister-type compressor that provdes 14-18 psi of air pressure. It also doubles as a comfortable handle for the brush, and solidly supports the unit upright when not in use. The pen itself is a high-quality tool that rivals those from well-known airbrush manufacturers.


Adjust paint flow with the knob on the end of the pen.


When you place all the elements of the system into the well-designed carry bag, you’ll truly appreciate the compact portability of the MakerX. The tote is lined with pockets to hold the tools safely and separately, with ample space left over for carving blanks, a water bottle, several bottles of paint, and an extra battery or two to keep you crafting on the go. The price is modest for the array of quality tools in the kit—not to mention the capability to power carve nearly anywhere you want.


Kit Contents

MakerX rotary tool

MakerX airbrush

Airbrush compressor

MakerX hub

20V battery

Battery charger

Accessory case

Storage bag

Steel brush (1)

Bristle brush (1)

Drum mandrel (1)

Cutting accessories (8)

Sanding accessories (12)

Polishing accessories (4)

Grinding accessories (5)

Engraving accessories (4)

Screw-on mandrel (1)

Threaded mandrel (1)

Drill bit: 1 1/8″ (29mm) (1)

Spanner wrench (1)

Dropper (1)

Cleaning brush (1)


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