Woodcarving Illustrated Summer 2024, Issue #107

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Woodcarving Illustrated Summer 2024, Issue #107

The Summer 2024 issue of Woodcarving Illustrated includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. This issue is a part of the regular magazine subscription. It is also available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing, foxchapelpublishing.com or 1-800-457-9112.

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In This Issue


Creating a Simple Carving Station

Easily secure your project for two-handed carving

By Alec LaCasse

The Carver Behind Buffalo Fluffalo

Meet Erin Kraan, the woodcarver who illustrated a bestselling children’s book

By the Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

The Blind Woodsman

For John Furniss, woodworking is more than just a hobby—it’s a lifeline

By Kaylee Schofield


Uncle Ham the Patriotic Piggy

Spangle this simple caricature with stars and stripes to celebrate the 4th

By Pete Zanauskas

Stylized Badger

Two-toned paint blending brings out the beast in this little den dweller

By Wouter de Bruijn

Celtic Knot Gourd

Metallic pigment over dark paint creates an illusion of antiquity for this folkloric vessel

By Jenn Avery

Soup Spoon

Satisfy your craving for the perfect carving challenge

By Emmet Van Driesche

Squirrel Monkey

Carve, sand, and paint a whimsical creature straight out of the jungle

By Steve Tomashek

Uncle Sam Bottle Stopper

Welcome the summer holidays to your table with this expressive American standby

By W. Todd Martin


Tater’s Last Pitch

Hit it out of the park with this expressive, active, and highly detailed ballplayer

By Wayne Laramore

Floral Plates

Up your chip carving game with these breezy botanical designs

By Charlene Lynum

Little Dustpan Caricature

Practice adding funny details and expressions with this easy project

By Ken Kuhar

Blue-Footed Booby

This comical, dancing marine bird is sure to elicit some grins

By Tom Mellott

Angling for Fun

Reel in the perfect catch with this happy caricature fisherman

By Jim Hiser

Chip Carved Soap Dispenser

Disguise a plain, utilitarian item with an attractive outer casing

By Marty Leenhouts

Chillin’ Penguin!

Carve an unlikely beachgoer with a host of fun accessories

By Eric Owens

Barn and Silo Pyrography

Woodburn a cozy yet challenging farm scene full of shadows and textures

By Carol Wallace


Carving a Sailboat in Shallow Relief

Practice adding depth, texture, and character to a simple nautical scene

By Dustin Strenke

Nautical Birch Box

A secret lies beneath the waves of this charming sea-themed cannister

By L. P. Parslow

Free Project – Create a sleepy owl caricature from James Miller.

Click Here for Sleepy Owl Project

Extra Design – Discover an extra pyrography pattern of a house and barn from Carol Wallace.

Click Here for Bonus House and Barn Design

Bonus Instructions – Find extended instructions online for Jim Hiser’s “Angling for Fun.”

Click Here for Extended Fisherman Instructions

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