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2012 Woodcarving Illustrated Best Carving Design Contest Open Category Nominees

There 92 entries in the open category, which was where pieces that didn’t fit into any other category were placed. The editors narrowed the entries down to six nominees, and the winner was selected from those nominees in an online vote. Scroll down to see all of the nominees in […]

by July 23, 2012 Best Carving Design Contest Archive

2012 Woodcarving Illustrated Best Carving Design Contest Realistic Category Nominees

The judges sorted through more than 100 entries in the Realistic category. They narrowed the selection down to 10 nominees. Readers vote online for the top prizes.

by July 23, 2012 Best Carving Design Contest Archive

VOTE NOW: 2012 Best Carving Design Contest

Voting is closed in the 2012 Best Carving Design Contest. Winners will be announced in Woodcarving Illustrated Fall 2012 (Issue 60) which hits newsstands in mid-August.

by May 15, 2012 Best Carving Design Contest Archive

Organizing Sandpaper

I use small strips of sandpaper, and sometimes the grit of the sandpaper is not visible on the backs of the small pieces. A friend suggested I reinforce sandpaper with strips of duct tape, especially when I’m sanding in tight corners. I decided to color-code the duct tape based on […]

by April 26, 2012 Shop Tips

Hillbilly Reunion Message Board Project

The members of the Woodcarving Illustrated message board, an online community, have worked together on several group projects over the years. Most of the projects were auctioned for charity, including the recent wooden quilts created last year for tsunami relief: quilt 1, quilt 2, quilt 3. Members also exchange carved […]

by April 24, 2012 Features

Stropping Angle

No matter how you strop, whether by hand or with power, the surface you are working is always face down and out of sight. This makes it difficult to see if you are holding the tool at the correct angle. I use a Sharpie® marker to draw a broad mark […]

by April 24, 2012 Shop Tips

Walking and Whittling

Summer is the season to get outdoors, whether you’re simply moving your carving bench from the basement to the back porch or packing your kit in the car for a camping trip. Similarly, walking sticks are simple projects for summer that can be useful in the neighborhood or in the […]

by April 11, 2012 Features

Shopmade Work Positioner

Work Positioner By Mike Pounders Using a work positioner allows you to carve with both hands, which provides greater control and power. This positioner is simple to make with a few pieces of plywood and some hardware. To start, face-glue two pieces of 1/2″ (13mm)-thick plywood together or use 3/4″ […]

by October 7, 2011 Shop Tips
Whittling Little Folk – Pattern Correction

Whittling Little Folk – Pattern Correction

Harley Refsal’s new book, Whittling Little Folk, is receiving a lot of positive feedback from Woodcarving Illustrated readers. In addition to the compliments, readers shared that the pattern for Kristian on page 23 is incorrect, and the pattern for Lawrence on page 123 needs a few minor alterations. For Lawrence, […]

by August 15, 2011 News, Patterns & Projects
Durable Wooden Honing Tools

Durable Wooden Honing Tools

From Ed Livingston, Pinellas Park, Fla.  Wooden honing tools, whether they are commercial products or shopmade hones matched to the exact profile of your tools, can quickly hone the inside and outside of gouges and V-tools. Over time, the wood can weaken and deform depending on the amount of pressure […]

by May 11, 2011 Product Reviews