Woodcarving Illustrated Spring 2022, Issue #98

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Woodcarving Illustrated Spring 2022, Issue #98

The Spring 2022 issue of Woodcarving Illustrated includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. This issue is a part of the regular magazine subscription. It is also available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing, foxchapelpublishing.com or 1-800-457-9112.

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In This Issue


Product Review: Jonaker Hatchet

This lightweight roughing hatchet is ideal for carvers on the go

By Luke Voytas

Product Review: Tibro Axe

Use this classic carpenter’s axe for anything—from building a house to shaping a spoon

By Luke Voytas

Knots and All

Sophie Sellu’s practical sculpture celebrates natural shapes and quirky grain patterns

By Kaylee Schofield


Chip Carved Celtic Knot

Elevate an array of objects with this twisting, turning design

By Marty Leenhouts

Cluster of Columbines

Woodburn a lovely flower composition on a live-edge slab 

By Shannon Mahoney

The Farmer

Pay homage to the good old days with this advanced caricature 

By Myron Compton

Click Here for Complete Farmer Pattern

Bittersweet Conversation Hearts

These super-easy shapes are a breeze to carve and color

By Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated


Hammerin’ Hank

This cartoon handyman is great practice for incorporating carved add-ons

By Kevin Applegate

Dog and Butterfly

With big eyes and simplified features, this cute canine is a beginner carver’s dream 

By Parn Aniwat

Man in the Moon

Make a serene relief that evokes the night sky

By Mary May

Bucktooth Bird

Sweeping cuts and subtle details give this silly bird plenty of sass 

By Bruce Ankeny

Carving a Jam Knife

Fancy up your morning toast routine with a super-sleek wooden spreader

By John Welch

Love Bug 

Craft wire, movable parts, and splashes of paint bring this cute caricature to life  

By Betty Padden

Click Here for Complete Love Bug Pattern

Gnome with Balloons

This vivid character has a fun accessory in tow 

By Miroslaw Czeladka

Boisterous Bunny

Power carve a charming mammal made of green wood  

By Edgar Shrum

Greenman Pendant

Add a touch of earthy elegance to your jewelry collection with this statement piece

By Igor Hršak

Super-Simple Unicorn

Bring this fantastical animal to life in one sitting using just a knife  

By James Ray Miller

Valentine’s Day Monster

This cute, customizable grump will melt your heart 

By Gerard Canavan

Fish Fin Measuring Spoon

You’ll flip for this one-of-a-kind kitchen utensil 

By Emilie Rigby


Carving a Golf Ball Caricature

Learn to whittle stylized faces while clearing out your stash of spare golf balls

By Sara Barraclough

Stylized Koi Fish

Neodymium magnets, colored resin, and rich mahogany make for a Zen piece that’ll stop viewers in their tracks 

By Daniel Caplinger


Online Exclusives

Bonus Project  Carve a house for Bruce Ankeny’s toothy caricature robin.

Click Here for Birdhouse Project

Extra Patterns  Make two additional conversation hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day. 


Free Videos  If you enjoyed our feature on Sophie Sellu, check out behind-the-scenes footage of her process.

Click Here for Behind-the-Scenes Footage


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