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The Five Most Common Sharpening Mistakes and Their SolutionJohn Mignone is a classical musician, a tree propagator, and a professional woodcarver.Mignone, John1Christmas199714-19SharpeningToolsSafetyKnives
Carving Santa and RudolphCarving the piece featured on this issue's cover.Sabol, David1Christmas199722-28SantasHolidaysPattern ProfileProjects, Step by Step
How-To Carve and Paint a Shorebird Stick DecoyElmer Crowell-Style Golden PloverPoeschel, Dennis1Christmas199729-36DecoysBirdsPattern ProfileProjects, Step by Step
Carving House Sign Numbers with Greg KrocktaCarving a custom name tag.Schroeder, Roger1Christmas199740-45Book ExcerptsSignsHome Decor
What's in a Name?Carving Your Own Custom Name TagHull, Joel1Christmas199748-53Name TagsCustomTechnique
Jim Hazeley's Snowy OwlBefore you begin, know your bird.Stellhorn, Ayleen1Christmas199754-55BirdsOwlsAvian
The 1998 World Woodcarving Club ChampionshipSome photographs of the winners.WCI Staff1Christmas199757ChampionshipsWinnersCarving Club
Relief Carving: Row BoatWorld-Class Carver, David Bennett, explians basic principles with a handsome small project.Bennett, David1Christmas199758-62Relief CarvingBoatArtist Profile
Bob Hand on Carving & Painting a Striped Bass10'' is the size that Bob Hand has found popular with buyers - ''shelf size'' as he calls it.Schroeder, Roger1Christmas199764-67FishBassFishing
Ozarks Meeting PlaceExploring Carving in BransonGiagnocavo, Alan1Christmas199768-70Travel TipsMidwestAdventure
Carving the Caricature Carvers of America CircusWe catch up with the Caricature Carvers of America.WCI Staff1Christmas199771Book ExcerptsCircusCCA
Going to the DogsThe perfect beginner project plus detailed pattern!Guldan, Mary Duke1Christmas19977/11/2007Book ExcerptsAnimalsDogs
Promoting Carving with the Caricature Carvers of AmericaCCA book excerpts.WCI Staff1Christmas199773-74CCABook ExcerptArtist Profile
Power Texturing Wood Carvings - Part 1Texturing fur & hair.Russell, Frank1Christmas199775-82TexturesFurHair
Color Theory for WoodcarversDesiree Hajny is a wildlife artist and cartoonist from Eckert, Colorado.Hajny, Desiree1Christmas199784-87AnimalsLionPainting Techniques
Harold EnlowA 25 year tour with your favorite caricature carver.Stellhorn, Ayleen1Christmas199789-93PeopleCaricaturesArtist Profile
Hanging Spiral Santa OrnamentPattern for a unique spiral Santa ornament!Oar, Ross1Christmas199794-95SantasHolidaysOrnaments
The Ward World ChampionshipThe World at a glance.WCI Staff2Winter/Spring199816-19ChampionshipsWinnersWard World
Carousel Art: The Empire State CarouselRoger Schroder visits this ambitious project.Schroeder, Roger2Winter/Spring199820-23Carousel AnimalsNYCAnimals
Cardinal Carving - Part 1 - Carving the BirdCarve the gorgeous bird featured on our cover.Doherty, Paul2Winter/Spring199824-35BirdsStep-by-stepCardinal
Carving the Uncommon BottlestopperA Terrific project to every carver.Stellhorn, Ayleen2Winter/Spring199836-39MiscellaneousBottlestoppersCaricatures
Cutting CornersHave a knife and a gouge? You're ready to carve this caricature!Hull, Joel2Winter/Spring199840-45PeopleHunterCaricatures
Bellflowers and BeadsMaking any kind of a reproduction is a challenge.Clarkson, Ron2Winter/Spring199846-49Book ExcerptsFurnitureFloral
Cane CornerHershal Borders: Canes With A ThemeStellhorn, Ayleen2Winter/Spring199850-53CanesWalking SticksPractical
Desiree Hajny: A Life In TransitionAn overview of our very own Contributing Editor's work and recognition in the fine art market.Hajny, Desiree2Winter/Spring199854-59PeopleAnimalsArtist Profile
Carving Facial ExpressionsAn excerpt from Ian Norbury's new book.Norbury, Ian2Winter/Spring199865-69Book ExcerptsFacesRealistic
Carving Pattern: Mountain LionBeauty and gracefulness hardly describes this hunter of the wilds.Lehman, George2Winter/Spring199870-71Book ExcerptsAnimalsMountain lionPattern Profiles
Cottonwood SpiritsAll About Cottonwood.Buchanan, Joyce2Winter/Spring199872-73Bark CarvingMiscellaneousWood Spirits
Carving a Hummingbird PinBetter known for their highly detailed bird carvings, Chuck Solomon & Dave Hamilton present a simple pattern to get you started.Solomon, CharlesHamilton, David2Winter/Spring199874-77PinsBirdsStep by Step
The Chess MuseumCCA member, Dave Stetson, appraises the techniques of the old-time masters for today's carvers.Schroeder, Roger2Winter/Spring199878-81MuseumsChessArtist Profile
Learning From The MastersA bear, two deer, a St. Bernard, and an owl.Stetson, Dave2Winter/Spring199882-86AnimalsWoodlandCreatures
Carving a Folk FishMike Yanelli is building a strong reputation as a folk artist.Yanelli, Mike3Summer199815-20FishTroutStep by Step
Saint-Jean Port-Joli: Quebec's Carving CapitalExplore the rich carving history of this small Canadian town.Schroeder, Roger3Summer199821-25In-the-roundCanada Scenic
Carving and Painting a Realistic Daffodil with Dave SabolDavid brings a daffodil out of a piece of freshly cut white pine.Sabol, David3Summer199826-31FlowersRealistic Summer
Remembering TangeElmer J Tangerman, a tribute to the visionary of popular woodworking.Schroeder, Roger3Summer199832-34PeopleTributeArtist Profile
How to Carve EyesThe basics to carving an eye are one thing, but making the eye interact with all that the face must do to create expression requires knowledge of the entire face.Russell, Frank C3Summer199836-40EyesPeopleRealistic
Golfer PatternCarver profiles and pattern referenced for intermediate carvers. Meet Bill Howrilla, caricature cartoonist and carver and he'll show you how to make his whimsical golfer.Howrilla, Bill3Summer199841-43Pattern ProfilesGolfPeopleCaricatures
Cane CornerIn stride with the American National Cane Club.WCI Staff3Summer199844-45CanesWalking SticksArtist Profile
Painting the Cardinal - Part 2 in a SeriesIn the first part of this article (Winter/Spring 1998) I showed you how to carve a cardinal from start to finish. Now, I'll show you the tips and techniques I use to paint my cardinal carvings.Doherty, Paul3Summer199846-52Painting TechniquesBirdsCardinal
Cover Feature: Portraits in WoodCarver Armand LaMontange: A look into this carver's gallery of life-sized celebrity replicas.Schroeder, Roger3Summer199853-60PeopleRealistic FiguresTechnique
A Chip Carving PrimerRoger Nancoz's definitive step-by-step guide to getting started in chip carving.Nancoz, Roger3Summer199866-75Chip CarvingStep-by-stepArtist Profile
Learning from the Master - Part 2Dave Stetson, president of the Caricature Carvers of America, puts a critical eye to four carvings.Stetson, Dave3Summer199876-79AnimalsPeopleArtist Profile
Carving Fish HeadsEd Walicki shows you how how to achieve a detailed head (without using your own).Walicki, Ed3Summer199880-87FishRealisticFishing
Eagle PortraitThe Eagle, excerpt from Bill Hudt's new book.Judt, Bill (W.F.)3Summer199889-92Relief CarvingBirdsAvian
Artistry in Wood''Everything under the sun'' woodworking show.WCI Staff4Fall199844-45Artistry in WoodCarving ShowHighlights
Carving Contest ManiaExciting to enter and win!WCI Staff4Fall199814ContestsRulesRegulations
Creating Mood with Texture and ColorDesiree Hajny examines the art of creating expressions.Hajny, Desiree4Fall199817-19PeopleFurTexture
The Thrill of the WardCheck out what it takes to be a World Winner.WCI Staff4Fall199822-27ChampionshipsWinnersWard World
Cane CornerCarve your own Hobo Bidlestiff, complete with pattern and authentic RR logos.Maxwell, Jim4Fall199829-32Pattern ProfilesRailroad LogosCanesHobos
A Sharper EdgeTips from a professional sharpener.Yorburg, Bob4Fall199834-37SharpeningToolsSafety
On the RoadNew Feature: Spot an UNUSUAl carving while taking that family road trip? Snap a photo and send it to us with an accompanying description. Perhaps we'll publish it to share with your fellow carvers!WCI Staff4Fall199838On The RoadArtist ProfileTips
Carving a GhostNo tricks! Ivan Whillock's easy-to-carve pattern turns this costumed ''ghoul'' into a treat for any Halloween.Whillock, Ivan4Fall199840-41HolidaysHalloweenGhostPattern Profiles
How to Carve a Deer Relief Peg RackDave Sabol shows you how to make this attractive peg rack.Sabol, David4Fall199844-55Step by StepPattern ProfilesRelief CarvingAnimalsDeer
Carving SpoonsThey're not just for serving food anymore. Excerpts from Shirley Adler's book on decorative spoon carving.Adler, Shirley4Fall199858-64SpoonsBook ExcerptsPattern Profile
Pattern Profile: Five Miniature SantasCarving mini Santas from hillbilly country to medieval Europe, five miniature Santa patterns from one talented Pennsylvania carver.Shoemaker, Art4Fall199865-69HolidaysSantasPattern Profile
Charles Jobes: Decoy MakerLearn the secrets to making great-looking decoys.Schroeder, Roger4Fall199870-77DecoysProjects, Step by StepDucks
Carving A Tagua Nut Name StampCreate your own personal stamp from this popular carving material.Mignone, John4Fall199878-83Step by StepStampsMiscellaneous
Name Tag ContestWhat's in a name? About $100 and a free two-year subscription to Wood Carving Illustrated. Look for our rules to enter.WCI Staff4Fall199887ContestsRulesRegulations
Cane CornerWe Review an interesting new book from across the pond.Jones, AndrewGeorge, Clive5Christmas1998106-107CanesPattern ProfilesAnimals
Villa Maria Wood CarversA treasure of instruction in the Midwest.Schroeder, Roger & Sheila5Christmas199814-15PeopleTipsArtist Profile
Carver's Open HouseYou're invited to our 2nd Open House! Free admission, contests, tools and carving demonstrations. Don't miss it!WCI Staff5Christmas199817Fox Chapel's Open HouseCelebration
Getting Your Feet Wet: Some Fish Carving BasicsDive into carving your own fish, plus tips on packing carvings for shipping.McKenzie, Ray5Christmas199819-22Step by StepFishBasics
Toothpick CarverBob Shamey brings new meaning to the word ''miniature'' with his carvings.Chow, Naomi5Christmas199824-25MiscellaneousToothpickTechnique
Poor Man's Contest WinnerFor $20 and an hour of your time, you can make our ''1757'' carving vise.WCI Staff5Christmas199826-28ToolsContestsRules
Tool Grinding For Wood CarversTool Grinding for Wood Carvers by Ian Kirby - What to look for when selecting a grinder and grinding wheels. Techniques for different tool profiles.Kirby, Ian5Christmas199830-33SharpeningToolsTips
Air ToolsAn introduction Wood Carvers by Greg KrocktaKrockta, Greg5Christmas199838-40ToolsTipsArtist Profile
Santa from Around the World & Across the AgesOld St. Nick, Father Christmas, Pere Noel, Julesvan - Santa Claus has a rich and varied history around the world. Art Shoemaker shares his research into the history and design of different version, plus a pattern for the Norwegian Julesvan.Shoemaker, Art5Christmas199843-47Pattern ProfilesSantaHolidays
Carving the Acanthus Leaf: The Secret to Knowing Your Tool ProfilesTry your hand at this classic design.Szentgyogyi, Ernest5Christmas199849-52Projects, Step by StepAcanthusTraditional
Carve Your Own GnomeA step-by-step class to carve your own little guy.Kraus, Lyle5Christmas199854-62GnomesPattern ProfilesProjects, Step by Step
Carving a Woman's FaceThe beauty comes with versatile cuts.Oar, Ross5Christmas199863-69Step by StepPattern ProfilesFacePeople
Carving RoscoeDetailed step-steps on how to carve & paint this country caricature.Shipley, Mike5Christmas199870-79Step by StepPattern ProfilesPainting TechniquesCaricaturesPeople
Getting a Hold on Woodcarving, Making a Drawer PullThis small project will help develop new carving skills.Schembri, Joseph5Christmas199880-85Step by StepPattern ProfilesDrawer Pulls
Carving the American BisonThis bison project was presented as a 1998 seminar at Stonegate Woodcarving School.Russell, Frank5Christmas199886-90Step by StepPattern ProfilesAnimalsBison
Museum of WoodcarvingA sneak preview of the collection.WCI Staff5Christmas199896MuseumsGalleryHistory
Making a carver's Skew ChiselRay Larsen is the master smith at the Genuine Forgery in Hanover, MA.Larsen, Ray5Christmas199897-102ToolsTipsArtist Profile
Selling Your CarvingsA New book offers valuable advice.WCI Staff6Winter199911Book ExcerptsTipsBusiness Advice
WCI's Open House - You're Invited!Check out the information for and directions to our 2nd Open House.WCI Staff6Winter199911/13/2014Fox Chapel's Open HouseCelebration
Carving An Iris - Dave SabolLearn how to carve this ''rainbow'' flower.Sabol, David6Winter199914-21Projects, Step by StepPattern ProfilesFlowersPainting Techniques
Earth Mother Of The Mohicans The Medicine WomanTake a look at Armand LaMontagne's life-size sculpture of Gladys Tanatquidgeons.Schroeder, Roger6Winter199924-29IndiansPeopleSculptures
Fox Chapel's Carving MuseumManaging Editor, Roger Schroeder, shares his carving collection.Schroeder, Roger6Winter199930-35MuseumsGalleryHistory
Carving Fitz the LeprechanThis whimsical shelf sitter is sure to bring you the luck of the Irish.Hull, Joel6Winter199940-47Projects, Step by StepPattern ProfilesHolidaysLeprechan
Readers' SurveyAnswer some questions and you may win a prizeWCI Staff6Winter199949SurveyContestWinner
Soft Feather TexturingFrank Russell demontrates the art of carving realistic feathers.Russell, Frank6Winter199951-54TexturesBirdsFeathers
Professional Doll Making: The Art of Michael LangtonCreating life-like dolls is Michael Langton's specialty.Ryan, Kathleen6Winter199957-60DollsPeopleArtist Profile
Layering and Blending Feathers: Techniques for Painting WildfowlCarol Happley makes painting feathers on wildfowl.Happley, Carol6Winter199962-66Painting TechniquesBirdsFeathersProjects, Step by Step
Painting a Rainbow troutLearn airbrushing techniques from experts Ed Walickiand and Tom WolfWalicki, TomWolf, Tom6Winter199969-73Painting TechniquesStep by StepFish
Three Dimensional ReliefHarley Schmitgen carves a ''svelte'' portrait of Civil War General, Robert E. Lee.Schmitgen, Roger6Winter199974-79Relief CarvingStep by StepPeople
Chip Carve a RosetteRich Notto shares four unique patterns.Notto, Rich6Winter199982-83Chip CarvingBeginnerPatterns
Carving Wolves, Foxes & CoyotesSneak a peak at Desiree Hajny's new book ''Carving Wolves, Foxes and Coyotes'', which contains advice on anatomy and expressions.Hajny, Desiree6Winter199984-86Book ExcerptsAnimalsRealistic
Make an Adjustable Carver's ViseBuild a vise from an old trailer hitch - a clever tip from one of our penny-wise readers.Rayburn, Rich6Winter199987TipsShopmadeVise
Carving Whimsical BirdsCute-as-a-button chirpers are carved on wooden eggs.Dunkle, Laura Putnam6Winter199988Book ExcerptsBirdsWhimsical
The Woodcarvers Retreat in New England:Carving in the WoodlandsCarvers turn out for foliage and instruction in New England.Schroeder, Roger7Spring/Summer199912RetreatsTipsNews
Mid-America woodcarvers Hold 24th Annual Fall ShowA Nebraska club holds its 24th Annual Show.WCI Staff7Spring/Summer199914ShowsNewsHighlights
Carving a Weathered EyeJeff Phares breathes life into his carved faces.Phares, Jeff7Spring/Summer199917-21Pattern ProfilesProjects, Step by StepBook ExcerptsPeopleEyes
Western ArtA thorough researcher, William Churchill captures the spirit of the West.Schroeder, Roger7Spring/Summer199926-31PeopleWesternArtist Profile
Carving and Painting a Green-Winged Teal Feather - Part 1Lori Corbett orchestrates feather carving.Corbett, Lori7Spring/Summer199933-35BirdsFeathersArtist Profile
Cigar Store IndiansCommercial art once included Native Americans as tobacco shop signs.Schroeder, Roger7Spring/Summer199936-39IndiansNative AmericansHistory
Woodcarving and the Boy ScoutsAyleen Stellhorn covers the history of the Wood Carving Merit Badge.Stellhorn, Ayleen7Spring/Summer199942-45Pattern ProfilesMiscellaneousBoy Scouts
Shaping & Texturing Hard FeathersFrank Russell demonstrates how to texture working feathers.Russell, Frank7Spring/Summer199948-49TexturesBirdsFeathers
The Early Work of Armand LaMontagneA premier wood sculptor critiques his early work that paid homage to Native Americans.Schroeder, Roger7Spring/Summer199953-59PeopleIndiansSculptures
Carving a Bison Head: The Realism Comes with the textureDale Martin takes on a variety of texturesMartin, Dale7Spring/Summer199960-63Projects, Step by StepAnimalsBisonTextures
Caricature Carver Andy Anderson: A Broad-Shouldered InspirationHarley Refsal writes about caricature carver, Andy Anderson.Refsal, Harley7Spring/Summer199964-69CaricaturesPeopleArtist Profile
Carving a Native American Bust: Facing Character and HistoryBob Lawrence faces a carving challenge.Lawrence, Bob7Spring/Summer199972-79IndiansPeopleStep by StepPattern Profiles
Turning Swords into Chisels: The Story Behind Japenese Carving ToolsJohn Mignone shares why they are worth a serious look.Mignone, John7Spring/Summer199981-84ToolsJapeneseTips
Carving a Cowboy Head: A taste of the Old WestPeter LeClair makes a corker.Leclair, PeteKochan, Jack7Spring/Summer199985-91CaricaturesStep by StepPattern ProfilePeople
Carving Among friends - The CCA'a Friendship CaneSegments you'll appreciate from the Caircature of America's friendship Cane, plus tips on how you can start your own friendship cane.Hulst, Naomi8Fall1999109-113CanesWalking SticksCaricatures
Artistry in Wood Show ReportHulst, Naomi8Fall199911Artistry in WoodCarving ShowHighlights
The Winchester Rifle: Tamer of the Wild WestA symbol of the Old West in an ideal project for novice carvers.Stetson, Dave8Fall1999114-119Step by StepPattern ProfilesMiscellaneous
Carver's Paint Box: An Introduction to Acrylic Paints and PrimersDo you painting techniques need a boost? Lori Corbett introduces you to acrylics - the carver's preferred paints.Corbett, Lori8Fall199914-15PaintTipsTechnique
Basswood: A Carver-Friendly WoodIt's easy to carve.Mignone, John8Fall199916-19Wood ReviewsBasswoodTips
Carving Simple AnimalsSee last year's winner and how to enter this year's contest.Hansen, Herb8Fall199920-24AnimalsContestsHighlights
Foredom Blue StonesNew Product ReviewRussell, Frank8Fall199928-29Tool ReviewsPower CarvingTips
Carving Through the Ages - Part 1 The YoungsterLearn to carve a young man's bust with Dave Sabol.Sabol, David8Fall199930-38Projects, Step by StepPattern ProfilesPeopleCaricatures
News of WCI's Open HouseOur 2nd Annual Open House was a huge successHulst, Naomi8Fall19994Fox Chapel's Open HouseWelcomeCelebration
Making the Best of Acyrlic PaintsDesiree Hajny demonstrates acrylic effects.Hajny, Desiree8Fall199941-43Painting TechniquesTipsTechnique
Pineapple - A Sign of HospitalityGreg Korckta carves and gold leaves a classic symbol.Krockta, Greg8Fall199945-52SignsMiscellaneousPineappleGilding
The Alchemist at WorkMaster carver Armand LaMontage reveals common and uncommon painting methods.Schroeder, Roger8Fall199953-57PeopleRealistic FiguresPainting Techniques
Alaskan Wildlife - A Carver's Reference GalleryDon't be without this wilderness wildlife reference.Hulst, Naomi8Fall199960-63AnimalsWildlifeGalleryBook Excerpts
Relief Carving: Getting to Know Your ToolsIvan Whillock teaches the basics.Whillock, Ivan8Fall199964-68Relief CarvingStep by StepArtist Profile
Flexcut Contest WinnersThe first internet carving contest lets participants vote for their favorite carving.Hulst, Naomi8Fall19996/7/2014ContestsGalleryHighlights
Feather Painting - Part 2 A Green Winged Teal FeatherPaint a realistic feather with Lori CorbettCorbett, Lori8Fall199970-74Painting TechniquesBirdsFeathers
Airbrushes for WoodcarversPower Carving Eiditor Frank Russell reviews the latest in airbrushes.Russell, Frank8Fall199976-83Painting TechniquesAirbrushTool Review
Pattern Profile: The Hero of St. BernardThe patter for this St. Bernard dog comes from Managing Editor - Roger Schroeder's carving collection.Schroeder, RogerKochan, Jack8Fall199985-87AnimalsDogsPattern Profile
The Alchemy of Doll Making - Part 2Michael Langton Makes wooden dolls look real.Ryan, Kathleen8Fall199988-92Projects, Step by StepDollsPeople
Cover Feature: Painting a Whitetail BuckThe trophy deer is an eye-catcher.Hulst, Naomi8Fall199995-97Painting TechniquesBook ExcerptsAnimalsDeer
Ward World 1999 ChampionshipCarving advice from an expert on stylized sculpture.Hulst, Naomi8Fall199999-105ChampionshipsSculptingTips
Tips: Relief Carver's WorkbenchDePauw, VernonKochan, Jack9Holiday199914TipsRelief CarvingTechnique
Introduction to Standard Chip CarvingMcKenzie demonstrates his art a chip at a time.Mckenzie, Barry9Holiday199916-18Chip CarvingBeginnerArtist Profile
Norwegian CarvingLearn the art of kolrosing from Ervey ShelleyErvey, Shelley9Holiday199923-26Kolrosing (Norwegian Carving)SpoonsPattern ProfileProjects, Step by Step
Goose Pin - Come Fly With MeCarve a goose pin in 14 steps with Roger MorencyMorency, Roger9Holiday199928-30Projects, Step by StepBirdsGoosePins
Holiday Patterns for Chip CarversRoger Nancoz offers the holiday spirit with his ornamentsNancoz, Roger9Holiday199932-37Pattern ProfilesHolidaysOrnaments
Up on the House Top: A Chimney SantaMike Shipley put Santa in a ChimneyShipley, Mike9Holiday199939-45Projects, Step by StepPattern ProfilesHolidaysSantas
Carving a Christmas Elf with David SabolBrighten up your home with David Sabol's elf and Christmas tree.Sabol, David9Holiday199950-59Projects, Step by StepPattern ProfilesHolidaysElf
A Look at Cane MakingCollector William Paisley draws inspiration from the masters.Paisley, William9Holiday199960-64CanesWalking SticksGallery
Pattern Profile: DynamiteA lively pattern from Gary Batte's new book, ''Carving Crazy Critters''.Batte, Gary9Holiday199966-68Pattern ProfilesCaricaturesAnimalsHorses
Wood Review: Butternut - Wood of the GodsWCI's wood column offers everything you need to know about this favored carving wood.Schroeder, Roger9Holiday199971-74Wood ReviewsButternutTips
Anatomy of ButternutFred Cogelow reveals why he chooses this species.Cogelow, Fred9Holiday199976-78Wood ReviewsButternutTips
Christmas RedsTina Toney shares painting tips and a Santa pattern.Toney, Tina9Holiday199980Painting TechniquesSantasHolidays
From Ancient Trees to Works of ArtChris White turns ancient trees into sculptures.Stellhorn, Ayleen9Holiday19998/10/2014SculpturesBook ExcerptsTrees
Carving in the Round Pattern Profile: HoboA Tygg carving classic.Schroeder, RogerKochan, Jack9Holiday199986-88Pattern ProfilesCaricaturesPeople
Arizona Sand GuppyDon't be fooled by Dave Stetson's fish - it's a perfect beginner's project.Stetson, Dave10Spring200013-18Projects, Step by StepCaricaturesFish
More on the Sharper EdgeBob Yorburg returns with tips on sharpening V tools.Yorburg, Bob10Spring200021-23Tool ReviewsSharpeningTips
V ToolJohn Mignone helps readers get a grip on an essential tool and then shows how to carve an eagle with it.Mignone, John10Spring200024-27Projects, Step by StepToolsBirdsEagles
The Story of TrollsNot all trolls are evil; some are just a little mischievous.Refsal, HarleyHulst, Naomi10Spring200030-31Pattern ProfilesPeopleCaricaturesTrolls
American Folk Art CanesCollector George H. Meyer shares the best of his cane collection.Meyer, George H.10Spring200034-40CanesWalking SticksFolk Art
Shallow Chip CarvingBarry McKenzie shows that shallow chips are an excellent choice for ship carvers.Mckenzie, Barry10Spring200042-44Chip CarvingShallowTechnique
Carving and Painting a BlugegillRay McKenzie's fish is sure to be a trophy.McKenzie, Ray10Spring200050-58Projects, Step by StepPattern ProfilesFish
Getting Hookes on Chip CarvingDiane Harto proves that wooden eggs are fun to carve.Harto, Diane10Spring200060-63Chip CarvingEggsMiscellaneous
Painting a CardinalAlfred Ponte makes painting this bird as easy as counting to 11.Ponte, Alfred10Spring200065-67Painting TechniquesBirdsCardinal
Carving Through the Ages - Part 2 The Old TimerDave Sabol brings a child to old age with well-placed wrinkles.Sabol, David10Spring200070-77Pattern ProfilesProjects, Step by StepCaricaturesPeople
Wood Review: Mahogany - A Classic WoodFor the last three centuries, carvers have treated this wood as a classic.Schroeder, Roger10Spring200080-83Wood ReviewsMahogany Info
You're Invited to Wood Carving Illustrated's 3rd Open HouseDemonstrations, exhibits, free seminars and more!WCI Staff10Spring20008/11/2014Fox Chapel's Open HouseCelebration
Pattern Profile: The BearThe Japenese excel at the art of bear carving.Schroeder, RogerKochan, Jack10Spring200085-87Pattern ProfilesAnimalsBears
Singing the praises of the Lark CarouselA Minnesota work art is a popular stop for tourist of all ages.Schroeder, Roger11Summer200011/13/2014Carousel AnimalsAnimalsMidwest
Be Smart-Carve an EggheadPete LeClair loves to carves faces.Leclair, Pete11Summer200018-24CaricaturesFacesEgg
2nd Poor Man's Tool ContestWCI invites readers to submit tool ideas that keep the money in the bank.WCI Staff11Summer200025ContestsToolsTips
Pattern Profile: One Too ManyA tipsy drunk keeps to his feet.Schroeder, RogerKochan, Jack11Summer200026-28Pattern ProfilesPeopleTipsy
An introduction to Old World-Style Chip CarvingBarry McKenzie continues his series on chip carving styles.Mckenzie, Barry11Summer200030-32Chip CarvingOld-WorldTechnique
The Great Circus ParadeCarved circus wagons are the feature of this annual Milwauke, Wisconsin event.Schroeder, Roger11Summer200034-43Circus ArtMuseumsParade
A Love Affair with WoodManaging Editor Roger Schroeder shares his rewarding wiriting career.Schroeder, Roger11Summer20003/5/2014MiscellaneousFeatureWood
Taking a Front Seat with John Bauer, Furniture MakerNew Mexico woodworker carves his creations.Schroeder, Roger11Summer200044-45FurnitureFeatureArtist Profile
Carving An Acanthus SpoonPhillip Odden demonstrates carving the Norsk way.Odden, Phillip11Summer200052-56SpoonsAcanthusProjects, Step by Step
Pattern Profile: Three Happy FellasA Swedish carver creates a trio of men on the town.Refsal, HarleyHulst, Naomi11Summer200058-59CaricaturesPattern ProfilesPeople
A Hot ProjectPeter Ortel carves a fireman's bustOrtel, PeterSchroeder, Roger11Summer200060-68Projects, Step by StepPattern ProfilesPeopleCaricaturesFireman
Wood Review: Black Walnut: An American AristocratWCI's wood column offers everything you need to know about this favorite carving wood.Schroeder, Roger11Summer200070-73Wood ReviewsBlack WalnutInfo
Black Walnut: A Wood Worth CarvingRay Kunz shares his experience with this species.Schroeder, Roger11Summer200074Wood ReviewsBlack WalnutInfo
Angelic Sculptures in WalnutBennett pushes pushes wood to its limits when he creates abstract art.Bennett, Blackburn11Summer200076-80SculpturesAngelArtist Profile
Rocky Mountain Wood Carving SchoolAlberta, Canada is the site for popular carving instructors and studentsSchroeder, Roger11Summer200082-83Carving SchoolsRocky MountainsInfo
Festival Deomnstrates Art in the MakingJamestown, New York Audobon show puts artists to work.Stellhorn, Ayleen11Summer200084-85MiscellaneousFestivalsCarving Shows
Carving for Safety's SakeRead 10 tips to keep you safe and healthy.12Fall200012TipsSafetyTools
The PussycatArt Shoemaker's feline is a purr-fect carving for the beginner.Shoemaker, Art12Fall200016-23AnimalsCatsProjects, Step by Step
Pattern Profile: Wine StewardHere's a project that puts a cork in your favorite bottle.Kochan, Jack12Fall200025MiscellaneousPattern ProfilesWine
Color Wheel BasicsMixing is easy as saying red, yellow and blue.Corbett, Lori12Fall200026-30PaintColorsTechniques
Fine Art of Carousel Restoration and PaintingPam Hessey shares her magic for bringing wooden figures back to life.Hessey, Pam12Fall200032-37Carousel AnimalsRestorationTechnique
Introduction to Free-Form Chip CarvingBarry McKenzie describes what he calls calligraphy with a knife.Mckenzie, Barry12Fall200038-40Chip CarvingMiscellaneousFree-Form
Landscapes in ReliefLora Irish offers tips from her book.Irish, Lora S12Fall200043-47Relief CarvingMiscellaneousLandscapes
Sign Up for Carving a Little GuyCreate custom announcements with Larry Spinak's diminutive figure.Spinak, Larry12Fall200052-59CaricaturesProjectsProjects
Pattern Profile: Troll GirlDon't discount a girl with pointed ears and a tail.Hull, Joel12Fall200060-61CaricaturesPattern ProfilesPeopleTrolls
Clay and CarvingBefore carving a figure, make a realistic model with the help of simple household items.Rhodes, Karen12Fall200064-69AnimalsBearsPeopleProjects, Step by Step
British InvasionIan Norbury, one of Europe's premier carvers, comes to the U.S. to offer instruction.Stellhorn, Ayleen12Fall20006/9/2014Realistic FiguresBritishArtist Profile
Flexcut Tools Put to the TestTool reviewer John Mignone finds praise a unique design.Mignone, John12Fall200072-75Tool ReviewsProduct ReviewInfo
Tips: Dust CollectorControl dust with an inexpensive machine you can make on your own.Smith, Jim12Fall200076-77Dust CollectorTipsShopmade
Wood Review: PineFrom match sticks to sculpture, pine has played a prominent role in American industry and art.Schroeder, Roger12Fall200078-81Wood ReviewsPineProjects
Quarter Century ClubA long Island, New York carving club celebrates a silver anniversary.Schroeder, Roger12Fall200084-85MiscellaneousCarving ClubNYC
Carver of the Year AwardWatch Harold Enlow Grandpa of the Caricature Carvers receive the 1st annual award.Enlow, Harold13Holiday200013AwardsWinnerCarving Club
The Screech OwlArt Shoemaker offers an ideal beginner's projectShoemaker, Art13Holiday200017-23AnimalsOwlsBirdsCaricaturesProjects, Step by Step
Carving a Christmas Ornament or Wall SwitchLight up the holidays with a colorful relief carving.Toney, Tina13Holiday200024-31Relief CarvingSantasOrnaments
Pipes of WhimsyJames Margroum turns a pipe dream into an art form.Schroeder, RogerMargroum, James13Holiday200033-38ProjectsWhimsiesWhittle
Brush Basics - Part ILori Corbett takes the guesswork out of a hirsute subject.Corbett, Lori13Holiday200040-43Paint BrushesBrush CareTips
Confessions of a Woodcarving CollectorManaging Editor Roger Schroeder writes about a 20-year search for a special woodcarving.Schroeder, Roger13Holiday200044-46PeopleGalleryArtist Profile
Chessmen with MettleRobin Hood and other characters of Sherwood Forest come alive.Moon, Dr. John13Holiday200054-59ChessRobin HoodSherwood Forest
Olde World SantaJoel Hull looks back in time to carve St. NickHull, Joel13Holiday200065-73Projects, Step by StepSantasHolidays
Introduction to Chip Carved DecorationsBarry McKenzie desk the halls with novel chip carvings.Mckenzie, Barry13Holiday200074-75Chip CarvingMiscellaneousHolidays
Tormek Put to the TestGrinding and honing with Tormek has never been easier or more preciseSchroeder, Roger13Holiday200076-79Tool ReviewsProduct ReviewTips
Open House 2000A review of the annual event gives it highest marks. Prepare for Open House 2001Stellhorn, Ayleen13Holiday20008/11/2014Fox Chapel's Open HouseGalleryCelebration
Wood Review: AppleTake a shine to a wood that offers sterling qualities for the carver.Schroeder, Roger13Holiday200082-84Wood ReviewsAppleInfo
Santa Head Finishing TechniquesCarole Jean Boyd demonstrated that god finishing is in the flow.Boyd, Carol Jean13Holiday200085-89Projects, Step by StepSantasHolidays
Windsor Wood Carving MuseumEye-catching exhibits make this a must-see museum.Schroeder, Roger14Spring200114-16MuseumsHistoryExhibit
Tecumseh Comes to WindsoeNeil Z. Cox sculpts a Canadian legend.Schroeder, RogerCox, Neil Z14Spring200118-19IndiansPeopleArtist Profile
Carving and Painting a MagpieCam Merkle illustrates how to create this strikingly iridescent bird.Merkle, Cam14Spring200120-26Painting TechniquesProjects, Step by StepBirds
Figurative FurnitureJamie Russell Brings together carved figures and impeccable joinery.Russell, Jamie14Spring200127-32FurnitureFiguresTechnique
Carving HorsesYou can bet that Llew Bertsch's horses have just the right proportions.Bertsch, llew14Spring200133-36AnimalsHorsesRealistic
PyrographyCarole Peters warms us up to a hot topic among woodcarvers.Schroeder, RogerPeters, Carole14Spring200138-43PyrographyWoodburningArtist Profile
Canadian Carves CanesDave Kemp makes canes fit for a knight.Schroeder, RogerKemp, David14Spring200144-46CanesWalking SticksKnight
In the Spirit of Bark CarvingTony Wispinski teaches how to bark up the right tree.Schroeder, Roger14Spring200152-58Bark CarvingMiscellaneousTechnique
Swiss-Made Tools Put to the testThis brand stays on the cutting edge of great tools.Mignone, John14Spring200160-63Tool ReviewsShopTpp;s
Wood Review: BirchIt's a wood suited to both poets and woodcarvers.Schroeder, Roger14Spring200164-65Wood ReviewsBirchInfo
Carving and Painting a Killer WhaleTake the plunge with Dennis Dreschler and create a striking sculpture.Drechsler, Dennis14Spring200166-75AnimalsWhalesProjects, Step by Step
Brant FestivalVancouver Island, British Columbia offers a top carving show.WCI Staff14Spring200176-77ChampionshipsFestivalHighlights
Moor Chip CarvingFather and son team is kicking up the chips across North AmericaMoor, Dennis14Spring20018/11/2014Chip CarvingFamily AffairArtist Profile
Contented PigMake a place on your shelf for Art Shoemaker's adorable animal.Shoemaker, Art15Summer200112/19/2014AnimalsPigsHappy
Review: Chainsaw CarvingHal MacIntosh's new book presents the art and the craft of power carving.MacIntosh, Hal15Summer200120-21Chainsaw CarvingTechiqueBook Review
Chimp CarverJack Kochan creates WCI's first simian readerKochan, Jack15Summer200122-23AnimalsChimpanzeeRealistic
Carving and Painting a Magpie - Part 2Cam Merkle's paintinng technies bring this prairie bird to life.Merkle, Cam15Summer200124-30BirdsPaintTechnique
Making FacesLearn the basics for carving a caricature face.Hull, Joel15Summer200132-38CaricaturesPeopleFace
Introduction to Individial Styles of Chip CarvingChip carvers push the limits with their creative work.Mckenzie, Barry15Summer200139-41Chip CarvingTechniquesTips
Making a KnifeJohn Mignone designs a cutting tool fit for a professional carver.Mignone, John15Summer200142-47Projects, Step by StepToolsShopmade
Product Review: BloxygenIt's a gaseous solution to dry-out.WCI Staff15Summer200147Product ReviewsBloxygenTips
Pinewood Forge Knives Put to the TestFine tools are available for a variety of carving operationsMignone, John15Summer200152-55Tool ReviewsKnivesForged
Wood Review: YewA beautiful wood inspires masterful carvingsMignone, John15Summer200158Wood ReviewsYewInfo
Ships' FigureheadsTake a look at the best of maritime commercial art.Schroeder, Roger15Summer200159-63PeopleShipsMaritimes
Reader SurveyWCI's second survey polls the interests of it's readership.WCI Staff15Summer20016SurveyInfoHighlights
Carving a Canvasback DecoyIt's an easy project with just a few tools and paints.Jobes, Charles15Summer200165-73DecoysStep-by-StepBirds
Brushes - Part 2Lori Corbett offers tips on caring for and purchasing brushes.Corbett, Lori15Summer200174-76Paint BrushesBrush CareTips
Hot Spots for Carvers - Part 1Plan to spend some inspiration time and view a museum's carving collection.WCI Staff15Summer200178-81MuseumsTipsInspiration
Realistic Flowers in WoodCarved flowers come alive with tips from author Wanda MarshMarsh, Wanda16Fall200123FlowersRealisticRelief
Open House ReviewRelive the fun, see what you missed, plan to visit us in 2003.WCI Staff16Fall200116-17Open HousePeopleCelebration
Woodcraft ContestFifty-three Santas from across the country compete for the prize.Schroeder, Roger16Fall200124-28SantasContestsWoodcraft
Black Bear CubArt Shoemaker's project is sure to please beginners and pros alike.Shoemaker, Art16Fall200129-35Projects, Step by StepAnimalsBears
The Carvings of Harold EnlowOzark is a living legend in the world of caricatures.Enlow, HaroldSchroeder, Roger16Fall200136-38CaricaturesPeopleArtist Profile
Chip-Carved TrayBarry McKenzie serves up a winning and colorful project.Mckenzie, Barry16Fall200139-41Chip CarvingMiscellaneousHome Decor
Turbo Carver Put to the TestA Speedy air tool comes at a bargain price.Kochan, Jack16Fall200142-43Power CarvingTool ReviewsShop
Hand Carving a PinCarve this quick and easy pumpkin pin.Spinak, Larry16Fall200144-48Projects, Step by StepAnimalsBearsMiscellaneous
Carving the WoodcarverA caricature carved a caricature in a humorous and challenging composition.Batte, Gary16Fall200149-58Projects, Step by StepCaricaturesFunny
Special Effects with ColorLori Corbett teacher techniques for wildfowl washes.Corbett, Lori16Fall200159-61BirdsPaintTechnique
The Dust CollectorPoor Man's Tool Contest winner is a healthy and inexpensive inventment for the power carver.Foshay, Louis16Fall200163-65Dust CollectorShopmadeProduct Review
Caricature Pins and BolosGary Batte shares two fun and simple projects.Batte, Gary16Fall200167-68MiscellaneousBeginnerProjects
BenchstonesJohn Mignone cuts to the grit and tells why these sharpening tools are indispensible.Mignone, John16Fall200169-72SharpeningToolsTechnique
Portrait of a BuffaloLora S Irish offers tips from her new books, Wildlife Carving in ReliefIrish, Lora S16Fall200173-75AnimalsBuffaloRelief Carving
Hot Spot for Carvers - Part 2More great museums provide inspiration for carvers.WCI Staff16Fall200176-79Carousel AnimalsMuseumsInspiration
News and NotesEvents, projects and personal interest stories in the carving world.WCI Staff16Fall20018NewsEventsFeatures
Wood Review: HollyDeck your halls with projects from this fine, white wood.Schroeder, RogerSchembri, Joseph16Fall200182-83Wood ReviewsHollyHoliday
Product ReviewsMagni-Focuser: A new design for the millenium. Transfer Tool: A hot item for carvers. Wipe-On Gel PolyFinish: A no-brush answer to finishing wood. Hot Tool WB-1 Woodburner: A hot item at a cool price. Black & Decker RTX High Performance Rotary Tool: A oackage of power & precision.WCI Staff17Holiday200115-17Product ReviewsToolsTips
Hand Carving SnowmenMike Shipley's versatile snowmen.Shipley, Mike17Holiday200121-23HolidaysSnowmenDecoration
Wood in MotionThe chainsaw sculptures of J Chester Armstrong.WCI Staff17Holiday200125-29SculpturesHolidayHome Decor
Holiday Card or Napkin HolderA great beginner's project suitable for the season.Hayden, Will17Holiday200130-31HolidaysHome DecorProjects
Stackable SantaA unique approach to make changes easier.Richardson, John17Holiday200132-40Projects, Step by StepSantasHolidays
The Great Book of Dragon PatternsLora Irish's adaptable patterns.Irish, Lora S17Holiday200141-43Book ExcerptsDragonsCeltic
Icicle OrnamentChip Carving ''On the Edge''Mckenzie, Barry17Holiday200144-46Chip CarvingIcicle Ornaments
Mountain LionsA majestic bust of a mated pair.WCI Staff17Holiday200148-51AnimalsMountain LionsPattern Profile
An Expressive SnowmanA pin or ornament that changes faces.Spinak, Larry17Holiday200152-55Projects, Step by StepPattern ProfilesSnowmenHolidays
Carving the Acanthus Candle HolderA project to brighen your evening.Odden, Phillip17Holiday200156-60Projects, Step by StepAcanthusCandle
Carving the Female FaceWally Leuth's practive tips for capturing the features of the fairer sex.Lueth, Wally17Holiday200161-63PeopleFemaleFace
Mutual RespectA project in contrasting woods.Hattabaugh, Burl17Holiday200164-70Projects, Step by StepAnimalsSwansBirds
Victorian St. Nick Beard the Best Gift EverTake a mini-course in painting a colorful holiday project.Kochan, Jack17Holiday200171-75Pattern ProfilesHolidaysSantasVictorian
Wood Review: GinkgoAn ancient species that still keeps its polish.Schroeder, Roger17Holiday200176-77Wood ReviewsGinkgoInfo
Custom-Made Detail KnifeLow-cost and versatile, make this knife work for you.Diel, Lynn17Holiday200178-79ToolsShopmadeKnife
Product ReviewsJerry-Rig: A work positioner offers an ergonomic design. Pfingst Dust Collector: A quiet machine keeps the environment clean.WCI Staff18Spring200215Product ReviewsToolsTips
Berold Tools Put to the TestJohn Mignone gives these specialty tools high marks.Mignone, John18Spring200221ToolsProduct ReviewShop
Tools by BeroldQuality custom-made tools run the gamut of sizes.Schroeder, Roger18Spring200218-21ToolsProduct ReviewShop
Whittling Twigs and BranchesChris Lubkemann's book offers a new twist on bird carvings.Lubkemann, Chris18Spring200222-23WhittlingAnimalsRoosters
Carving & Painting a Rainbow TroutSink your hooks into a project that looks real enough to fry.McKenzie, Ray18Spring200224-31TroutPaintTechnique
A Woodcarver's EducationJesper Osther enrolls in a Swiss carving school for training par excellence.Schroeder, Roger18Spring200232-35SwitzerlandMiscellaneousArtist Profile
Knife CoversProtective projects keep tools sharp and hands safe.Shuck, Kathleen18Spring200236-38ToolsKnifeSafety
A Chip-Carved QuiltBob Rymark blocks out a quilt with colors.Rymark, Bob18Spring200239-42Chip CarvingMiscellaneousQuilt
Making Small Carving TollsLow-cost tools are hot items with the right temperature.Burton, Mike18Spring200243-47ToolsTipsCheap
Kickin' Up the ChipsDavid Sabol carves a fiesty mule suitable as a toy.Sabol, David18Spring200244-55AnimalsMulesCaricatures
Alebrije CarvingsMexican artists carve animals with eye-dazzling colors.Blumer, Harold18Spring200250-55AnimalsCoyotesSouth America
Whittling a Fan-tailed HummingbirdA sharp knife and a wet piece of wood produce a feathered bird.Wiebe, Rick18Spring200256-60BirdsWhittlingHummingbird
The Bust of an EnglishmanJohn Mignone blocks out a classic look.Mignone, John18Spring200261-63MiscellaneousPeopleBust
Kiln-Dried: A Simian StoryJoe Avarista builds his own kiln to dry a sculpture.Schroeder, Roger18Spring200264-67AnimalsMonkeysMiscellaneous
Carving the Human MouthJeff Phares' latest book offers instruction in realistic anatomy.Phares, Jeff18Spring200281-83IndiansRealisticMouth
Wood Review: Black CherryAn attractive tight-grained wood carves well and takes a shine.Schroeder, Roger18Spring200284-85Wood ReviewsBlack CherryInfo
Product ReviewsZinsser SealCoat Universal Sanding Sealer applies easily with professional results. Smith's diamond bench sharpening stone offers a sharper image with new technology.WCI Staff19Summer200213Product ReviewsToolsSander
Woodcarver of the YearMeet WCI's 2002 recipient Pat GodinWCI StaffGodin, Pat19Summer200217-19PeopleWinnerArtist Profile
Carve a RoseEven by another name, it's a great project to tackle with handtools.Szentgyogyi, Ernest19Summer200220-28FlowersPattern ProfilesTechnique
The WoodworkerNo pose is too shallenging with the aid of a clever template.Hull, Joel19Summer200229-33CaricaturesPattern ProfilesPeople
Chip-Carved BirdhouseBarry McKenzie takes some tips from an avian artist and produces a masterpiece.Mckenzie, Barry19Summer200234-36Chip CarvingBirdhousesBirds
Bark Carve a Native AmericanLearn from Phil LaGreco that a tree's outer layer lends itself to a classic face.LaGreco, Phil19Summer200237-45Bark CarvingIndiansPeopleProjects, Step by Step
Tuning Up Your Carving KnifeJoel Hull shares sharpening strategies to keep your tool in tiptop shape.Hull, Joel19Summer200246-49SharpeningToolsKnife
Carving a Folk Art CurlewMike Yannello creates birds stepped in the traditions of old-time decoy making.Yanelli, Mike19Summer200250-55ProjectsBirdsStep-by-Step
Relief Portraits by Armand LaMontagneThe Master compresses baseball heroes with uncanny realism.Schroeder, Roger19Summer200260-65Relief CarvingPeopleBaseball
Totem PolesRoger Schroeder writes about the myths and realities of these family trees.Schroeder, Roger19Summer200266-71IndiansTotemNative American
Club DucksDon't expect quackery when Charles Jobes recycles golf clubs.Schroeder, Roger19Summer200274-75AnimalsDucksBirds
Turtle on a LogRalph Rogo's simple project is a beginner's delight.Rogo, Ralph19Summer200276-82Projects, Step by StepAnimalsTurtles
Wood Review: RosewoodA hard, stable wood can be turned into carvings fit for royalty.Schroeder, Roger19Summer200284-85Wood ReviewsRosewoodInfo
Carving in the European Tradition: The Work of Art ShoemakerA modern-day Geppetto breathes life into his work.Schroeder, RogerShoemaker, Art20Fall200219-21MiscellaneousPeoplePuppet
Carving EyesJeff Phares offers a quick lesson on making an eye study stick.Phares, Jeff20Fall200222-27ProjectsEyesStep by Step
Come Rain, Come ShineLearn how to get your own Noah's ark started for a fun(d) raiser.Schroeder, Roger20Fall200228-32ReligiousAnimalsNoah's Ark
Benchtop Carving ViseUse your surplus lumber and hardware to build a versatile holding fixture at no cost.Foshay, Louis20Fall200233-34ToolsShopmadeVise
Gunstock CarvingBill Janney shares how to turn butt stock into a thing of beauty.Janney, Bill20Fall200235-39Step by StepProjectsTechnique
Carve and Paint a Boston Terrier Leash HolderAn easy and practical project is done with a few tools and at little cost.Passalacqua, Joe & Ellie20Fall200240-49Projects, Step by StepAnimalsDog
Woodland SantaJanet Clemens brings her Christmas carving in touch with God's little creatures.Schroeder, Roger20Fall200250-53SantasWoodlandChristmas
Dragon CarvingMaster carver Ian Norbury turns a slithery serpent into a functional hanger.Norbury, Ian20Fall200255-59Projects, Step by StepAnimalsDragons
A Boxed FlagMake a patriot statement with a clever relief carving.Thomas, Bob20Fall200265-67PatrioticFlagRelief
Carving Found WoodCarvers turn the rough and tumble of sea and forest into works of art.Hood, Vic20Fall200268-70Found WoodSeaForest
Adhesives Part 1Even the stickiest questions get answered in this comprehensive feature.Schroeder, Roger20Fall200271-74ToolsTapeAdhesiveGlue
Biker SantaGo hog wild over Sue Madsen's unique gift giver.Schroeder, Roger20Fall200275-77SantasHolidaysMotorcycle
Veritas Power Sharpening System Put to the TestA dry machine tackles all your grinding needs and then some.Burton, Mike20Fall200278-81ToolsTool ReviewsProduct Review
Wood Review: RedwoodPut your tools to a durable and easy-to-carve wood.Schroeder, Roger20Fall200284-85Wood ReviewsRedwoodInfo
Product ReviewsZyliss portable all-purpose vise is an original Swiss tool that holds it all. Stamp 'n Chip offers pre-made rubber stamp designs perfect for the beginning chip carver.WCI Staff20Fall2002Product ReviewsZylissTools
Product ReviewsFlex-Arm Magnifier doubles the size of your work.WCI Staff21Holiday200217Product ReviewsFlex-ArmTools
Woodcraft Santa ContestA winning carving is just the ticket to appear with PBS craftsman Scott Phillips.WCI Staff21Holiday200218-22ChampionshipsSantasContests
Carve a NutcrackerGet into the holiday spirit with a project cracker up to be a hit…and it's functional!Bigton, ElseOdden, Phillip21Holiday200224-30FoodHolidaysProjects, Step by StepSantasHolidays
The Perky SnowmanEnjoy folk art carving from a Minnesotan who made it to the White House.Schroeder, Roger21Holiday200231-33HolidaysSnowmenFolk Art
Carving Folk Art FiguresSanta Carver of the year Shawn Cipa provides patterns and instructions for angels, moons, Santas and more!Cipa, Shawn21Holiday200236-36Folk ArtAngelsBook Excerpts
Carve a SantaThis gift giver takes a step or two beyond caricature carving.Carville, MicheleStetson, Dave21Holiday200241-47Projects, Step by StepHolidaysSantas
Adhesives Part 2Two-part epoxies offer strength and fill gaps.Schroeder, Roger21Holiday200248-52MiscellaneousToolsAdhesive
Chip-Carved Tree OrnamentsBarry Mckenzie presents beginner techniques for the holiday carver.Mckenzie, Barry21Holiday200253-55Chip CarvingProjects, Step by StepHolidaysOrnaments
Carve a GnomeJoel Hull carves a friendly though sometimes mischievous elf.Hull, Joel21Holiday200256-63Projects, Step by StepGnomesFriendly
Realistic Textures for Bird CarversWell-placed ripples, splits and overlays bring avian carving to new heights.Corbett, Lori21Holiday200265-68TexturesAnimalsBirds
Santa EggheadCheck out Jim Farr's tips on painting a smart looking St Nick.Farr, Jim21Holiday200269-71HolidaysSantasPaint
Sculpting a Portrait in WoodA New Zealand sculptor takes a shine to a U.S. diplomat.Garry, Arthur21Holiday200272-74PortraitsPeopleArtist Profile
The Cypress Knee Carvings of Carole Jean BoydAn Alabaman finds art in a tree's knees.Boyd, Carol Jean21Holiday200275-78PeopleKneesCypress
Wood Review: MapleAmerica's favorite shade tree in an excellent source for quality carving wood.Schroeder, Roger21Holiday200282-86Wood ReviewsMapleInfo
Step-By-Step Relief CarvingA master shares the secrets of light and perspective.Schroeder, Roger21Holiday200285-87Relief CarvingBook ExcerptsTechnique
Product ReviewsThe Oar Sharpener produces razor-sharp results; the Veritas® Carver’s Bench is suitable for a host of carvingsWCI Staff22Spring200310Product ReviewsOar Tools
Carving Horse Portraits in ReliefA pattern from the Fox Chapel book by Kurt Koch.Koch, Kurt22Spring200385Relief CarvingAnimalsHorses
Carving a Folk Art TurtleIt's a fishing decoy that can also be a nice piece of folk art!Yanelli, Mike22Spring200322-30Projects, Step by StepFolk ArtAnimalsTurtles
Sighting the HoleThe not-so-subtle expressions of golfers and their stances score a hole-in-one with caricature carvers.Rogo, Ralph22Spring200331-35CaricaturesGolfHole-in-one
The Joys of CarvingMeet Ralph Rogo, whose work reflects his sense of humor.Schroeder, Roger22Spring200335-37PeopleCaricaturesArtist Profile
Carve and Paint a Loon PinEven a beginner can make an attractive gift.Groncki, Al22Spring200340-44Projects, Step by StepBirdsPin
Burning Basics for Bird CarversReallistically speaking, woodburning adds a feathery touch.Kochan, Jack22Spring200346-51AnimalsBirdsBurning
A Cast of CharactersThe Caricature Carvers of America holds its first national competition and created a set of study casts.Zercher, Barbara22Spring200352-57CaricaturesCarving ClubArtist Profile
Bringing Folk Art to the MassesMary Michael Shelley tells stories through her relief carvings.Schroeder, Roger22Spring200358-61Folk ArtHistoryArtist Profile
Noah’s ArkCarvers and clubs climb aboard a popular project.Schroeder, Roger22Spring200362-65Pattern ProfilesReligiousNoah's Ark
Casting Part IAn introduction to reproducing your carvings at a reasonable cost.Stetson, Dave22Spring200366-70CastingBudgetHacks
China CatTom Azevedo carves a natural finish feline.Azevedo, Tom22Spring200371-73AnimalsCatsChina
Wood Review: Bald CypressMany carvers seek the knees of this wood for sculptural pieces such as faces.Schroeder, Roger22Spring200374-75Wood ReviewsBald CypressInfo
Tool Review: Two Cherries Micro Tools to the TestThey keep their edges like other top brand full-size chisels, gouges and V tools.Mignone, John22Spring200382-83ToolsTool ReviewsProduct Review
Product ReviewThe Flexcut Crafts Carver set is compact and ideal for entry-level, intermediate and even professional carvers.WCI Staff23Summer200324Product ReviewsFlexcutTools
The Patterns of Lora S IrishThis Fox Chapel Books author creates an original pattern exclusively for WCI readers in this magazine and in future issues.Irish, Lora S23Summer200340Relief CarvingPatternsTechnique
Tool HolderLynn Diel designs and builds his own enexpensive tool holder and you can too.Deil, Lynn23Summer200319-20Pattern ProfilesToolsShopmade
Apple Key RackHere's a fun, quick and functional project for a rainy day.Way, Mike23Summer200321-23ApplesKey RackPractical
Hillbilly HeadHarold Enlow walks you through his step-by-step ozark's caricatureEnlow, Harold23Summer200325-30CaricaturesPracticalCountry
Woodcarver of the YearMeet WCI's 2003 recipient, Desiree Hajny.Schroeder, RogerHajny, Desiree23Summer200331-34PeopleWinnerArtist Profile
Stylized carvingThis area of carving-where the emphasis is on form over detail-is one of the fastest growing. Visit and experience carvers of this style.Solomon, CharlesHamilton, David23Summer200335-38Stylized WoodcarvingBook ExcerptsTechnique
A Master of Acunthus CarvingBorn in Norway and trained there in this classic style, Hands Sandom desigs and decorates a variety of wooden pieces with this popular motif.Sandom, Hans23Summer200341-4Acanthus CarvingPeopleArtist Profile
Acanthus Sign BoardA gorgeous sign board can display your carving skills in your home and be a great decorative item.Sandom, Hans23Summer200345-51Acanthus CarvingStep by StepHome Decor
Carving The NoseFrank Russel shows how to make your carvings a winner by a nose.Russell, Frank23Summer200355-58Power CarvingStep by StepNose
Casting Part IIDave Stetson demonstrates how to advance to a more difficult carving to mold and cast.Stetson, Dave23Summer200359-64Projects, Step by StepCastingMold
The Native-Style Carvings of Ray MighellsHe draws inspiration from the work of native Americans and First Nations Peoples.Schroeder, Roger23Summer200365-69PeopleNative AmericanArtist Profile
Black BearWanda Marsh's painting instructions go hand-in-hand with this project.Marsh, Wanda23Summer200370-73Power CarvingAnimalsBears
Chairpersons of CongressVolunteers such as Larry and Carol Yudis keep the annual International Woodcarvers Congress in session.Weinstein, Mark23Summer200374-77PeopleVolunteersArtist Profile
Wood Review: JelutongWoodcarvers find this relatively light wood- with its soft but firm texture and medium density-exceptionally easy to carve.Schroeder, Roger23Summer200380-82Wood ReviewsJelutongInfo
Duck DecoysWorld Champion Tom Matus shares his tips and techniques creating a working drake mallard decoy.Matus, Tom23Summer200383-85Book ExcerptsAnimalsDucks
One-legged Carving BenchOnly a few tools are needed to make this light-weight, portable device from scrap wood.Carey, Gene24Fall200322ToolsBenchFurniture
Product ReviewThe high-quality Oar Carver Pocketknife is a handy, foldable, carry-anywhere tool, made specifically for carvers.WCI Staff24Fall200332Product ReviewsOar Knife
Product ReviewThe Bucket Box, a combination storage container and tool holder, also can be used as a seat.WCI Staff24Fall200376Product ReviewsBucket BoxTools
Ward World ChampionshipsBe it fish, bird or waterfowl carvings, the quality of these entries reflect the global stature of this popular event.WCI Staff24Fall2003100-101ChampionshipsWard Museum Wildfowl
Scarecrow on PumpkinCarvings with animation bring stories out of your wood.Schroeder, Roger24Fall200322-24Folk ArtHalloweenPumpkin
The 3rd Annual Woodcraft® Santa ContestJustin Gordon’s creative carving and attention to detail for his Santa with a walking stick and woven basket brings him national recognition and a dazzling array of grand prizes.Weinstein, Mark24Fall200323-28ChampionshipsSantasHighlights
Santa Riding Hobby ReindeerThis project appeals to both children and to carvers blessed with moments of child-like creativity.Farr, Jim24Fall200329-31SantasHolidaysReindeer
All About Manikins and Clay ModelsThe first in our new, informative “All About” reference series, this issue learn how to use these tools to work out the problems of a carving in advance.Gonsowski, PhilSchroeder, Roger24Fall200333-36MiscellaneousTechniquesTools
Working with Relief Carving PatternsLearn how to progress from a two-dimensional pattern of a mule deer head to a completed relief carving.Irish, Lora S24Fall200337-39AnimalsRelief CarvingDeer
Relief ColumnMule DeerIrish, Lora S24Fall200340Relief carvingWildlifeDeer
Relief Carve the CaptainGorgeous when completed, this portrait will build your confidence for further relief work.De Angelis, Pat24Fall200341-49Step by StepRelief CarvingMaritime
Sailor with FlagCarved for a reunion with shipmates, this piece by Ross Oar reflects the face of a generation of earnest young men.Oar, Ross24Fall200350-52CaricaturesMaritimeJoyful
Carve and Paint a Sandpiper — Part 1You can create a striking pose using power and hand tools for this step-by-step project.Legg, Ed24Fall200353-60Paint TechniquesStep by StepAnimalsBirds
Trygg Family: Prolific CarversFor carvers and collectors, owning or just seeing the Scandinavian-style works of this talented family can be inspiring.Refsal, Harley24Fall200361-65PeopleArtist ProfileScandinavian
Tool Review: Warren Tools Put to the TestFrom its handle designed to accept interchangeable accessories to the addition of Japanese carving tools, these products merit a serious look from carvers.Mignone, John24Fall200366-68ToolsTool ReviewsWarren
Carving a PorkerHave you seen Ralph Mueller’s little piggies? His “go-by” boards are a great way to visualize each stage of carving.Mueller, Ralph24Fall200369-74Step by StepAnimalsPigs
Three Holiday OrnamentsJoel Hull shows how to complete these relief carvings in less than an hour.Schroeder, RogerHull, Joel24Fall200377-81Step by StepHolidaysOrnaments
Wood for CarversSome of these woods make carving easier; others are more difficult but especially satisfying to use.Self, Charlie24Fall200382-83MiscellaneousWoodCowboy
Little HombreYou can carve this step-by-step caricature from Dave Stetson with only two tools.Stetson, DaveSchroeder, Roger24Fall200385-92Projects, Step by StepCaricaturesMiscellaneous
Architectural CarvingAdd decorative touches to fireplace mantels, desks, tables and chairs with ornamental carving. Get started with a flower pattern.Koch, Kurt24Fall200393-94Book ExcerptsHome DecorFloral
Artistry in Wood 2002A recap of the show Scott Phillips, host of The American Woodshop, calls “One of the top five shows in the country.”WCI Staff24Fall200398-99ShowsHighlightsArtist Profile
Painting Tips for Classic SantasJust in the (St.) Nick of time, practical advice for adding the final touches to your favorite Santa carving.Kaiser, Matt25Holiday200317-19HolidaysPainting TechniquesSantas
Relief ColumnFrench HornIrish, Lora S25Holiday200320Relief carvingChristmasPainting Technqiue
Those Wondrous WizardsHarry Potter has made wizards hot again. Make your own from a Shawn Cipa Pattern and inspiration from your fellow carversCipa, Shawn25Holiday200322-24WizardsFolk ArtHarry Potter
Santas By The DozenOld Saint Nick is master carver Ross Oar's favorite subject. A gallery of photos is sure to inspireSchroeder, Roger25Holiday200326-28HolidaysSantasGallery
Carve and Paint a Miniature Pectoral Sandpiper Part 2Airbrush and sponging techniques illustrated, plus a Complete color mixing guide.Legg, Ed25Holiday200329-32Painting TechniquesStep by StepAnimalsBirds
Carve a Caricature of a Football PlayerStep-by-step photographs take you inside Gary Falin's -workshop.Falin, Gary25Holiday200333-40CaricaturesStep by StepFootballSports
Woodcarving the Nativity in the Folk Art StyleWith peerless patterns, create your own holiday heirloom.Cipa, Shawn25Holiday200341-43Folk ArtHolidaysReligiousBook Excerpts
Expressing My FaithChip carved crosses done with a single knife and divine inspiration.Janssen, Darrell25Holiday200344-46CrossesReligiousChip Carve
Wecheer 330 Flexible Shaft MachinePut to the test, the Wecheer makes the grade, and then some, for novices and professionals alike.Russell, Frank25Holiday200347-48ToolsWecheerProduct Review
Quilts You'll Never Have to WashNo deception here—hand-carved quilts really fetch up to $25,000.Schroeder, Roger25Holiday200350-53MiscellaneousQuiltsTechnique
All About Study CastsThese handy reference tools can reduce your learning curve.Schroeder, Roger25Holiday200354-56CastingMoldsTechnique
Gifts for CarversMake sure Santa sees this list of the season's best ideas.WCI Staff25Holiday200368-71MiscellaneousWish listTools
Carving Santas from Around the WorldIncludes foolproof patterns plus painting instructions for making a Ukranian Hospodar.Joslyn-Carhart, Cyndi25Holiday200375-77SantasBook ExcerptsHolidays
Wood Review: Ohio BuckeyeA surprisingly easy wood to carve.Schroeder, Roger25Holiday200379-80Wood ReviewsOhio BuckeyeInfo
Angel and SantaWinter relief is on the way—simple yet attractive ornaments power-carved in no timeKochan, Jack25Holiday200384-89AngelsHolidaysSantasOrnamentsProjects, Step by Step
Tramp Art SantasEverything old is new again as Jim Maxwell employs a tramp art for a familiar figureMaxwell, Jim25Holiday200390-95Step by StepSantasTramp Art
Gluing Up Relief Carving Panels; It’s in the CamberA few degrees offer a simple solution to a nagging problem.Judt, Bill (W.F.)25Holiday200396-97Relief CarvingMiscellaneousGlue Up
Product ReviewThe Flexcut SlipStrop kit provides molded profiles shaped to accommodate a host of gouges and V tools.WCI Staff26Spring200422Product ReviewsFlexcutTools
Dust Collector: The Bargain VersionMaking one for under $10 is a breeze, and you’ll be healthier in the bargain.Jumper, Elmer26Spring200449Dust CollectorToolsBudget
Product ReviewThe Spring Clip Opticaid can be attached to virtually every style of eyeglasses, making even the smallest cuts as clear as a bell.WCI Staff26Spring200476Product ReviewsSpring ClipTools
Ray McKenzie’s Fish GalleryIf the fish aren’t biting, then sit back and cast your eyes on a master carver’s prize winners.Roger Schroeder26Spring200414-15FishGalleryArtist Profile
A Sprightly RabbitFollow Larry “Spi” Spinak’s step-by-step photos and take theSpinak, Larry26Spring200417-19AnimalsRabbitsPinsProjects, Step by Step
Relief ColumnLighthouseIrish, Lora S26Spring200420Relief CarvingLighthouseSeaside
Caricature Painting From a ProGary Falin scores a touchdown when painting Pass the Bacon.Gary Falin26Spring200423-26Step by StepCaricaturesPainting Techniques
Classic RosesPower carver Bill Janney enhances a family heirloom jewelry boxJanney, Bill26Spring200428-32FlowersKeepsakeStep by Step
On the Wild SideCosponsored by WCI, this first-time wildlife carving competitionSchroeder, Roger26Spring200433-38ChampionshipsWildlifeHighlights
Little Black DuckBob Buyer’s use of handtools brings intimacy to a full-bodied pieceBuyer, Robert26Spring200439-44BirdsPower CarvedTechnique
All About SandpaperMaster the nitty-gritty of a useful, though much maligned, carving accessory.Way, Mike26Spring200445-48SandpaperToolsTechnique
Carve a SignIt takes only a few handtools to brighten up your property.Fairchok, Andy26Spring200451-55Step by StepSignsHome Decor
Design Your Own Caricature or PortraitWCI Editor-at-Large Roger Schroeder couldn’t help but smile whenGonsowski, Phil26Spring200457-61PeopleCaricaturesTechnique
Noah’s ArkW.F. (Bill) Judt’s fascinating relief carving should inspire you toJudt, Bill (W.F.)26Spring200462-67Step by StepReligiousRelief
Woodcarving the Country Bear and His FriendsShare a pattern from a new Fox Chapel Publishing bookShipley, Mike26Spring200469-72CaricaturesAnimalsBears
Dogwood Floral EggCarole Jean Boyd’s step-by-step practice egg is an ideal first projectBoyd, Carol Jean26Spring200477-80FlowersEggStep-by-Step
Lovebirds SpoonsEnjoy a pattern and learn the history of lovespoons from Sharon Littley and Clive Griffin’s latest book from Fox Chapel Publishing.Littely, SharonGriffin, Clive26Spring200481-84SpoonsLoveTechnique
Wood Review: SassafrasA little-known wood turns out to be a bonus for relief and even ornamental carvers.Schroeder, Roger26Spring200485-87Wood ReviewsSassafrasInfo
“Poor Man’s” 538 Model Easy-Hold Carver’s ClampInvest a few dollars and several hours in making a sturdy clampDiel, Lynn26Spring200488-90ToolsShopmadeClamp
MoseTake it easy, partner! Just rustle up a handful of tools and craftBishop, Phil26Spring200491-93CaricaturesToolsCowboy
Product ReviewThe new Carving Vise improves on the centuries’ old carver’s arm.WCI Staff27Summer200411Product ReviewsViseTools
Guardian Angel FairyEnjoy a pattern and learn about different kinds of fairies from Lora S. Irish’s latest book from Fox Chapel Publishing.Irish, Lora S27Summer200426Book ExcerptsFairiesRelief
Little ChipperOpen or closed, the D2 blade steel is a sterling feature of this comfortable-to-work-with and easy-to-carry chip carving knife.WCI Staff27Summer200456Product ReviewsD2 bladeTools
Relief Carver’s Depth FinderJim Dupont’s homemade tool enables him to obtain accurate measurements for carving in relief.DuPont, Jim27Summer200471Relief CarvingShopmadeTools
Relief ColumnGrapesIrish, Lora S27Summer200414Relief CarvingGrapesTechnique
Bald Eagle PortraitWanda Marsh’s creative textures and thorough painting instructions are sure to take your artistic skills to new heights.Marsh, Wanda27Summer200417-19AnimalsEaglesPortrait
The Cat’s Meow: Carving a Refrigerator MagnetDavid Sabol’s step-by-step mischievous feline will have friends and customers purring for one of their own.Sabol, David27Summer200420-23AnimalsCatsMagnetsProjects, Step by Step
International Woodcarvers Congress 2003Last year’s Affiliated Wood Carvers’ celebration of carving, classes and competition seemed like only yesterday. This year’s event is just around the corner.WCI Staff27Summer200424-25ChampionshipsCarving CongressHighlights
Friendship CaneTwelve carvers and a publisher gave WCI Editor-at-Large Roger Schroeder the best gift a friend could ever receive.Shroeder, Roger27Summer200427-29CanesWalking SticksFriends
Carving Caricature GolfersBill Howrilla’s latest book from Fox Chapel Publishing captures the game in all its many ups and downs.Howrilla, Bill27Summer200430-32CaricaturesGolfBook Excerpts
Carve a Scandinavian-Style TrollMaster carver Harley Refsal sets the pace for beginning carvers with his flat-plane project.Refsal, Harley27Summer200433-39Step by StepTrollsScandinavian
All About MalletsRoger Schroeder puts eight mallets through their paces. There’s definitely one that’s right for you.Shroeder, Roger27Summer200442-46ToolsMalletsProduct Review
Wood Review: BoxelderThe wood’s coral-red streaks and easy-to-sand-and-finish texture make it attractive to carvers.Shroeder, Roger27Summer200447-48Wood ReviewsBoxelderInfo
National Caricature Carving Competition and ExhibitSo many entries put the judges on their toes at the second annual national competition sponsored by the Caricature Carvers of America.Travis, Bob27Summer200449-50CaricaturesChampionshipsHighlights
The Sculptures of Michelle HolzapfelA burl-loving wood sculptor melds carving, turning and textures to create unique, museum-quality vessels.Schroeder, Roger27Summer200451-55PeopleSculptingArtist Profile
Woodcarver of the YearMeet WCI’s 2004 recipient, author and PBS impresario Rick Bütz.Schroeder, Roger27Summer200457-59ChampionshipsPeopleArtist Profile
Setting Up ShopA visit to two carvers’ shops reveals how organization goes hand-in-hand with making the best use of workspace.Schroeder, Roger27Summer200460-64MiscellaneousToolsShop
Father Christmas Woodcraft® Santa Carving Contest finalist Norb HartmannHartmann, Norb27Summer200465-67HolidaysSantasArtist Profile
Light and Fan Pulls a HitSteve Brown steps up to the plate to show that any character or subject can be carved into a decorative and useful pull.Brown, Steve27Summer200468-70CaricaturesHome DecorPractical
Neckerchief SlidesBeginning carvers of all ages will learn four basic cuts by the time they complete these two projects from Boy Scout instructor Robert Reitmeyer.Reitmeyer, Bob27Summer200474-78MiscellaneousNeckerchiefCowboy
Golf Ball CarvingNathan Stump, who brings ducklings and other characters out of their “shell,” finds most golf balls a pleasure to carve.Stump, Nathan27Summer200481-84Golf ballsStep by stepTechnique
Illustrated Guide to Carving Tree BarkLearn, with plenty of photos, the key points to bark carving in a new Fox Chapel Publishing book by Rick Jensen.Jensen, RickWilliams, Jack27Summer200487-90Book ExcerptsBarkTechnique
Decorative Decoy Carver’s Ultimate Painting and Pattern PortfolioMaking changes to existing patterns is the first step toward developing original drawings like those in Bruce Burk’s latest book from Fox Chapel Publishing.Burk, Bruce27Summer200492-93PaintBook ExcerptsDecoys
Arbortech Power ChiselPut to the test, this reciprocating power tool with a snap-lock system runs the gamut from wood hogger to fine detailer.Burton, Mike27Summer200495-97ToolsTool ReviewsPower Carve
Relief ColumnRose-of-SharonIrish, Lora S28Fall200414Relief CarvingFlowersPattern
Folk Art FoxHere’s a quick and easy project with lots of appeal.Jumper, Tim28Fall200415-17AnimalsFoxesBeginner
Ozark GrinCarving legend Harold Enlow shows you why the mouth, more than any part of the face, enhances the look of a figure.Enlow, Harold28Fall200418-20CaricaturesMouthTechnique
Carving a Realistic DachshundMastering these basic techniques will enable you to bring any breed of dog out of the wood.Kochan, Jack28Fall200423-27AnimalsDogsRealistic
From the Mind of JamesThe imaginative and award-winning works of James Fecteau will fuel your passion for carving.Hart, Cathy28Fall200428-29PeopleArtist ProfileCaricatures
Paint a Scandinavian-Style TrollMaster carver Harley Refsal shares his techniques for painting the character you carved from the last issue.Refsal, Harley28Fall200430-33TrollsScandinavianPaint
Extreme Pumpkin CarvingThis October, showcase your carving skills with something special for Halloween.Hood, VicWilliams, Jack28Fall200439-41Book ExcerptsHalloweenPumpkin
Product ReviewSealing and priming is faster and more effective and blending is purer with the new JansenArt Traditions high quality matte acrylic paint.Matus, Tom28Fall200442-43Product ReviewsJansenArtFinishes
Celebrating Small VictoriesHere’s a challenge—try carving in a 2'' x 2'' cube. You won’t believe these carvers’ work from the Dayton, Ohio, Artistry in Wood competitions.WCI Staff28Fall200444-45ChampionshipsCubeCompeitions
Sassafras TurtleLeo Datzman, a winner in the WCI-Woodcraft® Supply 2003 Wildlife Carving Contest, recalls what he did for his tortoise to finish first in the Amateur—Other Wildlife division.Datzman, LeoKochan, Jack28Fall200447-51AnimalsTurtlesWildlife
Bulldog Bulletin BoardBow-wow wow! Kathy Wise shows how to relief carve this popular dog to watch over your messages and reminders.Wise, Kathy28Fall200453-58AnimalsDogsHome Decor
An Introduction to Carving in Miniature—NetsukeWelcome to Susan Wraight’s small, small world of netsuke, part of Japanese traditional dress now highly sought after collector pieces worth $1,000s.Wraight, Susan28Fall200459-64AnimalsMiniatureNetsuke
Lost in Thought Santa—Pattern ProfileHis unique look works wonders in annual carving contest.Shinlever, Wayne28Fall200465-68HolidaysSantaContests
Wood Review: TulipwoodNot easy to carve but its rich colors, fine texture and straight grain make it appealing.Shroeder, Roger28Fall200470-71ReviewTulipwoodInfo
The Dream WeaverThere’s much to learn from professional woodcarver Ian Norbury, whose carvings are in collections all over the world.Norbury, Ian28Fall200474-77PeopleSculptingArtist Profile
Ultimate Power SharpenerPut to the test, this sharpening machine has a lot going for it, including easy handling of heavy-duty carving tools while running fast enough to make a sharp, polished cutting edge relatively quick.Schroeder, Roger28Fall200479-81Product ReviewsSharpeningPower Carve
Beginner Basics: Brushes and TechniquesPaint your next carving with confidenceStadelman, Kelley S.281Painting & Finishing20045BeginnerPaintingBrushestechniques
8 Reasons to Use Acrylic PaintsA fast and user-friendly medium is the #1 choice among woodcarversSchroeder, Roger281Painting & Finishing200410Acrylic PaintUser-friendlyColor Retentionbeginner
Paint Me By the Numbers and Other Colorful TipsDrop by drop, painting has never been easierFarr, Jim281Painting & Finishing200414ProjectGolferPaintingcraft paint
Airbrush BasicsA supplemental tool enhances birds and other carving projectsKochan, Jack281Painting & Finishing200418AirbrushBeginnersBasicstipsproject
Aniline DyesDissolve these powders for exceptional color and grain enhancementPassalacqua, Joe281Painting & Finishing200424DyesColorWoodgrain
Finishing with Varnish and WaxExcerpt from Carving the Human FacePhares, Jeff281Painting & Finishing200428finishingvarnishwaxstep-by-step
Rex Branson's Finishing TechniqueIncrease your carving's value with this proven finishBranson, Rex281Painting & Finishing200430rex bransonfinishingtechniquewax
Putting a Finish on Interpretive Wood SculptureIt's clearly easy with oil or lacquerKunz, Ray281Painting & Finishing200432finishinterpretive wood sculptureoil finish
Finishing with Shoe PolishNew use for an old product, excerpted from Relief Carving Patterns, Tips & TechniquesJudt, William F.281Painting & Finishing200435shoe polishfinishmeltonian shoe cream
Folk Art FinishingGive your caving a well-worn look in a weekendCipa, Shawn281Painting & Finishing200436folk artfinishwell-worn lookstain
Rainbow Trout Eye Paint ScheduleSave money and hassles by creating and painting your own eyesSchreibeis, Clark281Painting & Finishing200438fisheyepaintstep-by-step
Paint Any FishGet professional results without an airbrushCastillo, Joe281Painting & Finishing200441fishpaintingprofessional
Basecoating BasicsChampionship tips and advice for adding life to your decoyMatus, Tom281Painting & Finishing200444basecoatbasicsdecoy
Mallard Paint PatternExcerpt from Decorative Decoy Carver's Ultimate Painting & Pattern Portfolio, Series OneBurk, Bruce281Painting & Finishing200448paintingpatterndecoy
A Bird Carver's PrimerKeep your paint schedule in mind as you textureKochan, Jack281Painting & Finishing200450birdcarvingprimer
Hot Wildfowl Painting TipsFive world-class bird carvers tell all!281Painting & Finishing200455wildfowlbirdscarvingpaintingtips
Painting SantaGetting rich reds while allowing the beauty of the grain to shine throughCarville, Michele281Painting & Finishing200464paintingholidayssantastep-by-step
Carving a Traditional Flat SantaHere's an easy-to-carve holiday ornament idea that's as fun to carve as it is to give.Johnson, Skylar29Holiday200414-16SantasHolidaysOrnamentsProjects, Step by Step
Relief ColumnSanta Pattern with hollyIrish, Lora S29Holiday200418SantasHolidaysHolly
Quick Carve SnowmanOnce you master the simple techniques, it is easy to personalize these holiday favorites for everyone on your gift list.Joslyn, Cyndi29Holiday200420-25HolidaysPattern ProfilesProjects, Step by StepSnowmen
Egghead SantaSeveral gift ideas can ''hatch'' from this project suitable for beginner's.Farr, Jim29Holiday200427-30SantasOrnamentsProjects, Step by Step
2004 Ward World ChampionshipsCelebrate wildlife carving with winners of the world-class competition in Ocean City, Maryland. Don't miss the 2005 event set for April 22-24.WCI Staff29Holiday200434-35ChampionshipsWard Museum Wildlife
Sleeping Chickadee Christmas OrnamentNestled in the branches of a Christmas tree, This bird-carving project is perfect for that ''Silent Night''.Russell, Frank C29Holiday200437-42OrnamentsBirdsHolidays
Edible ArtNow you're cooking! Gene Wilson's carved wooden cookie molds: includes authentic recipes.Weinstein, Mark29Holiday200444-47Cookie MoldsRecipesKitchen
Gifts for CarversA gift for any budget. Check out the latest and greatest.WCI Staff29Holiday200449-52Gift IdeasToolsBudget
The 4th Annual Woodcraft Santa ContestBruce Futterer's Santa with Toboggan wins from a talented field of 147 entries.Weinstein, Mark29Holiday200453-57SantasContestsHolidays
Carve a ShellSix Easy Steps to this classic furniture carving details.Schroeder, RogerBelisle, Bill29Holiday200459-63FurnitureStep by stepHome Decor
Whittling a Miniature FlowerPro whittler, Chris Lubkemann's latest quick & easy project.Lubkemann, Chris29Holiday200465-66WhittlingFlowersMini
Peeking Santa OrnamentYou'll have fun quickly creating ths project to hang on your tree or to surprise friends with.Nelson, John29Holiday200467-69Step by StepSantasOrnamentsHolidays
Finishing The Bulldog Buttetin Board - Part 2 - PaintingAdd special touches to your carvings.Wise, Kathy29Holiday200471-75Step by StepPainting TechniquesAnimalsDogs
Print Your Own Holiday CardsAdapt traditional block printing methods and carve your own holiday card design.Duncan, Bob29Holiday200476-79HolidaysStep by StepCards
All About Drawknives, Spokeshaves & ScorpsExplore these traditional cabinetmaking tools and how they can make a carver's life easier.Schroeder, Roger29Holiday200481-84ToolsTool ReviewsFurniture
Relief ColumnHome Sweet Home PatternIrish, Lora S30Spring200514BirdsRelief CarvingHome Decor
Swiss WoodcarvingsThese classic Swiss carved bears show a variety of ways to showcase a carving in your home.Shenk, Emily30Spring200518-19AnimalsBearsWildlife
Wildlife Carving Contest WinnersWood Carving Illustrated, Woodcraft Supply, announce winners of 2004 contest.WCI Staff30Spring200520-23ContestsWildlifeWoodcraft
Chip Carve a Classic Spoon RackUsing a few simple tools, assemble, carve and finish an antique replica.Douglass, Tom30Spring200524-27SpoonsChip CarvingPainting Techniques
Gunnar The VikingAdd-ons make this fierce warrior caricature a great looking project.Hull, Joel30Spring200528-33CaricaturesPeoplePattern ProfileProjects, Step by Step
Carving in Live TreesLearn how to carve a wood spirit in a tree without killing it.Patridge, Colin30Spring200534-40Wood SpiritsLive Edgetechnique
Koch Shapening System Put to the TestGerman sharpening system promises to never burn your tools-ever!Schroeder, Roger30Spring200541-43SharpeningToolsProduct Review
Carve a Realistic Decoy Duck CallA fresh look on classic realistic decoy duck carving techniques creates a collectable call.Herbert, Del30Spring200544-49Projects, Step by StepDucksDecoysPattern Profiles
Wood Spirits and Green MenLora S. Irish, Shawn Cipa and Chris Pye share on carving wood spirits--common and uncommon.Irish, Lora S30Spring200550-52Wood SpiritsBook ExcerptsGreen Men
Cutthroat TroutGordon Stiller shares his pattern for a realistic trout.Stiller, Gordon30Spring200552-53FishPattern ProfilesRealistic
Schimmel's CarvingsCarve a tiger in a turn of the century folk art style.Duncan, Bob30Spring200554-59AnimalsTigerProjects, Step by StepPattern Profiles
Carving The Human EarA detailed look at the human ear.Russell, Frank C30Spring200560-63EarsTechniquesRealistic
Bald Eagle ''Majesty''Power carve this enduring symbol of freedom, Part 1 or 3.Merkle, Cam R30Spring200564-70Step by StepPattern ProfilesBirdsPower Carving
Observation Leads to InspirationCarver John Faye finds inspiration in day-to-day life.Weinstein, Mark30Spring200571PeopleNatureArtist Profile
Best In ShowWCI introduces Judges Critique feature with judge's comments from the 2004 AWC International Congress in Davenport, Iowa.WCI Staff30Spring200572-73Judge's CritiqueCongressHighlights
String Buffer and De-FuzzerWCI announces Second Poor Man's Tool Contest winner.Twilbeck, Edward30Spring200574-75ContestsProduct ReviewWinner
2004 International carver's ConferenceHighlights from the conference held in Kitchener, Ontario Canada.Duncan, Bob30Spring200576Carver's ConferenceHighlightsGallery
Judge's CritiqueDull Tools: a challenge for relief carvers.Judt, Bill (W.F.)31Summer200514Judge's CritiqueRelief CarvingTools
Wayne Barton Named WCI Woodcarver of the YearChip Carver, Wayne Barton, Honored for his commitment to carving.WCI Staff31Summer200517Carver Of The YearWinnerArtist Profile
John C Campbell Folk SchoolIs there a summer camp for carvers? Students and teachers alike reminisce about the time they spent at the school.Duncan, Bob31Summer200518-19SchoolFolk ArtCarving Resources
Dimensional WoodburningAdd depth and contrast to your woodburning with this lesson in tonal values.Irish, Lora S31Summer200520-23WoodburningPyrographyTechnique
A Day at the BeachInnovative inlay techniques add interest to this award-winning carving.Bedel, Ken31Summer200524-27BirdsPenguinsPattern Profile
Carve a Spirit LureYou don't want to lose this lure in a snag! Combine carving, woodburning, and painting to make your own fishing lure.Fishgap, Alfie J31Summer200528-32FishingPattern ProfilesProjects, Step by Step
Modern Ivory CarvingFrom billiard balls to beef bones--Alternative sources for ivory give carvers another material to work with.WCI Staff31Summer200533Book ExcerptsScrimshaw
Carve and Paint a Feather PinIncrease your confidence with this project that's designed to build your detailing skills.Kochan, Jack31Summer200534-37Pattern ProfilesProjects, Step by StepFeathersPins
Woodburn Realistic FurAdd woodburned texture to a carved mouse for a realistic fur effect.Hajny, Desiree31Summer200538-39TexturesAnimalsMouse
Painting a Realistic Duck Head CallAdd the perfect finishing touch to your carved duck call by mixing your own paints.Herbert, Del31Summer200540-43BirdsDucksPainting Techniques
Pyrography Gallery: Burning Realistic TextureWith the right nib and technique, it's easy to add realistic texture to your carvings.Walters, Sue31Summer200544-50PyrographyWood BurningTextures
Flexcut's RPC Put to the TestRough out carvings in half the with the new addition to the Flexcut product line.Duncan, Bob31Summer200551ToolsRough outProduct Review
Chip Carve a BorderAccent a multitude of projects with this traditional pattern.Moor, Dennis31Summer200552-53Chip CarvingHome DecorProjects
Bald Eagle ''Majesty''Detail a carved eagle with power tools and a woodburner for realistic texture. Part 2 of 3.Merkle, Cam R31Summer200554-59Step by StepBirdsPower Carved
Stubai Carving Tools Put to the TestWhen it comes to holding an edge, Austrian-manufactured carving tools just keep cutting.Schroeder, Roger31Summer200560-61Tool ReviewsToolsProduct Review
SongbirdsMake your own feet and learn proper paint blending techniques to add realism to carved songbirds.Corbett, Lori31Summer200562-65BirdsBook ExcerptsRealistic
Stalking WolfCarve a classic wolf with this quality pattern from Gordon Stiller.Stiller, Gordon31Summer200566-67Pattern ProfilesAnimalsWolves
Carving a Mechinical Cork StopperCarve and assemble a head-bobbing, fiddle-playing cork stopper with a few simple tools.Sabol, David31Summer200568-76Pattern ProfilesProjects, Step by StepCaricaturesBottlestoppersPeople
Wood ToxicityThe top 26 most dangerous woods to work with.Self, Charlie31Summer200578Book ExcerptsWood ReviewsSafety
Relief ColumnInlet LighthouseIrish, Lora S32Fall200514LighthouseRelief CarvingSeaside
Sharpening SimplifiedProduct ReviewStaff32Fall200516SharpeningVideoProduct Review
Soff JawsProduct ReviewStaff32Fall200516ClampsProduct ReviewTools
Carving and Painting a Pansy Jar LidHand carve and paint this charming addition to your homePhillips, Charley32Fall200521-25FlowersPansyJar Lid
Hand Sharpening Made SimpleTips for keeping your carving tools razor sharpMignone, JohnSchroeder, Roger32Fall200526-29SharpeningToolsTips
Native American ChiefCapture emotions in less than 2'' of woodTroutman, Dean32Fall200530-32Native AmericanIndiansRelief Carving
Branson: A Carver's ParadiseOzark tradition of carving makes this Missouri hot spot a great vacation destinationStaff32Fall200533-35Valley Road WoodcarversEngler DesignsVacationMissouri
Woodcarver of the Year - Wayne BartonWCI honor Swiss-trained carver, credited with the resurgence of chip carving in the US, and visits his one-of-a-kind kitchenDuncan, Bob32Fall200536-39Chip CarvingClockWoodcarver of the YearWayne Barton
In the Best Light Photographing Your ArtworkAffordable tips and techniques for better quality photosStaff32Fall200540-43PhotographyTipsCamera
Fantasy Wizard's StaffA spellbinding project that is easier to carve than it looksCipa, Shawn32Fall200544-49StaffWalking StickWizard
Carving a Rustic Picture FrameRecreate this historic style-frame in a more modern sizeWilbur, Frederick32Fall200550-54Picture frameRusticHome Decore
The Humorous World of Pete LeClairTry your hand at ''Blake,'' a classic pattern from CCA member Pete LeClairSchroeder, RogerLeClair, Pete32Fall200555-57BlakeCaricaturesArtist Profile
Quick Carve SpreaderCarve this useful utensil out of a branch using only a pocketknifeLubkemann, Chris32Fall200558-59SpreaderWhittlingPractical
The Ward World Championship''Wow'' seemed to be the most common statement by visitors to the 2005 Ward World Championship held in Ocean City, MDStaff32Fall200560-61Ward World ChampionshipBirdsGallery
Bald Eagle ''Majesty''Painting the Bald Eagle, Part III of IIIMerkle, Cam R32Fall200562-66EagleBirdsPainting Techniques
Port-A-StropBattery powered honing tool makes it easy to keep a razor edge while on the goDuncan, Bob32Fall200567SharpeningProduct ReviewPut to the test
Miss ScarlettFlowing lines and rich colors add elegance to Gone with the Wind heroineBoyd, Carol Jean32Fall200568-69Cypress KneesFemaleMovie Icon
Gouge Sharpening ExerciseUse wood molding to practice sharpening techniques, before you work on your toolsBreau, Andre32Fall200570-71SharpeningGougeTechnique
Maple Leaf EarringsA popular gift item, these earrings a great way to brush up on your carving skillsVermillion, KennySaathoff, Carl32Fall200572-77EarringsMaple LeafPower Carving
Capturing Movement in WoodThe work of sculptor Fred ZavadilMoor, DennisZavadil, Fred32Fall200578-79SculpturesMovmentFred Zavadil
The Traditional European-Style Carving KnifeAppreciating a good, inexpensive tool can change your techniques for the long runFairchok, Andy32Fall200596KnifeEuropean-StyleTeacher's Corner
Relief ColumnEasy-to-Carve whimsical patternsIrish, Lora S33Holiday200514SnowmanSantaRelief Carving
Woodcarving at the National Scout JamboreeIntroducing 50,000 boys a year to the joys of carving through the merit badge programSheilds, Gregg33Holiday200518Boy ScoutsJamboreeCelebration
The Erzgebirge Carving TraditionCarving out a living - and a few walnut shells - in the mountains of GermanyGingerich, Bob33Holiday200520Walnut ShellsMiniatureGermany
Heirloom Alphabet BlocksCarve these traditional letter blocks as a timeless toy or classic decorationWilbur, Frederick33Holiday200522-25LettersAlphabetBlocks
Tapestry SantaCopper highlights and floral details make this Santa stand out in a crowdToney, Tina33Holiday200526-28SantasCopperFloral
Saint Nick Cane TopperCarve and paint this great holiday gift in a weekendBishop, Phil33Holiday200529SantasCane TopperBottle stopper
Art of Chainsaw CarvingStaffGroeschen, Jessie33Holiday200530-31Chainsaw CarvingPower ToolsArtist Profile
Quick and Easy Santa OrnamentsCreate a sleigh full of ornaments with these simple step-by-step instructionsJoslyn, Cyndi33Holiday200533-37SantasOrnamentsSleigh
Black-Throated Blue WarblerProject pattern from Stiller PatternsStiller, Gordon33Holiday200538BirdsSongbirdsRealistic
Christmas Past SantaCapture a bit of old-time holiday spirit with this nostalgic carvingWillis, Jim33Holiday200540-42SantasChristmasCaricatures
Beginner Tool SetsA few expert suggestions for starting your carving tool collectionSchroeder, Roger33Holiday200543BeginnerToolsProduct Review
''Big Red'' SantaBreak out of the ordinary and share a smile with this fun-to carve, whimsical fellowGall Sample, Alison M.33Holiday200544-46SantasCaricaturesChristmas
The 5th Annual Woodcraft Santa Contest sponsored by Wood Carving IllustratedMore than 150 Santas competed for the title of 2004 Woodcraft Santa of the yearDuncan, Bob33Holiday200548-52SantasWoodcraftContests
One-Stop Finishing StationBrice, John33Holiday200554-55AccessoriesPaintingFinishing
Tips for Large CarvingsGunderson, Elmer33Holiday200556-57Large CarvingsTipsTechnique
Tabletop Carving Bench and MagnifierWheatley, Melvin33Holiday200558AccessoriesPoor Man's ToolContests
Cowboy SantaSanta visits the Wild West in style with this fanciful take on the classic holiday iconSears, Gerald33Holiday200559-61SantasCowboyCaricatures
Creative Carving SolutionsInspiration comes by thinking out of the boxLaBranche, Bud33Holiday200562-63SolutionsProblemsTips
Marching Toy SoldiersWith figures that are easy to carve, it's simple to create a battalion to march through the holidaysBarto, Renzo33Holiday200564-66Toy SoldiersHolidayCaricatures
Chip Carved Leaf OrnamentsThe small size of these ornaments - and the simple tool list - makes them great projects for carvers on the goMckenzie, Barry33Holiday200567-69Chip CarvingOrnamentsLeaf
Miniature Chickadee PinThis charming project can be power carved and painted in one weekendCalef, George33Holiday200570-72PinsBirdsSongbirdChickadeePower Carving
Celtic Cross Bible BoxOnly a few basic tools are needed to carve this classic designCruze, Wayne33Holiday200574-77Celtic KnotworkCrossBible Box
Twisted Spiral OrnamentCarve this seemingly complex design in eight easy stepsKent, Carol33Holiday200578-79SpiralOrnamentsWhittling
Santa Spiral OrnamentAdd a new twist to a classic Santa OrnamentWatts, Lenard33Holiday200580SantasOrnamentsSpiralCarver's Challenge
Wood Review Spanish CedarSchroeder, Roger33Holiday200582Spanish CedarWood ReviewsInfo
Quick and Easy NoseSix easy steps for consistent resultsOegema, Jan33Holiday200596NoseRealisticTechnique
Product ReviewForedom Series SR flexible shaft tool and Foredom Bristle DiscsDuncan, Bob34Spring200614foredom seriesflexible shaft toolforedombristle discs
Judge's CritiqueUse references to achieve high realism in your carvingsHajny, Desiree34Spring200618OtterWildlifeAnimals
Relief ColumnRooster & HenIrish, Lora S34Spring200620-21RoosterHenEggsRelief
Carving on a Large ScaleLarge carvings are an impressive challenge to any carver's art and skillsBurton, Mike34Spring200622-26PatternsFemaleLogSurprisesPitch
Harlequin DuckProject pattern from Stiller PatternsStiller, Gordon34Spring200628-29BirdsDucksHarlequin
All About Clamps & VisesEssential hardware to aid your carvingSchroeder, Roger34Spring200630-31ClampsVisesHolding
Art of Fire with Bob SwainCreate a worn, antiqued look for your carvings by finishing with flamesBadger, CurtisBadger, Tom34Spring200632-35BirdsAntiqueFireFinishing
Floral Chip CarvingsCreate your own custom basket lids or carve a traditional plaque with these delicate designsJanssen, Darrell34Spring200636-38FlowersChip CarvingBasket lidsPlaquesWildflowers
Carving Out a Place in the WorldBuilding a business around custom-carved furnitureMcCoury34Spring200639DragonFurnitureMantle
Carver's LapboardNo room in the house is off limits with this portable carving station made from scrapBrown, Charles34Spring200640Poor Man's Tool ContestPortableStation
Catch and Release?Use simple texturing techniques to detail this whimsical carvingFenton, Gary34Spring200641-43BearFishCaricatures
Contemporary Carved HeartsQuick and easy projects make eye-catching pins or magnetsJoslyn, Cyndi34Spring200644-45HeartsPinsMagnets
The Sculpture of Tom BazisUnique carvings crafted for individual clientsLambert, GustaveBazis, Tom34Spring200646Rocking ChairSculptureAbstractMaskWet Wood
Carving a Half Hull Ship ModelUse traditional carving techniques to create a scale model of the historic ship ''Raven''Squarebriggs, Robert34Spring200648-55Ship ModelHalf HullRaven
The Whimsical World of David SabolCCA member strives for a lighthearted lookSchroeder, RogerSabol, David34Spring200656-57CaricaturesAnimalsArtist Profile
Shop-Made Rotary Carving ViseCreate this clever, hold-anything vise for less than $30Burton, Mike34Spring200658-61ViseHome-made toolsSoldering
Hollow Core MuskieCreating a hollow core helps keep large carvings manageableWeiss, CharlesWeiss, George34Spring200662-63FishMuskieTrophyHollow Core
Realistic Eagle BustDesigned as a cane topper, this majestic eagle could easily be enlarged for a full-size carvingMoore, Pat Mikula34Spring200664-69EagleCane TopperWalking StickBirds
Antique-Style Decoy CarvingCreating modern decoys with vintage appealMatus, Tom34Spring200670-73DucksAntiqueEyeBirds
Jenga Block BearSimple tools and materials can produce great resultsRussell, Lavonne34Spring200674Carver's ChallengeBearsProduct Review
Simple Carved DaisyEasy techniques for enhancing your carvingYurka, John34Spring200676-77DaisyFlowersHabitat
Miniature Carving on a Grand ScaleExploring the similarities and differences between miniature and traditional carvingMcCaffery, Lloyd34Spring200678-79Ship ModelMiniatureNative American
International Woodcarvers CongressA gathering of today's top carvers34Spring200680-81DavenportContestsHighlights
Lacewood RosebowlDelicate details from nature adorn this hand carved gift fit for royaltyPye, Chris34Spring200682LeavesBowlWren
Quick and Easy MouthCreate a mouth in five easy stepsOegema, Jan34Spring200696TipsMouthRealistic
Woodcarving BasicsA brief introduction to the tools and terms of carving woodStaff341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200638886ToolsCutsTypesWoodSafety
Uncle SamShipley, MikeKochan, Jack341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200620-21CaricaturesPatrioticUncle Sam
Rock SingerLeclair, Pete341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200622-23CaricaturesSingerMusician
Scandinavian BackpackerRefsal, Harley341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200624-25CaricaturesHikerScandinavian
PirateJohnson, SkylarKochan, Jack341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200626Caricatureseye patchEggs
BogieLeclair, Pete341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200627CaricaturesHeadTechnique
Keystone CopToney, Tina341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200628-29CaricaturesPolicemanRealistic
ChickenToney, Tina341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200630CaricaturesBirdsEggs
Eagle BustKochan, Jack341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200632-33BirdsEaglesOpen Mouth
Ringneck Drake DecoyLucio, Jason341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200634-35BirdsDucksDecoys
Scarlet MacawStiller, Gordon341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200636BirdsParrotCaricatures
Spotted SandpiperStiller, Gordon341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200637BirdsShorebirdRealistic
Hooded MerganserStiller, Gordon341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200638BirdsDucksDecoys
Cougar and CubsHajny, DesireeKochan, Jack341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200640-41RealisticAnimalsCougar
Scratching DonkeyHajny, DesireeKochan, Jack341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200642-43RealisticAnimalsDonkey
Carousel HorseSharp, PatEllis, BudKochan, Jack341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200644-45RealisticAnimalsHorsesPhiladelphia Toboggan Company
Bison BookendsGreen, Don341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200646-47RealisticAnimalsBisonBuffaloBook ends
Native AmericanCipa, Shawn341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200649-51Plains-Style TribeIndiansCoupe Stick
Spirit LureFishgap, Alfie J341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200652Fishing LureNative AmericanIndian
Goodbye KissJensen, RickKochan, Jack341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200654-57SantasMrs. ClausHoliday
Snowflake SantaShipley, MikeKochan, Jack341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200658-59SantasHolidayCaricatures
Droopy Hat SantaCipa, Shawn341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200660-61SantasHolidayCaricatures
Welcome SantaToney, Tina341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200662-63SantasWelcomeHome Decor
My Lil GoblinJoslyn, Cyndi341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200664GhostHalloweenTrick or Treat
Quilt SquaresJoslyn, Cyndi341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200664Relief CarvingPinsQuilt
Old Saw MillTroutman, Dean341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200665Relief CarvingLandscapeWinter
Covered Bridge SceneTroutman, Dean341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200665Relief CarvingLandscapeBridge
Celtic KnotworkCruze, Wayne341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200666Relief CarvingCelticKnotwork
Celtic HeartsCruze, Wayne341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200667Relief CarvingCelticKnotworkHearts
Rustic Barn SceneIrish, Lora S341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200668-69Relief CarvingLandscapeBarn
Bank Barn SceneIrish, Lora S341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200670-71Relief CarvingLandscapeBarn
WoodspiritJohnson, Skylar341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200672StaffWalking StickWoodspirit
Dove Peace CrossMoor, Dennis341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200674DoveCrossChip Carving
RosetteMoor, Dennis341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200675Chip CarvingClassicPattern
Mangle BoardMckenzie, Barry341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200676-77Chip CarvingOld WorldHorses
Angel OrnamentsMckenzie, Barry341Ultimate Carving Patterns Vol. 1200678Chip CarvingAngelsOrnaments
Foredom 50C Reciprocating HandpieceProduct ReviewKochan, Jack35Summer200614Product ReviewsForedomReciprocating Carver
Judge's CritiqueProgression of skills is evident in series of carvingsIrish, Lora S35Summer200616DragonCritiqueTips
Relief ColumnPintail Duck in CattailsIrish, Lora S35Summer200618DucksRelief CarvingScenic
Sculpting Raptors with Greg WoodardCreating striking realism through a thorough knowledge of your subject matterRyan, KathleenWoodard, Greg35Summer200620-23RaptorsBirdsBirds of preySculpture
Custom Honing BoardThis easy-to-make shop aid is a great way to keep your gouges and V-tools in tip-top shapeIrish, Lora S35Summer200624-25SharpeningHoningShopmade
Relief Carved Sunflower ClockSimple techniques for a functional floral projectPhillips, Charley35Summer200626-31FlowersClockRelief Carving
Carving Classic BookendsMaster architectural details by tackling the project in distinct sectionsWilbur, Frederick35Summer200632-39BookendsArchitecturalAcanthusScales
Wood EngravingCreate detailed prints from carved woodWalker, George35Summer200640-43PrintTreeEngraving
Carving in the European-StyleAustrian-based school carries on the art of traditional European carvingStaffGeisler-Moroder35Summer200644-45HeadBustEuropeanKrampusGeisler-Moroder
Fruit Pit CarvingsAmazing details in miniature carvingsShamey, Bob35Summer200646-47PitsUnusual MaterialsMiniatures
Colorful Chip Carved PlaqueUse subtle color to highlight the details in this commemorative plaqueNiggemeyer, John35Summer200648-51Chip CarvingColorBaby announcementPlaquesAngel
Magical Fairy Keepsake BoxDelightful carving makes a thoughtful giftCall, Deborah L.35Summer200652-59FairyQuiltBoxFolds
Custom Carved Hunting CredenzaHand carved details bring a client's vision to lifeMccoury, BrianEvans, DavidCochenour, Bill35Summer200660-63ShotgunCredenzaGun
Carving Realistic HabitatPower carve a simple curled leaf to add depth and realism to your workSabol, David35Summer200664-69LeafAcornPower CarvingHabitat
MuskellengePattern project from Stiller PatternsStiller, Gordon35Summer200670-71FishMuskiePattern
Quick and Easy Ozark CaricatureSimple cuts bring this country caricature to life in no timeShipley, Mike35Summer200672-77CaricaturesOzarkHillbilly
Shop-Made Holding DevicesInexpensive methods for holding irregularly shaped carvingsSchroeder, Roger35Summer200678-79ViseCarver's FrameSandbagRope clampBench hook
Paint Mixing Record ChartTeacher's CornerCorbett, Lori35Summer200695-96PaintingRecordsChartPaint mixing
Product ReviewMastercarver Stealth Handpiece and Dremel StylusDuncan, Bob36Fall200614mastercarverstealth handpieceDremelrotary tool
Judge's CritiqueWrenCorbett, Lori36Fall200616BirdsWrenCritique
Relief ColumnAutumn MouseIrish, Lora S36Fall200618Relief CarvingMouseLeaves
Easy Carved SpoonsIdeal for introducing carving to beginners or whittling away an afternoonCourtea, Fran36Fall200622SpoonsKidsCarver's Challenge
Maple Leaf PinPower carve and paint this charming seasonal broochVermillion, KennySaathoff, Carl36Fall200626-32LeavesPinsPower Carving
Brown PelicanStiller PatternsStiller, GordonStiller, Marsha36Fall200634-35WaterfowlBirdsPelican
It's Me FrankMonster caricature is a treat to carveBishop, Vicki36Fall200636-39FrankensteinCaricaturesHalloweenMonster
Carving a Hen Wood DuckBasic tools and techniques for an authentic antique-style hunting decoyMatus, Tom36Fall200640-45DecoyDucksBirdsWaterfowlWood Duck
Marvin Kaisersatt - Woodcarver of the YearDuncan, BobKaisersatt, Marvin36Fall200646-49CaricaturesWoodcarver of the Year
Relief-Carved Horse PortraitClassic portrait makes a bold statementTroutman, Dean36Fall200650-54Relief CarvingHorseArrowheadFeathers
Anthony Hillman's Passion for Carving WaterfowlTurning your interests into a career can be very rewardingDuncan, BobHillman, Anthony36Fall200655-57BirdsHillmanWaterfowlDuck
Patchwork ClockEasy-to-Carve clock is a great beginner projectJoslyn, Cyndi36Fall200658-63ClockBeginnersPainting Techniques
Chip-Carved Wedding PlateDecorative, personalized plate makes a beautiful wedding giftMckenzie, Barry36Fall200664-67Chip CarvingPlatePersonalizedWedding gift
Tools of the TradeAn introduction to the tools used in traditional woodcarvingPye, Chris36Fall200668-73BeginnerToolsChiselsGouges
Halloween WitchCreate this folk-style carving using only a hobby knifeCostanza, Anthony36Fall200674-78WitchAdd-onsCaricaturesHalloween
Carve a HoboA few tools, some paint, plus a little time gives this American iconMaxwell, JimMaxwell, Margie36Fall200680-85HoboCaricaturesTips
The Work of Frank FeatherTraveling carver leaves a lasting and valuable legacyMeyers, Shawn36Fall200686HoboAntiqueEye
Quick and Easy Folk Art EyeCarve an eye in five simple stepsOegema, Jan36Fall200696Teacher's cornerEyeFolkHuman
Product ReviewOlson 3/32'' Bandsaw Blades, Jones Handy Handle, and Style-Line Corp. Soft SandersDuncan, Bob37Holiday200614Olsonbandsaw bladesjones enterprisesjones handy handlestyle-line corp
Judge's CritiqueFolk Art SantaCipa, ShawnGoodman, Harold37Holiday200616SantasCritiqueFolk Art
Relief ColumnWinter CardinalIrish, Lora S37Holiday200618BirdsCardinalRelief Carving
Northern CardinalStiller, Gordon37Holiday200620-21BirdsPattern ProfilesCardinal
Happy SantaThe compact styling of this smiling fellow makes him an ideal project for beginnersToney, Tina37Holiday200624-26SantasPattern ProfilesJolly
Chip Carved Golf BallsDisplay these striking ornaments individually or in their own custom cage clockBraunberger, SharonDugan, Elaine37Holiday200628-31Golf ballsClockChip CarvingCageOrnaments
Santa ClausClassic Santa face makes a perfect winter welcomeRamsay, Les37Holiday200632-37SantasFaceRelief Carving
Rolling Caricature AnimalsEasy-to-carve critters are delightfully mobileHajny, Desiree37Holiday200638-45HorseBisonElephantCaricaturesAnimals
Santa with CardinalWood bleach techniques make painting a snapBishop, Vicki37Holiday200646-48SantasBleachCardinalBlue
Tuning Your ToolsThe basics of getting your tools into the best condition for carving and keeping them therePye, Chris37Holiday200649-53SharpeningBevelAngle
Folk Art Angel Tree TopperHand carve an instant family heirloomCipa, Shawn37Holiday200654-59AngelsRelief CarvingTree-topperStar
The Art of Ken NewmanSculpting respect for wood and natureNewman, Ken37Holiday200660-63GalleryWildlifeNatureSculpture
2005 Santa Carving ContestWayne Shinlever's Santa takes home the top prizeDuncan, Bob37Holiday200664-69SantasContestsWoodcraft
A Christmas Story Leg LampNostalgic lamp will become and instant conversation starterBurton, Mike37Holiday200670-74LampLegLightChristmas Story
Painting a Hen Wood DuckUse blending techniques for an antique-style finishMatus, Tom37Holiday200675-77DucksdecoyPainting TechniquesAntique
Chip Carved Angel OrnamentsCarve through painted blanks for an easy, yet beautiful projectMckenzie, Barry37Holiday200678-79AngelsChip CarvingOrnamentsChristmasPainted
Santa Lamp FinialA charming way to show off your seasonal carvingsBrown, SteveFulks, Judy37Holiday200680-83SantasFinialLamp
Herby's AngelEasy-to-carve figure is a Holiday delightMcLeod, PaulHam, Herby37Holiday200684-85AngelsBeginnersBookRoughout
Teacher's CornerQuick and Easy EarOegema, Jan37Holiday200696EarFolk ArtFacial features
Product ReviewJoolTool Sharpening SystemMatus, Tom38Spring200714JoolToolProduct ReviewTools
Largemouth BassJudge's CritiqueMcKenzie, RayArchie, Al38Spring200718FishCritiquebass
Relief ColumnMaple Leaf GreenmanIrish, Lora S38Spring200720GreenmanRelief CarvingleavesWoodspirit
Celebrating 15 Years of Craftsmanship in WoodOpen HouseStaff38Spring200722-23Woodcarver of the YearClassesTotemChainsaw
Carved Garden ChairCustomize this sturdy chair with your own relief carved designOegema, Jan38Spring200726ChairFurnitureRelief CarvingGreenmanWoodspirit
The Design ProcessTaking a caricature from concept to completionKaisersatt, Marv38Spring200728-29CaricaturesDesignArmaturePipecleanersClay
Chip Carved LandscapeFree-form chip carving enhances natural wood grainMckenzie, Barry38Spring200730-31Chip CarvingTreeLandscapeFreeformbirds
Realistic RabbitTexturing techniques bring this adorable rabbit to lifeWachter, Leah38Spring200732-37RabbitFurTexturesbunny
GM's Fisher Body Craftman's GuildCarving out a career in the design world - 1950's styleJacobus, John38Spring200738-41CarsAutomobileModelsContestDesign
Recreating a MasterpieceTurn-of-the-century table inspires a life-long love of carving three generations laterJones, Jeff38Spring200742-43TableGriffonWingsAntique
Carving the Ball & ClawSequential carving helps you duplicate this traditional furniture elementBurton, Mike38Spring200744-47FurniturefootBall & ClawLeg
Native American BustPortraying character with distinctive facial featuresGargac, Mark38Spring200748-55IndianNative AmericanBottle stopperBustHead
Hand Carved ClassicsPractice your knife carving with chain links and a ball-in-cageWeaver, Kivel38Spring200756-57ChainBall in cageWhittling
Cottonwood Bark VikingRugged features make this warrior the perfect subject for bark carvingJensen, RickDraper, Monte38Spring200758-63Bark CarvingVikingFaceHorns
The Netsuke Carvings of Cornel SchneiderDetailed carvings demonstrate a love of natureSchneider, Cornel38Spring200764-67FrogsLizardsMiniaturesNetsukeviolin
Setting Up ShopA carver needs more than sharp tools; the workspace, bench, and lighting are equally importantPye, Chris38Spring200768-73WorkshopWorkstationHolding deviceswoodTools and equipment
Carving Habitat: TwigPower carve highly detailed branches tailored to showcase your carvingVermillion, KennySaathoff, Carl38Spring200774-77HabitatTwigBranchPower Carving
Antler Sculpture by Bill MatzFacsinating medium produces unique carvingsMatz, Bill38Spring200778-80AntlerMooseWildlifePower Carving
Relief Carve a Whimsical HousePower tools speed up the carving process and add unique textureCline, Jim38Spring200781-85Relief CarvingHouseTreesTexturePower Carving
Clean Joint Lines for Relief CarversTeacher's CornerIrish, Lora S38Spring200796Relief CarvingJointsTips
Product ReviewJerry-Rig 360º Mount and Henkel Consumer Adhesives PL Fix 2-part wood repair kitPye, ChrisDuncan, Bob39Summer200714Jerry Rigwork positionerHenkel Consumerwood repair kit
Relief ColumnEagle PlaqueIrish, Lora S39Summer200716Relief CarvingEaglesPlaquePersonalized
Carving Wooden EggsThe Grand Old Flag EggTudor, Linda39Summer200721-24Relief CarvingEggsFlagsStars
Preserving the PastThe rise, fall, and rebirth of carved carousel horsesDuncan, Bob39Summer200726-32CarouselCommunityHistoryHorses
Carving Habitat: MushroomAdd realism to your wildlife carvings or carve this mushroom as a stand alone pieceVermillion, KennySaathoff, Carl39Summer200734-37Power CarvingMushroomHabitat
Tool ControlProper techniques for safe and efficient usePye, Chris39Summer200738-43Low angle gripHigh angle gripBasic gripsHolding
Mississippi AlligatorStiller PatternsStiller, GordonStiller, Marsha39Summer200744-45AlligatorPattern ProfilesAnimalsWildlife
Stylized Grizzly BearSimple lines capture the essence of the animal without hours of detailingWinn, Kelly39Summer200746-49BearStylizedGrizzlyAnimalsWildlife
Personalized Love SpoonPattern template makes production carving easyGledhill, Jim39Summer200750-54Love spoonCelticGemsReliefPersonalized
Realistic Sanderling Painting TemplatesThese easy templates crete a flawless finishHerbert, Del39Summer200755-57BirdsShorebirdFeathersPainting
Elf Country Stylized MaskCombine realistic facial features with stylized techniques for a striking displayCacioppo, LouCook, Mary39Summer200758-64MaskElfStylizedHuman
Duck TonightFacial expressions and body language let you tell a story with your carvingSmith, Arnold39Summer200765-67CaricaturesHunterDuckGun
Sculpting in WoodTalented artist pays tribute to loved onesSager, Betty39Summer200768-69BustsHumanRealisticSculpture
All About Buying WoodA handy reference guide and inside tips from 30 years of buying carving woodSchroeder, Roger39Summer200770-73WoodTypes of CutsSurfaced Vs. UnsurfacedWood DefectsNominal Measurements
First CutsA carver's journey to becoming a member of the Caricature Carvers of AmericaCaricature Carvers of AmericaCCA39Summer200774-77CaricaturesRhadigan, FloydStetson, DaveTravis, BobBrown, Tom
Portable Carving StationA sturdy, shop-made workbench that folds up when not in useHaumesser, James M.39Summer200778-79WorkshopWorkstationBench
Teapot ClockCharming clock with chip-carved details is perfect for the kitchenMckenzie, Barry39Summer200780-85Chip CarvingClockSpoonTeapotPendulum
UndercuttingTeacher's CornerIrish, Lora S39Summer200796Relief CarvingUndercuttingShadows
Product ReviewWork Sharp Sharpening System WS 3000 and Preferred Edge Bent Pull KnifeDuncan, BobWilbur, Frederick40Fall200714Work SharpWS3000Preferred Edgebent pull knife
Relief ColumnAcorn ReliefIrish, Lora S40Fall200718Relief CarvingAcornPlaquePersonalized
Ivory Billed WoodpeckerStiller PatternsStiller, GordonStiller, Marsha40Fall200720WoodpeckerPattern ProfilesBirdsWildlife
Chip Carved LettersSimple block style is easy to carveMckenzie, Barry40Fall200722-23lettersTechniqueChip Carving
Laughing BearSimple cuts add texture to this happy fellowVillars, Jim40Fall200726-29CaricaturesBearStylized
Country Charm Quilt SquaresClassic fruit motifs are easy to carveIrish, Lora S40Fall200732-35Relief CarvingFruitLettering
African ElephantWoodburning makes it easy to reproduce a leathery textureHajny, Desiree40Fall200737-43ElephantAfricanWildlifeWoodburning
First CutsA carver's journey to becoming a member of the Caricature Carvers of AmericaCaricature Carvers of AmericaCCA40Fall200744-47CaricaturesBishop, PhilFuller, GeneHayden, WillKaisersatt, Marv
English Renaissance CandlesticksRepeating design and traditional elements combine for a striking displayWilbur, Frederick40Fall200748-54CandlesticksTraditionalArchitecturalTurning
Woodcarvers of the Year - Ed Gallenstein, Lora S. IrishDual award honors supporters of the carving communityIrish, Lora SGallenstein, Ed40Fall200755-59CommunityWoodcarver of the YearNWCACarving Patterns
Pipe DreamsCreating beautiful faux ivory carvings from PVC pipeCoker, Chuck40Fall200760-63PVC PipeFaux ivoryDragonPower Carving
Carving a Traditional Bowl & SpoonFunctional items showcase the beauty of woodBragg, David40Fall200764-69BowlSpoonTraditional carvingRustic
The Wood Sculptures of Darwin DowerHistoric rural life captured in amazing detail40Fall200770-73RealisticRural ScenesPower Carving
Basic CutsMaster the five basic cuts to increase your carving efficiencyPye, Chris40Fall200774-79Running cutStabbing CutStop CutSweep CutSlicing cut
Colorful Snake CaneCombine realistic and stylized elements for a striking projectDarnell, Ron40Fall200780-85RealisticSnakeCaneAirbrushPower carving
Painting SuppliesAccessories to help you paint successfullyRhodes, Vicki40Fall200796Teacher's cornerPainting suppliesBrushesPallete
2007 Santa Carving ContestPrize-winning entries and highlights from annual contest41Holiday200717-26SantasContestsWinner
Pursuing a PassionTechnology enables blind artisan to continue carvingDuncan, Bob41Holiday200728-30BlindCarverLaserRelief
Woodcarving Hollywood StyleLocal artist teach Sissy Spacek to carve for her latest roleDuncan, Bob41Holiday200732-33ActorCarvingSissySpacekLeger
Simple Starter SantaBasic design makes a great beginner projectSchuck, Kathleen41Holiday200734-36SantaBeginnersSimple
Easy Evergreen PuzzleClever puzzle design is easy to makeSmith, Sandy41Holiday200738-40TreePuzzleSimpleOrnament
Folk Art SantaAn antique finish gives Santa the look of a treasured heirloomJensen, Rick41Holiday200742-44SantaBarkwreathAntique
Easy weekend nuthatch pinCreate a clock of feathered friends with basic power carving techniquesCalef, George41Holiday200746-47BirdNuthatchPinpower carving
Olde World Santa OrnamentAdd texture and dimension with pierced relief techniquesGargac, Mark41Holiday200748-54SantaOrnamentPierces
Holiday Memories SantaQuick and easy carving produces a functional displayCipa, Shawn41Holiday200755-59SantaPicture holderFolk
Carving a Dogwood LeafPower carving technque for realistic habitatVermillion, Kenny41Holiday200760-64LeafDogwoodHabitatPower Carving
Decorative floral sledVibrant colors and deep relief undercuts bring this piece to lifePhillips, Charley41Holiday200765-71PoinsettaSledflower
First CutsA carver's journey to becoming a member of the Caricature Carvers of America41Holiday200772-75CaricaturesEnlowLandenSearsYou
Simple carved moldingsUse basic cuts to create accents for frames and furniturePye, Chris41Holiday200776-81MoldingTraditionalTips
Delicate Pierced OrnamentsInnovative chip carving technique creates unique decorationsMckenzie, Barry41Holiday200782-84Chip CarvingOrnamentpierced
Sharpening a V-toolLearn to tune this difficult-to-sharpen toolBerold, Charles41Holiday200796Teacher's cornerToolsV-toolSharpening
Product ReviewWoodcarving with Chris Pye, Vol. 1 Sharpening Techniques and Seyco's SeeSanderDuncan, Bob42Spring200814chris pyesharpening dvdSeycoseesander
Relief ColumnSpirit ChiefIrish, Lora S42Spring200816relief carvingnative americanproject
Classic Ball in CageThis old-time whittling project is fun to carve and a real attention-getterDussinger, Addison42Spring200819-21whittlingBall in cagewhimsey
The Work of Joe WannamakerLate teacher shared his passion with a generation of carversDuncan, Bob42Spring200822-23WannamakerJoeCaricaturesGallery
Best of ShowAward-winning carvings from across the country42Spring200824-27CommunityContestsCCADavenport
First CutsA carver's journey to becoming a member of the Caricature Carvers of America42Spring200828-31CaricaturesLeclairHumphreysMorrillOtto
Making Free-form Custom Wooden BoxesThis lesson in joinery and feeling the wood produces boxes that are a joy to hold and touchBurton, Mike42Spring200832-35BoxesJointsTechnique
Line Carving: Three Simple StylesMaster the basics of drawing with a veinerPye, Chris42Spring200836-41Line carvingBullTechnique
Express YoursefConvey emotions with exaggerated facial expressionsFarr, Jim42Spring200842-43CaricaturesExpressionsFaces
On the Wild Side with Jeffrey CooperQuality craftsmanship and wildlife carvings combine for deslightfully whimsical furnitureRyan, Kathleen42Spring200844-47AnimalsBenchesChairs
Elegant Oak Leaf Mantle ClockCreate a treasured family heirloom with easy positive-image chip-carving techniquesBarton, Wayne42Spring200848-51Chip carvingClockleaves
Realistic Skin TonesSimple mixtures and techniques create a variety of flesh colorsIrish, Lora S42Spring200852-57Walking stickPaintFlesh colors
Custom Presentation PlaqueChange the relief-carved elements for a personalized awardTruitt, Floyd L.42Spring200858-63PlaqueRelief CarvingHome Decor
Stylish BirdhouseRelief-carved shingles and graceful designs adorn this essential songbird houseMckenzie, Barry42Spring200865-69Chip CarvingBirdhouseRelief Carving
Kolrosing: Norwegian Line CarvingEasy-to-learn carving technique produces beautiful decorative designsRitger, Judy42Spring200870-73Line carvingKolrosingPlate
Cut your own carving blanksSimple technique reduces the time you spend roughing out a carvingDuginske, Mark42Spring200874-75Band SawToolsShopmade
All About Files, Rasps & RifflersThese versatile tools have a wide range of carving usesSchroeder, Roger42Spring200878-80ToolsFilesRaspsRifflers
Paintbrush BasicsGuidelines for getting the most from your brushesRhodes, Vicki42Spring200896Teacher's cornerPainting suppliesBrushes
Product ReviewWoodcarving with Chris Pye, Vol. 2: Letter Carving, Vol. 3: Ornamental Carving and Lee Valley Painters' PyramidsDuncan, Bob43Summer200814chris pyeletter carvingornamental carvinglee valleypainter's pyramids
Relief ColumnCeltic CrossIrish, Lora S43Summer200816relief carvingcelticreligious
CheckmateNovel chip-carved chess set is sure to become a family heirloomMckenzie, Barry43Summer200819-23Chip CarvingChessGames
Strategy with a ThemeJim Arnold's clever chess set designsArnold, Jim43Summer200824-25ChessGamesPractical
Hobo NicklesModern carver recreate unique American folk artShamey, Bob43Summer200826-27NicklesHoboCoinsFolk art
First CutsArtists chronical thei journey from beginner to accomplished carver43Summer200829-31HennThorntonSchmitgenPricecaricature
Serpentine Walking StickStaff and realistic snake are carved from a single piece of woodStehly, David43Summer200831-37SnakeCanewalking stickRealistic
Rugged Bear BenchRustic carving highlights sturdy children's furnitureCooper, Jeffrey43Summer200838-45BearBenchKids
Carving on TurningModern woodturning masters embellish their work with carving43Summer200846-49WoodturningCarved bowlsTechnique
Color GuardSuggest form and flow with a basic relief carving honoring the armed forcesJack-Bleach, Mary Ann43Summer200850-55SoldierRelief CarvingPatriotic
Basic Relief TechniquesLearn the fundamentals of carving in low reliefPye, Chris43Summer200856-61RiverKanjiLettersrelief
Paint PrimerEssential knowledge for a professional finishRhodes, Vicki43Summer200862-63PaintAcrylicTips
Goat of Many ColorsCharming folk-art design is easy to carveKoosed, Larry43Summer200864-69GoatFolk ArtCaricatures
Woodland Treasures JewelryThe artistic carvings of Geoff KingRyan, Kathleen43Summer200870-71jewelryBog oakFasion
Carving a Knotwork BroochKing, Geoff43Summer200872-73jewelryKnotworkPin
Awakening a PassionThe work of professional Austrian carver Helli Mayr43Summer200874-75AustriaCarverProfessionalInternational
5-Minute WizardBeginner Project is a quick and easy introduction to woodcarvingHindes, Tom43Summer200878-80WizardWhittlingBeginner
Electronic Saloon ClockDetailed caricature scene is brought to life with recorded voices and chiming gun shotsBoggio, Jack43Summer200882-83CaricaturesClockSceneSaloon
Sharpening V-toolsHandy jig makes it easy to get a perfect edgeEnglish, John43Summer200894V-toolTeachers CornerJig
Product ReviewFlexcut SK120 scraper set and Henkel Consumer Adhesives PL Fix 2-part Wood Repair KitDuncan, Bob44Fall200814flexcutscraper sethenkel consumerwood repair kit
Relief ColumnHarvest MaidenIrish, Lora S44Fall200816relief carvingfallscenic
Carving a New Life for Old FurnitureTraditional relief carving adds value to flea market findsZongker, Dennis44Fall200821-25ChairShellRelief Carving
Chris Pye Named WCI Woodcarver of the YearBritish master carver honored for his contributions to artDuncan, Bob44Fall200826-29Woodcarver of the YearChris PyePyeChris
Align the Grain for Impressive CarvingsGrain direction strengthens and accents a carvingEllenwood, Everett44Fall200830-33GrainWoodTips
Creating a Deep-relief MantlePower carve individual panels for a full size mantelMifflin, Jerry44Fall200834-39MantelPower carvingLeaves
Teaching Kids to CarveJim Calder's sweet potato faces make carving easyRyan, Kathleen44Fall200840-41Sweet potatoJim CalderTechnique
Just Carve TrianglesJim Calder's simple method makes it easy to share the basics of carvingCalder, Jim44Fall200842-43TrianglesFacesBasics
First CutsArtists chronical thei journey from beginner to accomplished carver44Fall200844-47BooneWilliamsOrtelWolfe
Carving a Hillbilly Chess SetStage your own backwoods batle with patterns for a complete chess setCartledge, Mitchell44Fall200848-57HillbillyCaricaturesChess
Carving in Low ReliefLearn to creat the illusion of a 3-D carving in thin woodPye, Chris44Fall200858-63Relief CarvingLow ReliefKoi
Quilt Patterns Inspire Chip-carved CoastersClassic geometric designs embellish this useful caddyMckenzie, Barry44Fall200864-69Chip CarvingCoastersQuilts
Quick-carve Halloween CatColorful pumpkins and whimsical cat make a great beginner's projectJoslyn, Cyndi44Fall200870-74HaloweenCatBeginnerPumpkin
Carving a House SignLearn letter-carving and gilding techniques with a traditional plaqueLestingi, Francis44Fall200876-80SignLettersGilding
Showcasing Your WorkSimple methods to create a professional portfolioJack-Bleach, Mary Ann44Fall200882-83PortfolioPhotographyTips
Setting Up Your Painting AreaOrganize your finishing area for maximum efficiencyRhodes, Vicki44Fall200894Teacher's cornerPaintTips
Product ReviewGuinevere Sanding SystemDuncan, Bob45Holiday200818King Arthur ToolsGuinevere Sanding System
Relief ColumnSaint NicholasIrish, Lora S45Holiday200820relief carvingchristmasSanta
2008 WCI Santa Carving Contest45Holiday200823-30SantaContestWinner
Woodcarving that Gets NoticedTeam mascots on a large scale promote woodcarving and community prideBranson, Rex45Holiday200832-33MascotsLargeSports
Preserving a Historic Art FormBob Johnson shares his passion for carving fish decoys with studentsJohnson, Christle45Holiday200834-35DecoyFishRealistic
Carved NativitiesExploring the tradition of Krippele Schaun in Tirol, AustriaEberling, KurtMayr, Helli45Holiday200836NativitiesAustriaReligious
Chip Carve a Star Tree TopperCarve through bleached wood to highlight chip cavitiesStrautman, Roger45Holiday200837-41Chip CarvingStarChristmas
Happy Christmas GnomeEasy beginner character can be carved as Santa's helper or a garden gnomeOar, Ross45Holiday200842-43GnomeChristmasSanta
First CutsArtists chronical thei journey from beginner to accomplished carver45Holiday200844-47BattePrescottSchumacherHajny
Whimsical Santa Holds your Christmas StockingDelightful folk-art styld carving is a functional addition to your holiday décorCipa, Shawn45Holiday200848-53SantaStocking holderFolk
Power Carving a Dove OrnamentClassic symbol of peace makes a beautiful Christmas ornamentParks, Hugh45Holiday200854-57DoveOrnamentPower Carving
Carving in High ReliefProduce a dramatic effect by lowering the background and undercutting the subjectPye, Chris45Holiday200858-63FishHigh ReliefKoiRelief
Santa Brings Home the Christmas TreeCharming details highlight this action poseAkers, Mark45Holiday200864-67SantaTreeCaricatures
Carving Candy Cane OrnamentsPractice basic carving and painting skills with easy Christmas ornamentsBorders, Hershall45Holiday200868-73Candy CanesOrnamentsCane
Carving a Snowman Collector's PlateLearn the basics of intaglio carving with this cheerful winter relief sceneBiermann, Robert45Holiday200874-77SnowmanIntaglioPlate
Carving a Traditional LovespoonClassic heart design is a great project for novice carversWestern, David45Holiday200878-79HeartSpoonPractical
Gilding a House SignLearn gold-leafing techniques with a handcarved residential plaqueLestingi, Francis45Holiday200880-83SignLettersGildingGold
Preparing Your Carving for PaintChoose the right technique for a perfect finishRhodes, Vicki45Holiday200894Teacher's cornerPaintFinishes
Santa EarringsTiny carved Santas let you wear your holiday cheerJensen, Rick451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200822santajewelrychristmas
Santa Collector's PlateIntaglio-relief techniques bring this Victorian Santa to lifeBiermann, Robert451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200824platechristmasintagliorelief-carve
Power Carve a Miniature CardinalColorful little bird can be used as a pin or ornamentCalef, George451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200829power carvingwildlifebirdcardinal
Trivet Designs Make Great Holiday GiftsArchitectural designs highlight practical and beautiful carvingsWilbur, Frederick451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200834trivetarchitectural designdécor
Noah's Ark SantaSubtle colors add country charm to this classic Father ChristmasBrown, Steve451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200840noah's arksantachristmasfolk art
Weight Watcher SantaHumorous carving shows Santa joining the fitness crazeSmith, Arnold451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200843santaalternativechristmasweight watcherscaricature
Power Carve a Folk-Art SantaNeutral colors and an antique finish give this Santa year-round appealPribyl, Ed451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200846santafolk-artpower carvechristmas
Special Delivery SantaCustomize this classic St. Nick by carving personalized toysStewart, Doug451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200851santapersonalized toyscarvingchristmas
Flat-plane SantaTree-bearing Santa makes a quick and easy giftShipley, Mike451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200854flat-planesantachristmaseasy
Carving a Santa in MotionSanta weathers a snowstorm to make a Christmas Eve deliveryZanzalari, John451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200856santasnowstormmotion
Carve a Santa EggheadStart with an ostrich-size basswood egg for a quick Christmas projectJensen, Rick451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200860eggheadsantachristmas
Carve a Christmas Candy Dishanta takes up woodcarving to maintain his jolly figure in this chocolate-inspired pieceMcGuire, Jim451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200862christmascandy dishsantadécor
Create a Playful Chris-Moose OrnamentJointed limbs and wire antlers give this holiday moose a rustic charmJoslyn, Cyndi451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200866mooseornamentchristmasrustic
Christmas PuppyAdorable stocking-stuffer pooch is designed to dress up your guest towelsSmith, Sandy451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200870christmaspuppydécor
Christmas Elf OrnamentsPierced-relief technique adds texture and dimension to the elf's beardGargac, Mark451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200872ornamentselfchristmaspierced-relief
Chip Carve Delicate Icicle OrnamentsPierced designs allow you to adjust the size of the carving blank to suit your skill levelMcKenzie, Barry451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200878ornamentsiciclechip carvepierced
Folk-art Santa OrnamentsSimple chip-carved and star designs add a nostalgic charm to your treeMaxwell, Jim and Margie451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200880ornamentssantafok-artchristmas
Chip-carved Honeycomb OrnamentsGeometric designs are inspired by hanging Victorian paper decorationsTudor, Linda451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200884ornamentshoneycombgeometricvictorian-inspired
Christmas Cookie OrnamentRelief-carved Santa is inspired by tasty holiday treatsIrish, Lora S.451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200886ornamentcookiesantachristmas
Geometric Chip-Carved OrnamentsCreate elegant ornaments with traditional chip carving techniquesStrautman, Roger451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200892ornamentchip-carvedgeometric
Relief Carve Santa OrnamentsSimple cuts and painted eyes make these ornaments ideal for beginnersJoslyn, Cyndi451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200894relief-carvesantaornamentbeginner
Hangin' On Santa OrnamentClassic holiday design can function as an ornament or a decorative fan pullBrown, Steve451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200896ornamentsantafan pulldécor
Flat-plane Santa OrnamentTraditional Santa design can be carved and painted in an afternoonShipley, Mike451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 1200898flat-planesantaornamentquick
Carving Caricature Santa OrnamentsChange the beard and hat on this traditional Santa face for two distinct ornamentsRhadigan, Floyd451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 12008100caricaturesantaornaments
Candy Cane Squirrel OrnamentTexturing of the squirrel's fur brings this adorable Christmas ornament to lifeHajny, Desiree451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 12008104power carvinghand carvingwildlifesquirrel
Carving Ornaments from Scrap WoodTiny Santa can be carved with three toolsFeather, Jim451Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 12008112scrap woodsantaeasychristmas
Product ReviewNora Hall Carving DVDs, and Garrett Wade Patternmaker's ViseDuncan, Bob46Spring200916Nora Hall Designscarving dvdsGarrett Wadepatternmaker's vise
Relief ColumnSeaside PelicanIrish, Lora S46Spring200918relief carvingsummerwildlife
Overcoming AdversityDecoy Carver Karl Schmidt is a lesson in perserverenceVarner, Dr. Lawrence46Spring200920-21DecoysHandicappedparalyzed
An Introduciton to Carving With PowerSolomon, ChuckHamilton, Dave46Spring200923-25Power CarvingToolsTips
First CutsArtists chronicle their journey from beginner to accomplished carver46Spring200926-27Falin, GaryRaine, DougArtist Profile
Hate to Sharpen? Disposable Blade Carving Tools may be the AnswerInexpensive tools are great for detail work and small carvingsDuncan, Bob46Spring200928-30XactoExcalWarrenTools
Carving a TrollDisposable blades and doll hair make this project ideal for beginnersHolley, Marna46Spring200931-35TrollsHand carvingDoll hairXacto
Painted TurtleColorful reptile project provides an opportunity to experiment with contrasting texturesStiller, GordonStiller, Marsha46Spring200936-37TurtlePattern ProfilesStillers
Build Your Own Carving StandMake your own custom version of a $500 stand for only $50Farley, Jim46Spring200938-45StandVisesclamp
Carving a Musical FrogQuick and easy project is a fun musical instrumentEllenwood, Everett46Spring200946-48FrogsInstrumentMusic
Releasing a Wood SpiritUncover the character hiding in found woodGargac, Mark46Spring200949-55Wood SpiritsCottonwood barkBark
Anatomy of WoodImprove your carving efficiency with an understanding of wood grainEllenwood, Everett46Spring200956-59WoodGrainStrength
Carving Custom Light-switch CoversAdd character t your home with relief- and chip-carved accentsMayfield, Ben46Spring200960-63Light-switch coversChip CarvingRelief Carving
Peek-A-Boo JayDelightful critter splitter carving is sure to get a second lookBrooks, Doug46Spring200964-69Blue JaySplitCritter splitter
Carving a Pierced ReliefOpen spaces add movement and drama to a relief carvingPye, Chris46Spring200970-75KoiFishRelief Carving
Adding Subtle ColorRoughing and drybrushing techniques add life to your carving without overpowering the woodIrish, Lora S46Spring200976-79PaintingWoodspiritTechnique
Creating Handcarved MagnetsFunctional floral decorations are a lesson in traditional carving techniquesWilbur, Frederick46Spring200981-85MagnetsFlowersArchitectural
All About PunchesAdd texture and designs to your carving with these simple toolsSchroeder, Roger46Spring200986TipsTextureTechnique
Product ReviewKoch Sharpening System and Lee Valley Veritas Cane and Staff TipDuncan, Bob47Summer200916Koch Sharpening Systembuffing compoundLee ValleyVeritas Cane and staff tip
Relief ColumnRustic Barn SceneIrish, Lora S47Summer200918relief carvingbarnscenic
Best of ShowAward-winning carvings from across the country47Summer200920-23ContestCommunityWinners
Sharing the Joy of Carving WoodBuild self confidence and provide a life-long hobby by teaching kids to carveBrock, Dave47Summer200924-29KidsTeachingTips
First CutsLearning from Others; From Whittling to Architectural Wonders47Summer200930-31GargacWilburArtist Profile
Making a Tramp Art FrameEasy chip cuts and simple joints make this frame an ideal project for novice carversSeabring, Jim47Summer200932-35Tramp artFrameHome Decor
Exploring the Culture of Maori WoodcarvingNew Zealand natives use woodcarving to document their history and honor their ancestorsDavis, Mike47Summer200936-41MaoriSpiralNew Zealand
How to Select the Right Power Carving EquipmentAn overview of the types of tools and different modelsSolomon, CharlesHamilton, David47Summer200942-47Power CarvingToolsTips
Hand Carve a Realistic WolfWoodburn detailed fur texture on this classic predatorGipson, Dee47Summer200948-54WolfWoodburningFur
Carving Realistic Wrinkles and FoldsCreate accurate details by studying how clothing relates to anatomyJack-Bleach, Mary AnnZavadil, Fred47Summer200955-59FoldsWrinklesAnatomy
Power Carve and Eagle PinMiniature project hones your carving and burning techniqueGroncki, Ed47Summer200960-63EaglePower carvingMini
Create an Nostalgic WhirligigSimple carved features, spinning arms, and a rustic finish make this project a winnerDePauw, Vernon47Summer200964-69WhirligigRusticFolk
Creating a Simple ArmatureDesign your own carvings with the aid of armatures and clay modelsKaisersatt, Marv47Summer200970-71ArmatureClay modelTechnique
Carving a Wren in the RoundWork with the grain and supporting wood to add strength to fragile areasPye, Chris47Summer200972-77WrenBirdsRealistic
Making a Gargoyle CaneConstruction techniques for carving a functional caneCipa, Shawn47Summer200978-80CaneWalking StickGargoyle
Carving a Watchful DragonThis fun shelf sitter is the perfect guardian for your bookshelfRhadigan, Floyd47Summer200983-86DragonFantasyShelf-sitter
Product ReviewDremel Multi-Max and My Chip Carving's Flat Lying Trammel SetDuncan, Bob48Fall200916dremelmulti-maxmy chip carvingflat lying trammel set
Relief ColumnTranquil Goose SceneIrish, Lora S48Fall200918GooseWildfowlRelief Carving
John Burke: 2009 Woodcarving Illustrated Woodcarver of the yearPopular author and instructor honored for his contributions to woodcarvingDuncan, Bob48Fall200920-23BurkeWinnerArtist Profile
A Carved Tribute to the Edmund FitzgeraldPatrick Pointer's detailed relief carvings immortalize this famous Great Lakes freighter48Fall200924-27Edmund FitzgeraldPointerRelief Carving
Making Colorful Leaf TilesEasy relief carvings have a variety of usesJoslyn, Cyndi48Fall200929-33LeafBowlCoaster
First CutsInspired to learn, carving out of necessity48Fall200934-35CipaJensenArtist Profile
Whittling a 5-Minute OwlEasy beginner project is ideal for teaching and demonstratingOegema, Jan48Fall200936-38OwlBeginners5-minute
Carving a Cherry Leaf BowlShowcase wood's natural beauty with this simple and functional designBailey, Brian48Fall200939-45CherryBowlScrapers
Making an Elegant Book StandHand carve this ingenious folding stand from a single piece of woodLeenhouts, Marty48Fall200946-51Book holderChip CarvingReading
Hand Carve a Majestic BuckCapture the graceful beauty of a whitetail deer in woodHajny, Desiree48Fall200952-59BuckDeerHandcarving
Carve a Gift-bearing SantaEasy-to-carve holiday icon is a clever way to present a cash giftDearolf, Don48Fall200960-64SantaCashGift-bearing
Carving a Caricature ColtSimple stylized horse is easy to carveRhadigan, Floyd48Fall200965-71HorseStylizedcolt
Carving a Flying WitchCreate your own humorous Halloween displayStetson, DaveStetson, Michele48Fall200972-79WitchCaricaturesPainting Techniques
Choosing Power Carving BitsMake smart purchases with a basic understanding of the cutters availableSolomon, CharlesHamilton, David48Fall200980-85BitsBurrsPower Carving
OspreyStiller, GordonStiller, Marsha48Fall200986BirdWildlifeScenic
Drilling Clean HolesEasily store back issues in a three-ring binder with the aid of this simple jigDuncan, Bob49Holiday20097JigHolesShop
Product ReviewRazertip feather formersCorbett, Lori49Holiday200914Razertip woodburnerfeather formers penswoodburningbirds
Relief ColumnChristmas Presents (Lamb and Puppy)Irish, Lora S49Holiday200916relief carvingchristmaswildlife
Creating Clothespin CarvingsClever idea turns ordinary clothespins into festive Christmas ornamentsHolder, Forrest49Holiday200918ClothespinsOrnamentsSanta
Carving an 1880s Western TrainMembers of the Caricature Carvers of America join forces to creat a nostalgic display49Holiday200920-23CaricaturesTrainCowboy
Carve and Paint an Evergreen TreeComplement your Christmas carvings with elegant handcarved treesMason, Bob49Holiday200925-29TreeEvergreenChristmas
Secret Treasures Santa ClausSanta's chimney doubles as a hidden boxCall, Deborah L.49Holiday200930-32SantaBoxKeepsake
Hand Carving a Simple ReindeerEasy-to-carve deer is the perfect compliment to your holiday displaySwartz, Don49Holiday200933-39ReindeerDeerBeginner
Carving a Star OrnamentCreate colorful holiday ornaments with basic techniquesSebring, Jim49Holiday200940-42StarOrnamentFolk
Heirloom Santa OrnamentHand carve tis festive design modeled after vintage glass ornamentsShinlever, Wayne49Holiday200943-47SantaOrnamentChristmas
Carve a Christmas StockingDelightful project adds country charm to your holiday décorPye, Chris49Holiday200948-52StockingMouseChristmas
Whittling Santa PencilsTurn ordinary pencils into festive Santas in eight easy stepsJohnson, Ron49Holiday200953-55SantaPencilChristmas
Carving Farmyard AnimalsCreate ornaments or freestanding toys from these simple designsBertils, IreneDussinger, Dusty49Holiday200956-59CowDuckGeesePig
Power Carve a Wooden SpoonFunctional project introduces basic power carving techniquesHamilton, DaveSolomon, Chuck49Holiday200960-63Power CarvingSpoonBeginner
Passing Preflight InspectionLearn texturing secrets and get a behind-the-scenes look at the planning processSmith, Sandy49Holiday200964-69SantaRudolphTextures
Easy Santa OrnamentQuickly build your holiday inventory with eye stamps and a simple templateHaack, Dan49Holiday200970-72SantaTemplateStamp
Relief Carve a Winter LighthouseCapture the tranquility of a snow-covered landscape with this painted relief sceneStadtlander, Robert49Holiday200973-79LighthouseReliefSeaside
Build a Carver's LapboardCarve in your living room with this simple shop-made boardMacKay, Gary49Holiday200980-81Chip carvingLapboardShopmade
Making Heirloom RattlesClassic carving projects make thoughtful giftsHochhalter, Gene49Holiday200982-84ball-in-cageRattlesBaby
Product ReviewForedom K.1020 Micro GrinderDuncan, Bob50Spring201012ForedomMicro GrinderProduct Review
Carving Stories in ReliefEvengy Krayushkin expresses his artistic vision in woodDuncan, Bob50Spring201016-19Relief carvingPaintArtist Profile
Whittler on a MissionRick Weibe shares his passion for woodcarving with the next generationRyan, Kathleen50Spring201020-22WhittlingKidsArtist Profile
Sharpening a PocketknifeWeibe, Rick50Spring201023SharpeningPocketknifeTools
Whittle a Flying PropellerQuick and easy project is perfect for beginnersWeibe, Rick50Spring201024-25PropellerWhittlingBeginner
First CutsPye, ChrisShipley, Mike50Spring201026-27PyeShipleyFirst Carvings
Sharpening EquipmentAn overview of the major sharpening systems for woodcarvers50Spring201028-32SharpeningToolsProduct Review
Sharpening a Carving KnifeQuick and easy steps to keep your knife ready to carveProffitt, Mac50Spring201033-35KnifeSharpeningProduct Review
Creating a Milkweed PodBring a carving to life with realistic habitatVan Horn, Don50Spring201037-42GoldfinchMilkweed PodHabitat
Creating Custom Greeting CardsQuick and easy carvings add a special touch to handmade cardsLivingston, Edmund Jr.50Spring201043-45CardBearWhittling
Carving a Green ManCelebrate spring with a fresh approach to a traditional designPye, Chris50Spring201046-52Green ManPaintTechnique
Power Carving in ReliefSimple pintail duck is a great introduction to reciprocating toolsSolomon, CharlesHamilton, David50Spring201053-57Pintail DuckReliefPower Carved
Building a Tilting Carving TableCustomize this shop-made bench to maximize comfort and efficiencyFarley, Jim50Spring201058-61BenchCarving tableShopmade
Making Silly SheepGolf-tee legs make this caricature critter easy to carveWorley, Don50Spring201062-65SheepCaricatureGolf Tees
Guarding the TreasureSharpen your skills at creating expressions with this fun caricature pirateFarr, Jim50Spring201066-69PirateCaricatureIntermediate
Carving Word WhimseysConnect letters with carved links to create unique name plaquesQuarve, Roy50Spring201070-73WordWhimseysBeginner
The Rule of ThreeCreate accurate proportions in your figure carvingsMertz, Donald K.50Spring201074-77Figure CarvingProportionHobo
Carving a Realistic EyeNine simple steps for consistant resultsHull, Joel50Spring201078-79EyesRealisticTechnique
Relief Carve a Magical Fairy DoorQuick and easy project comes alive with vivid colorsWhite, Christina50Spring201081-84FairyDoorsWhimsical
Relief ColumnVictorian PortraitIrish, Lora S51Summer201014relief carvingportraitvictorian
Best of ShowAward-winning carvings from the nation's top woodcarving showsDuncan, Bob51Summer201018-21DavenportContestWinner
Andy Anderson's Custom Carved FurnitureA unique look at the grandfather of caricature carving's lesser known workVolpp, Paul51Summer201022-25AndersonFurnitureGallery
Handcarving a Baby SpoonQuick and easy project makes a useful giftJohnson, Carl51Summer201026-28SpoonBabyPractical
Whittling Whimsical BookmarksPlayful figures make quick and easy giftsLund, Jack51Summer201029-31Bookmarkcaricaturestylized
Carving a Caricature PigCharming project makes an ideal beginner projectCoffman, Christine51Summer201032-35PigCaricatureBeginner
Turning Branches into Spice ShakersRustic salt and pepper holders add personality to your table or picnic basketLubkemann, Chris51Summer201036-37ShakersStickBranch
Make a Moving Magnetic CarvingClever use of magnets is a fun conversation starterWolterstorff, Larry51Summer201038-41MagnetsCaricaturemoving
Power Carving a Polar BearDevelop your skills with this easy stylized projectSolomon, CharlesHamilton, David51Summer201042-47Bearpower carvingstylized
Carving an Army PrivateAttention to detail brings this caricature of an enlisted man to lifeSmith, Arnold51Summer201048-55PrivateCaricatureArmy
Sculpting Elegant Horse Head BookendsStylized carvings are modeled after classic T'ang Dynasty HorsesPye, Chris51Summer201056-63HorseChineseBookends
Carve a Stylized TroutUse power tools to create a beautiful carved fishDean, Tom51Summer201064-69FishStylizedPower Carving
Relief Carve an Old World SaintCreate the look of flowing fabric with classic techniquesHall, Nora51Summer201070-73SaintFabriclinen
Sanding TechniquesDecrease sanding time with shop-tested tipsBurton, Mike51Summer201074-75SandingTipsShop
Creating Seashell DecorationsEasy techniques unveil the beauty of natureBuyer, Robert L.51Summer201076-78SeashellsBeginnersTechnique
Building a Carving ArmShop-made holding device promotes safe carving techniquesSidler, LaVerne ''Sid''51Summer201080-82ShopmadeArmTools
Sharpening ChiselsCreate and maintain a sharp edge on chisels and skew chiselsProffitt, Mac51Summer201084ChiselsSkew chiselsSharpening
The Whittling Whimsy of Walt GarrisonRetired pro-football player loves to carveRyan, Kathleen52Fall201016-17WhittlingGarrisonWaltFootball
2010 Woodcarver of The Year: Tom WolfeRecord-holding author honored for his impact on woodcarvingDuncan, Bob52Fall201026-29WolfeTomWoodcarver of the Year
Carving a Pierced Relief TreeTexturing and back cutting add dimension to this shallow relief projectStephenson, MaAnna52Fall201030-34treepierced reliefback cutting
Embellishing with Basswood InlaysUse a router to insert a soft inlay into hardwood for easier carvingStewart, David52Fall201036-39Chip CarvingInlayRouter
Making a Carved Jack-O'-LanternLight up this fun Halloween project with battery-operated tea lightsSmith, Sandy52Fall201040-43PumpkinlightsJack-o'-lantern
Carving an Oak Leaf BowlRelief carved leaves create an elegant borderPye, Chris52Fall201044-48bowloakleaves
Carving a Private InvestigatorLaminate on additional wood to accommodate the detailsThornton, Dennis52Fall201049-51private investigatorlaminatecaricatures
Carving a Woodspirit in Cottonwood BarkBring this mythical being to life with well-proportioned facial featuresOtto, Edward52Fall201052-57woodspiritWood Spiritcottonwood bark
Power Carve a Canvasback DuckLearn the basics of texturing feathers with this half-size decoySolomon, CharlesHamilton, David52Fall201058-65duckCanvasbackPower Carving
Handcarving a Realistic SquirrelWoodburned details and dry brushing bring this cute critter to lifeGoddard, Leah52Fall201066-72squirrelwoodburningrealistic
Relief Carve an Autumn SceneUse acrylic paints to add color to this charming designBiermann, Robert52Fall201074-76autumnRelief Carvingreliefacrylic paints
Making Maple Leaf PinsQuick and easy project is easy for beginnersHoesman, John52Fall201078-80leafmaplepower carving
Sawing Carving BlanksSpeed up the roughing-out process by cutting three views with your band sawWillis, Jim52Fall201082-83band sawblanksroughing out
Miniature scarecrow ornamentQuick and easy carving adds a whimsical touch to fall décorSmith, Gerald52Fall201084scarecrowornamentautumn
Shelf Sitter ElfFantasy caricature hangs out on a ledgeRhadigan, Floyd52Fall201087-93elfcaricaturefantasy
Relief ColumnAngel of PeaceIrish, Lora S53Holiday201012relief carvingangelreligious
2010 Woodcarving Illustrated Best Carving Design Contest53Holiday201015-22Design contestcontestwinners
Earning the Woodcarving Merit BadgeWoodcarvers help Boy Scouts earn merit badges at the National JamboreeRies, Paul53Holiday201024Boy ScoutsMerit BadgeNational Jamboree
Coming Full Circle: Chris Hammack's StoryCaricature carver explores the giftware industry before returning to his woodcarving rootsVigil, Corri53Holiday201026-28HammackChriscaricaturesgiftware
Cowboy Bottle StopperBold cuts are the secret to a handcarved rustic lookHammack, Chris53Holiday201029-31Cowboybottlestopperhammack
Carving a 15-Minute SantaQuick and easy ornament makes a fun holiday giftHindes, Tom53Holiday201032-34Santa15-minutequickeasy
Whimsical Santa TreesFun and festive carving adds holiday cheerMacDougall, William53Holiday201036-40Santatreecaricature
Painting a Canvasback DuckLearn the basics of painting a realistic duckSolomon, CharlesHamilton, David53Holiday201042-45paintingduckcanvasback
From Scissors to SantasDave Francis follows his passion for Santa CarvingDuncan, Bob53Holiday201046-48SantaFrancisHairdresser
Braided Beard SantaTexture and depth make Santa's beard a fun focal pointFrancis, Dave53Holiday201049-51SantaHairTextures
Creating a Gothic Mirror SconceTraditional design combines woodworking, woodcarving, and gilding techniquesPye, Chris53Holiday201052-59mirrorsconcegilding
Carving an Arizona Stick SantaCarve one of these quick and easy Santas for everyone on your Christmas listStetson, Dave53Holiday201060-63Santastickquickeasy
Relief-Carved Santa OrnamentsLightweight carvings are designed to add joy to your Christmas treeHendrix, Susan53Holiday201064-68Santarelief carvingornament
Quick-Carve Stackable SnowmanThis fun holiday gift features interchangable partsFreaner, Claude53Holiday201069-71SnowmanHolidayChristmas
Making a Traditional Santa OrnamentEasily adjust the size of the carving using basic proportionsHarrell, Millard53Holiday201072-77SantaOrnamentProportions
Making Carvings from Scroll Saw PatternsSimple modifications open up a whole new source for carving patternsAndreychek, Dave53Holiday201079-81Scroll SawPatternsOrnamentsIntarsiaFretwork
Simple Hedgehog OrnamentCharming folk-art design is easy to carve and finishDuncan, Bob53Holiday201082HedgehogFolk ArtOrnament
Sharpening A GougeSimple technique produces a sharp cutting edgeProffitt, Mac53Holiday201084gougesharpeningtools
All About ToolsKochan, Jack531Power Carving Tools & Techniques20109ShopToolsProduct Review
Power Carving SafetyRussell, FrankSolomon, ChuckHamilton, Dave531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201010/11/2014safetypower carvingtools
Be A Pro: Safety TipsKochan, Jack531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201012Safetypower carvingtools
How to Select the Right Power Carving EquipmentHamilton, DaveRussell, FrankSolomon, Chuck531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201013-65Power CarvingToolsSafety
Flexible Shaft Machine Maintenance531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201023-31Flexible Shaft MachinesForedomMaintenance
Micro Motor Machine Maintenance531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201041-44Product ReviewMaintenancetools
Air Turbine Maintenance531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201047-48Air turbineMaintenanceProduct Review
Woodburner Tip Maintenance531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201059WoodburnerTipsMaintenance
Choosing Power Carving BitsSolomon, ChuckHamilton, Dave531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201067-72Power CarvingBitsTools
Cleaning and Maintaining BitsRussell, Frank531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201073-76MaintainingPower carvingBits
Understanding Power Carving TechniquesKochan, Jack531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201078Power CarvingTechniquesTools
Power Carving BitsKochan, Jack531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201079-81Power CarvingBitsProduct Review
Texturing a Miniature Mountain BluebirdCorbett, Lori531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201082-84bluebirdtexturingsongbird
Woodburning HairKochan, Jack531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201086-87woodburninghairtexture
Power texturing Fur and HairRussell, Frank531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201088-92power carvinghairtexture
Using Reciprocating Carvers in Place of Hand ToolsBennett, David531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201094-95reciprocating carverspower carvingTools
Power Carve a Wooden SpoonSolomon, ChuckHamilton, Dave531Power Carving Tools & Techniques201098-101spoonpower carvingtips
Power Carving a Heart PendantCarve a beautiful necklace using basic power carving techniquesMcCaffrey, Keoma531Power Carving Tools & Techniques2010102-105necklacepower carvingheart
Power Carving a Classic House SignUse a reciprocating carver and gold leaf to create this stunning projectBennett, David531Power Carving Tools & Techniques2010107-112signpower carvingreciprocating carverletters
Gunstock CarvingUse an air turbine machine to carve a gunstockJanny, Bill531Power Carving Tools & Techniques2010115-118gunstockair turbinepower carvingdeertrees
Handcarved Santa GalleryArtist Deborah Call offers advice on selling your work through galleriesDuncan, Bob532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 220106/7/2014selling carvingsSantastips
Saint Nicholas Lights the WayCharming Santa scene has an Old World feelCall, Deborah L.532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 220108/11/2014St. NicholasSantascenic
Sleigh Bell SantaWoodburned details complete this fun holiday carvingFrancis, Dave532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201013-15SantaWoodburningholiday
Carving a Fusion SantaCombine caricature carving with chip carving for a unique projectPeiffer, Gary M.532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201018-23SantaCaricatureChip Carving
Celestial SantaSanta takes a nap nestled in a crescent moonRhadigan, Floyd532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201025-27SantaMoonCaricature
Chip Carve Pinecone OrnamentsSimple repetitive cuts create a quick and easy holiday projectHiser, Jim532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201029-31pineconechip carvingornament
Candy Cane Santa OrnamentFestive swirled hat design is fun to carveFrancis, Dave532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201032-37Santaswirlhatornament
Making Santa OrnamentsQuickly build inventory for craft shows and gift givingStetson, DaveStetson, Michele532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201038-39SantaOrnamentGifts
Carving a Hanging Santa OrnamentFull-figure Santa dangles from a one-handed gripCoffman, Christine532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201040-43SantaOrnamentGifts
Heirloom Santa OrnamentTraditional design is carved in relief for a lightweight ornamentHendrix, Susan532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201044-45SantaOrnamentRelief Carving
Mother and Child OrnamentRelief portrait of Mary and the baby Jesus celebrates the real reason for the seasonCipa, Shawn532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201046-47JesusMaryOrnament
Relief-carved Santa OrnamentLightweight ornament is the perfect compliment to your Christmas treeBiermann, Robert532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201048-49SantaOrnamentRelief Carving
Creating Toy Block OrnamentsPersonalized ornaments make perfect keepsakesSavarese, Joseph532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201050-53blocksornamentletters
Handcarving a Traditional Santa OrnamentUse these techniques to create ornaments in a variety of sizesLunsford, Blake532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201054-58SantaOrnametcaricature
Carving and Painting SnowmenCreate these charming characters as figures or ornamentsWatts, Leonard532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201059-61SnowmenOrnamentsFigures
Chip Carving a Candle PlateElegant design comes to life with simple knife cutsBarton, Wayne532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201062-66Chip CarvingCandlePlate
Simple Santa SpoonCreate this novel carving from inexpensive wooden spoonsBeane, Roger532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201067SantaSpoonPractical
Carving a Stylized Chickadee PinFlowing lines and a simple finish make this little bird easy to completeJensen, Rick532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201068-71ChickadeePinBird
Making an Elegant Wooden BoxCombine woodworking and carving techniques to produce an exceptional handmade boxZongker, Dennis532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201072-79boxroseRelief Carving
Carving a Cottonwood Bark AngelUse a combination of hand and power tools to create this graceful stylized designMelom, Jack532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201080-85AngelStylizedPower CarvingHand Carving
Polar Bear PatternUse this bear pattern to create a realistic or stylized carvingStiller, GordonStiller, Marsha532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201086-87Polar BearBearCaricature
Top Hat SnowmanEasy broom add-on adds character to this winter iconRhadigan, Floyd532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201090-92SnowmanAdd-onCaricature
Carving a Poinsettia EggEasy chip carving techniques create vibrant holiday accentsTudor, Linda532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 2201094-96PoinsettiaEggRelief Carving
Making a Coffee ScoopSimple chip carved design highlights this functional spoonCadoret, Deanna532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 22010100-102coffeescoopmeasuringcup
Creating Custom Frames with Carved AccentsRustic frames can be built to any size and embellished with fanciful carvingsHindes, Tom532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 22010104-105GnomeframecarvingRustic
Making a Wine Bottle HolderEmbellish this useful design with Celtic knotworkCruze, Wayne532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 22010108-110wine bottle holderknotworkceltic
Power Carving Walnut Shell BasketsMake whimsical little baskets in five minutes flatMcCaffrey, Keoma532Hand Carved Holiday Gifts Vol. 22010112walnut shellspower carvingbaskets
Relief ColumnCivil War CapsIrish, Lora S54Spring201112relief carvingcivil warproject
A Traditional MasterRussian Woodcarver Vladimir Rusinov draws on his heritage to create masterpieces in woodRyan, Kathleen54Spring201116-18RussianMasterCarver
Bobbing Woodpecker Toothpick DispenserNostalgic mechanism is a fun and functional projectFenton, Gary54Spring201120-22woodpeckerToothpickholderdispenser
Carving a Scandinavian-Style Troll QueenClassic flat-plane design is a great beginner projectRefsal, Harley54Spring201125-31trollqueenflatplane
Carving and Painting a Birdhouse Napkin HolderLearn blending and shading techniques with this functional relief projectPadden, Betty54Spring201132-40reliefbirdhousebirdspainting
Super Simple Fish from 2 x 4sEasy finishing technique highlights the grain in ordinary construction lumberTriplett, Robert54Spring201141-43fish2 x 4sstain
Sculpting a Stylized OtterTransform found wood into a graceful carving that tells a storyMisenheimer, Sumner54Spring201144-53otterstylizedfound wood
Cute Caricature ChipmunkWoodburn the fur to add detail to this quick and easy carvingKeller, Doug54Spring201154-59chipmunkcaricaturewoodburning
Building a Portable Carving BenchSturdy shopmade bench folds flat for travel and storageSidler, LaVerne Sid54Spring201160-63foldingbenchcarving
Ribbon and Flowers FrameThis romantic frame makes a meaningful gift for a loved oneDavies, Mike54Spring201164-69frameflowersribbon
Carving a Native AmericanUse basic techniques to carve distinct facial featuresEnlow, Harold54Spring201170-75native americanenlowbuststudy stick
Making Custom Knife HandlesInexpensive, easy-to-make knives are so comfortable to use, you'll want to make more than oneJohnson, Carl54Spring201176-78cutomknifehandles
Creating a Musical MouseCustomize this playful design for the musician in your lifeBrooks, Doug54Spring201181-85fiddlemousecaricature
Sharpening a V-toolEasy steps to tune a complex toolProffitt, Mac54Spring201186V-toolsharpeningtips
Relief ColumnFolk Art EaglesIrish, Lora S55Summer201114relief carvingpatrioticfolk art
Great Horned OwlCarve a majestic bird of prey with this detailed patternStiller, GordonStiller, Marsha55Summer201118owlgreathornedpatternbird
Pat Scott Scores BigFormer baseball player now carves with Hall-of-Fame Right HandRyan, Kathleen55Summer201120-22baseballplayersports
Dealing with Tree-Killing InsectsProtect local forests by preventing the spread of invasive insectsSmith, Dr. Stephanie55Summer201124-25emerald ash borerinsectsweevilsbeetles
Carvers Unite to Honor VeteransInjured veterans are presented with handcarved eagle canesRyan, Kathleen55Summer201126-27canesveteranswar
Best of ShowImpressive projects inspire woodcarvers everywhereDuncan, Bob55Summer201128-31best of showcarvingcontest
Carving a Rabbit in Cottonwood BarkNatural wood makes a unique background for this realistic animalHajny, Desiree55Summer201132-38rabbitcottonwood barkfound wood
Making Patriotic PinsSuper-simple project is easy to customizeWillis, Jim55Summer201139-41pinsflagheartcross
Carving a Folk-Art ChickadeeMake this attractive little bird from scrap woodTriplett, Robert55Summer201142-47chickadeefolk artbeginner
Carving EyesDefine any style eye with four simple V-cutsEnlow, Harold55Summer201148-50eyeenlowstudy stick
Recipe ChefColorful caricature is happy to help out around the kitchenRhadigan, Floyd55Summer201151-53chefrecipe holdercaricature
Chip Carved Picture FrameEmbellish this basic frame with carved accentsMacKay, Gary55Summer201154-56chipcarvedFrame
Carve a Tower of Teetering TurtlesUse a woodburner to detail the shells of this haphazard pile of reptilesLimings, Harry L. Jr.55Summer201157-59turtletowerwoodburning
Making a Mechanical Bottle StopperFun-loving character raises a glass with the clever use of dowels and cordsFreaner, Claude55Summer201160-67bottlestoppermechanicalcaricature
Roly-Poly HedgehogPower carve this cute critter from a basswood eggDalton, Keith55Summer201168-71egghedgehogpower carving
Using a Contour GaugeClassic furniture-building tool makes it easy to create symmetry in your carvingsHitchens, William55Summer201172-73contour gaugesymmetryProduct Review
Carving Tree Spirits in Found WoodAlter the Design based on the wood's characteristics for a unique carvingHoward, Keith55Summer201174-80tree spiritwood spiritfound wood
Making Controlled CutsUse a two-handed grip to carve efficiently and accuratelyIrish, Lora S55Summer201182-85griptoolholding
Maintaining a Sharp EdgeStrop your tools to keep them in top shapeProffitt, Mac55Summer201186stroppolishhonetools
Product ReviewChris Pye's Woodcarving Workshops, and K&M Finishing TurntableDuncan, Bob56Fall201114Chris Pyeonline videosK&Mfinishing turntable
Relief ColumnAutumn LeavesIrish, Lora S56Fall201116relief carvingfallproject
Comparing Carving GlovesAn overview of commonly available protective glovesDuncan, Bob56Fall201121-23glovesprotectionsafety
Formula For SuccessGary Tatman carves precision-detailed scale replicas of legendary carsKinsey, Mindy56Fall201124-26carsmodelstatmanreplica
Miniature MasterpiecesBorn deaf, Pradeep Kumar expresses himself with artRyan, Kathleen56Fall201132-33deafmatchesIndia
2011 Woodcarver of the Year: Vic HoodAward-winning carver is dedicated to sharing his talents with othersDuncan, Bob56Fall201134-37hoodvicWoodcarver of the Year
Cute Shelf-Sitter CatsFolk-art felines make charming pins or decorationsCipa, Shawn56Fall201138-39catsarkshelfsitter
Carving a GnomeUse basic hand tools to carve a whimsical gnomeSmith, Gerald56Fall201140-44gnomehandcarvingpainting
Carving Faces in SoftballsPolyurethane core is easy to carve and holds detail wellBrasher, Terry56Fall201145-51softballsfacetechnique
Carving an American IndianNatural cottonwood bark is an ideal canvas for this icon of the old westAdamson, Ron56Fall201152-55indianbarkcottonwood
Making a Chip Carved Welcome SignHighlight the designs with a quick and easy coloring techniqueNicholas, Bruce56Fall201156-61signchip carvingcrayon
Making a Cowboy Bottle StopperSimplify this realistic bust by carving the hat separatelyGargac, Mark56Fall201162-69cowboybottlestopperhat
Carving a Bathtub BuddyUse decoy-carving techniques to make a child-size duckGiannetto, Vincent IIIGiannetto, David56Fall201170-73decoyduckbathtub
Carving a WitchPractice exaggerating facial features with this fun Halloween caricatureEnlow, Harold56Fall201174-79witchenlowcaricature
Super Simple Santa OrnamentFaces are quick and easy when you hide the eyesWorley, Don56Fall201180-83SantaeyesCaricatureornament
Carving Thumbnail AccentsUse the tool's shape to create consistent repetative designsPye, Chris56Fall201184-89thumbnailstechniquesbreadboard
Create a Poseable RobotBring this carved science-fiction figure to live with woodburned detailsPrater, Dennis56Fall201191-94robotposeablewoodburned
Product ReviewTilt-Top Portable Bench, and Orbital Holding SystemCipa, Shawn57Holiday201114RP Myerstilt-top portable benchorbital holding systemgrip-all jaws
Relief ColumnChristmas GeeseIrish, Lora S57Holiday201116relief carvingchristmaswildlife
Usings Compases, Calipers, and DividersTransfer measurements and maintain proportions with these simple toolsDuncan, Bob57Holiday201118-19calipersdividerscompass
A Monumental MiniatureAnimated carving depicts folk life in SlovakiaRyan, Kathleen57Holiday201122-23folkartslovakiaanimated
A Bird in the HandWoodcarver offers comfort to those in needRyan, Kathleen57Holiday201125comfortbirdfeature
Making a Comfort BirdSmooth lines and polished finish make these little birds a joy to holdFoust, Frank57Holiday201126-27comfortbirdbeginner
Creating a Chip Carved Christmas TreeHighlight this festive plaque with color and delicate stab cutsNicholas, Bruce57Holiday201129-31Chipcarvingchristmastree
Award-Winning Carvings: Woodcarving Illustrated Best Carving Design ContestContestants show a broad range of creativity and superior craftsmanshipDuncan, Bob57Holiday201132-40Design contestwinnersgallery
Carving a Spiral Beard Santa OrnamentUnique ornament will be a family favoriteFrancis, Dave57Holiday201142-45santaspiralbeard
Whittling Snowman EarringsFun gift is easy to carveFreaner, Claude57Holiday201146-47snowmanearringswhittle
Carving St. NicholasMaster the techniques to carve this classic Christmas iconEnlow, Harold57Holiday201148-53Santaclassicholiday decoration
Sculpting Stylized Evergreen TreesGraceful spiral is easy to carve and makes a striking displayCarlson, Dennis57Holiday201154-57treesspiralchristmas
Build a Dancing SantaTurn the handle to make this carved Santa move and grooveCipa, Shawn57Holiday201158-64Santaautomatachristmas
Relief Carving an AngelBeautiful wall hanging displays delicate features and graceful fabric foldsHockley, Maureen57Holiday201165-69angelrelief carvinghome decor
Carving a Low Relief SantaCreate the illustion of depth with careful carving and painted shadowsBiermann, Robert57Holiday201170-76ChristmasSantaRelief carving
Making a Nostalgic Christmas Pull ToyAs the toy moves, wooden ball rotates to display the relief carved sceneToney, Tina57Holiday201177-83SantapulltoyChristmas
Customized Greeting PlaqueAdd a border or message to personalize your designPompano, Deborah57Holiday201185-87woodburningPineconesWelcome
Whittling SafetyA few simple rules prevent injuries when whittlingDuncan, Bob571Whittling Complete Starter Guide20116whittlingbasicssafety
Learn the Basic Knife Cuts for WhittlingComplete most projects with four types of cutsDuncan, Bob571Whittling Complete Starter Guide20118whittlingbasicscutsknife
Choosing a Whittling KnifeWhat to look for when selecting a folding knifeDuncan, Bob571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201111whittlingbasicsknives
The Basics of SharpeningProperly prepare your knife for safe and enjoyable whittlingDuncan, Bob571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201114whittlingbasicssharpening
5-Minute OwlBeginner project is ideal for teaching and demonstrationsOegema, Jan571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201119owlbeginnerfive minutesimple
Flying PropellerClassic toy anyone can makeWiebe, Rick571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201122propellerflyingmotiontoy
5-Minute WizardBeginner project is a great introduction to woodcarvingHindes, Tom571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201124wizardbeginnerfive minute
Easy Dogs for Beginning CarversUse craft knives to carve thse basic versions of man's best friendGuldan, Mary Duke571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201128dogsbeginnereasy
Santa PencilsTurn ordinary pencils into festive Santas in eight simple stesJohnson, Ron571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201131holidaypencilssanta
Hand-Carved ClassicsPractice knife carving with a ball-in-cage and chain linksWeaver, Kivel571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201134ball-in-cagechain linksclassic
Heirloom Baby RattlesClassic carving projects make thoughtful giftsHochhalter, Gene571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201136rattlesheirloomtoyschildren
Classic Ball-in-CageThis old-time whittling project is fun to carve and a real attention-getterDussinger, Addison ''Dusty''571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201139ball-in-cageclassiccarving
Twisted Spiral OrnamentCarve this seemingly complex design in eight easy stepsKent, Carol571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201142ornamentholidayspiraleasy
Quick Carve SpreaderCarve this useful utensil out of a branch using only a pocketknifeLubkemann, Chris571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201145kitchenspreadertwigs
Whittle a Twig WhistleNew technique reinvents a perennial favoriteLubkemann, Chris571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201148whistletoynew techniquetwigs
Altering a Pocketknife to Whittle TwigsProperly prepare a pocketknife for whittling twigs and branchesLubkemann, Chris571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201151pocketknifecustomizewhittling
Whittling a Miniature FlowerTurn twigs into delicate flowers with a few simple cutsLubkemann, Chris571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201152flowerdelicatewhittling
Make a Musical FrogFast and fun project is a unique musical instrumentEllenwood, Everett571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201154toyfrogmusical instrument
Simple Starter SantaSpread holiday cheer with this basic designSchuck, Kathleen571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201157holidaysantabeginnersimple
Build a Nostalgic WhirligigSimple carved features, spinning arms, and a rustic finish make this project a winnerDePauw, Vernon571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201160uncle sampatrioticwhirlygigtoy
Whimsical BookmarksPlayful figures make quick and easy giftLund, Jack571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201166bookmarkshuman bodyplayful
Whittling a Decorative Fishing LureSimple project makes a fun display or gift itemIrish, Lora S.571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201170décorfishing lurefishhanger
Carve a Caricature PigCharming character makes an ideal beginner projectCoffman, Christine571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201174pigcaricatureswildlifebeginner
Cyprus Knee SantaUse a unique material to whittle a one-of-a-kind SantaJoslyn, Cyndi571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201178cypress kneeSantaalternative materialsholiday
Little HombreRustle up this Western caricature with just two toolsStetson, Dave571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201183caricaturewesterncowboy
Carve and Paint a Scandinavian-Style TrollDelve into flat-plane carving with this beginner project from a master carverRefsal, Harley571Whittling Complete Starter Guide201190beginnertrollscandinaviancaricature
Carving a Native AmericanUse whittling techniques to tackle a traditional carving projectEnlow, Harold571Whittling Complete Starter Guide2011100native americanrealisticportrait
Fan-Tailed HummingbirdLearn the secrets that unlock this striking techniqueWiebe, Rick571Whittling Complete Starter Guide2011106hummingbirdfantailtechnique
Product ReviewDenker Shave and Rotary carverDuncan, Bob58Spring20128Jim Denkerdenker carving shavedenker rotary carver
Relief ColumnDancing LeavesIrish, Lora S58Spring201214relief carvingspringleaves
Rising from the AshesBurn survivor John Capanna draws strength and healing from woodRyan, Kathleen58Spring201218-19burnsurviverfeature
Motivated to CreateA self-help seminar inspired Phil and Vicki Bishop to quit their jobs and carve full timeRyan, Kathleen58Spring201222-25InspirationCaricaturefeature
Carving Scenic StampsUse traditional stamp-making techniques to share your relief carvings with family and friendsDennison, Carrie58Spring201226-29stamprelief carvingScenic
Carving Interlocking HeartsCreate beautiful linked shapes from a single block of woodJespersen, Bjarne58Spring201230-33heartsinterlockingwhimsy
Tequila Worm Bottle StopperSmall-scale bottle stopper is fun to carverWillis, Jim58Spring201234-36bottlestopperwormtequila
Power Carving a Life-Size Whistling SwanBasic technique allows you to create a swan in any sizeMcCollum, Thomas58Spring201237-43swanpower carvingrealistic
The Work of Rob LuceroLifelong artist creates jewelry based on his various passionsDuncan, Bob58Spring201244-45jewelryfashionartist profile
Carving a Cascading Ribbon Heart PendantPower-carved design is easy to makeLucero, Rob58Spring201246-47PendantHeartPower Carving
Carving and Painting a Folk Art RoosterVivid colors highlight this nostalgic pull toySwartz, Don58Spring201248-57roosterFolk Artpainting
Carving a Caricature ElephantBasswood egg reduces the time spent roughing outRhadigan, Floyd58Spring201258-67elephanteggcaricature
Creating a Pierced Relief Carvign15th-century design has modern appealKatz, Dan58Spring201264-68piercedreliefgothic
Chip Carved CrossesMiniature designs make great ornaments or key chainsNiggemeyer, John58Spring201269-71crosschip carvingreligious
Holding Your WorkUse simple methods to secure your blank for easier and safer carvingPye, Chris58Spring201272-79benchholdingshopmade
Making Custom StainsMix your own dyes and stainsTriplett, RobertDuncan, Bob58Spring201280-81dyesstainsmixing
Folding Carving BenchSturdy carving bench packs easily for travelSchmauch, Jack58Spring201283-86benchfoldingshopmade
Product ReviewDMT Dia-Flat Lapping Plate and Micro Pro Champion Micro MotorDuncan, Bob59Summer201214DMT Dia-Flat Lapping Plateflattening sharpening stonesMicro Pro Champion micro motorpower carving
Relief ColumnScraffito SwanIrish, Lora S59Summer201216swanscraffitorelief
Best of ShowTop winners from three popular carving competitionsDuncan, Bob59Summer201219-22carvingcontestwinners
Custom Carved GuitarsDoug Rowell traded making music for making musical instrumentsRyan, Kathleen59Summer201224-27guitarsmusicartist profile
The Art of WoodBilly Reynolds carves to enhance naturally sculpted woodKinsey, Mindy59Summer201228-29foundwoodfeature
Creating a Log Picture BookTurn a log into a book using simple pierced-relief techniqueEllery, Roy59Summer201230-35logbookpiercedrelief
Carving a Sleepy OwlUse guidelines to create a balanced and symmetrical carvingSavarese, Joseph59Summer201236-40owlsleepytechnique
Carving a Realistic Shirt BoxFunctional box provides good practice in creating texturesAvarista, Joe A.59Summer201241-47Shirtleatherbox
Carving a Caricature Beer BottleAdd a fun cowboy carving to a turned bottleRhadigan, Floyd59Summer201248-53cowboybeerbottlecaricature
Carving a Box TurtleUse texturing and a woodburner to create a realistic reptileGoodson, Dylan59Summer201254-61turtlerealistickeepsake
Carving a Rattle StickCombine wood spirits with a ball-in-cage to create a unique walking stickBuchholz, Steve59Summer201262-66wood spiritwalking stickball in cage
Carving a Dragon HeadModify a staple remover to create a fierce but functional dragon for your deskBorecki, Tom59Summer201267-71dragonstaple removeroffice decor
Sharpening with PowerUse inexpensive power tools to get a sharp edge fastProffitt, Mac59Summer201272-75sharpeningbelt sanderpower
Whittling a Tabletop Bowling SetUse twigs and scraps to craft this small set in an eveningLubkemann, Chris59Summer201276-77bowlingwhittlingtwigs
Applying a Shellac FinishEasy-to-apply finish is great for chip carvingStewart, David59Summer201278-81shellacfinishchip carving
Making Realistic Wooden EyesQuick and easy method uses contrasting dowelsKunz, Ray59Summer201282-84eyesdowelsstylized
Shop lightsImprove your carving experience with proper lightingDuncan, Bob59Summer201286lightingshoptips
Product ReviewBlaklader workwear and Lucas Dental Low Boy Speed Control PedalDuncan, Bob60Fall201214Blaklader WorkwearLucas Dental Low Boy Speed Control Pedalpower carving
Relief ColumnFree-Form Chip CarvingIrish, Lora S60Fall201216-17chip carvingfree formrelief
Saluting the BestAnnouncing the winners of the 2012 Best Carving Design ContestKinsey, Mindy60Fall201218-25designcontest winnersgallery
2012 Woodcarver of the Year Harley RefsalHonoring the flat-plane carving pioneer for keeping a dying art aliveDuncan, Bob60Fall201226-29refsalharleyWoodcarver of the Year
Learn to Carve in Low ReliefThese progressively harder projects teach basic relief techniquesPye, Chris60Fall201234-39leavesleafrelief
Creating a Layered Relief CarvingCombine individually carved layers to add depth and dimension to your workCulley, Wayne60Fall201240-45relieflayeredhousetrees
Unique Bark Houses in the RoundNew technque combines two pieces of bark to create freestanding carvingsJensen, Rick60Fall201246-53barkhousein the round
Whittling Love SpoonsQuick and east project makes a meaningful gift for a loved oneWestern, David60Fall201254-57spoonwhittledheart
Quick & East Ark AnimalsUse one technique to power carve an assortment of animals two by twoHindes, Tom60Fall201258-62arknoahanimals
Creating a Tricky TrollCrafty caricature hides a sinister surpriseRhadigan, Floyd60Fall201263-65trollfantasycaricature
Carving a Woman's EyesLearn to carve these difficult but expressive featuresNorbury, Ian60Fall201266-69eyeswomenrealistic
Making a Caricature Amish ManLearn to carve this iconic figure in 20 stepsDearolf, Don60Fall201270-76AmishCaricatureStep by Step
Quick-carve Pumpkin HouseSimple steps turn a bark house into a festive jack o'lanternJackson, TimCabot, Dennis60Fall201278-80barkhousepumpkin
Carving a Caricature CanineUse a premade blank and simple cuts to carve this adorable dogDickie, Lorie60Fall201282-84dogeggbasswoodcaricature
Using a Carving ArmHow--and why--to attach a project to a carving armSidler, LaVerne Sid60Fall201286-88safetycarvingarm
Artist GalleryDiscover amazing artworks from notable pyro artistsStaffPYRO2012Fall201212Woodburning, Artist ProfileGallery
Museum QualityFirst-of-its-kind exhibit showcased pyrography as fine artMcCauley, CatePYRO2012Fall201220WoodburningArtist ProfileArt
Pyrographic PortraitsAlex Yawor used portrait painting techniques to teach himself pyrographyKinsey, MindyPYRO2012Fall201224Woodburning, PaintPeople
Inspired by NatureAustralian artist Scott Marr describes his pyrography and pigmentsKinsey, MindyPYRO2012Fall201226WoodburningArtist ProfileWildlife
Pattern Making Made EasyUse your computer to turn a photo into a patternSmith, DanettePYRO2012Fall201242WoodburningTechniquesPatterns
Making a Practice BoardTest temperatures and practice patterns before beginning any pyrographic projectSchwartz, JoPYRO2012Fall201246WoodburningTechniquesTest
Color-Full BurnsAdding color to woodburned creationsAdams, CindyPYRO2012Fall201249WoodburningColor technique
Making Patterns from Multiple PhotosCombine images to create unique artwork and imaginary landscapesLindsey, DorisPYRO2012Fall201252WoodburningTechniquesPatterns
Pyrography on PaperFor ease, versatility, and affordability, consider a different burning materialMcCauley, CatePYRO2012Fall201256WoodburningTipsAlternative Materials
Layering Pigments and PyrographyBring this young dragon to life with rich colors and shadingStanley, DavidPYRO2012Fall201260WoodburningDragonPainting
Depicting Day and NightUse negative pyrography to create contrasting light effectsWalters, SuePYRO2012Fall201265WoodburningNegativeTechnique
Burning Wood BanglesMake a bracelet today, wear it—or gift it—tonightEaston, SuePYRO2012Fall201274WoodburningJewelryFashion
Creating a Gourd BasketBeautiful basket combines basic carving and pyrography techniquesZanella, SusanPYRO2012Fall201276WoodburningGourdWeave
Burning a Butterfly BirdhousePractice dark shading with this lighthearted designRayyan, SheilaPYRO2012Fall201280WoodburningBirdsPractical
Zentangle®-Inspired BoxDecorate a box with folk-art imagery and simple patternsWallace, ChrisPYRO2012Fall201284WoodburningKeepsakePaint
Creating a Decorative PlatterLayers of burning, images, text, and color combine to create Soul MatesPompano, DeborahPYRO2012Fall201288WoodburningSwansScenic
Personalized Gifts for CooksMake inexpensive gifts by burning on store-bought kitchen toolsParsons, MichelePYRO2012Fall201295WoodburningKitchenHome Decor
Making Scrapbook TagsUse trinkets and trash to make unique tagsIrish, LoraPYRO2012Fall2012103WoodburningButterflyReuse
Hatteras and Horseshoe CrabsUse sketching techniques and hints of color to create a dreamy landscapeLindsey, DorisPYRO2012Fall2012100WoodburningNorth CarolinaSeasideLighthouse
Stamping a Flowered FrameUse pyrography tips as stamps to create easy designsGlista, AnnePYRO2012Fall2012106WoodburningHome DecorFlowers
Burning a Wolf PortraitTips for creating a realistic wildlife portraitWorden, DonPYRO2012Fall2012108WoodburningAnimalsDogs
Steampunk Key FobMake a quick craft from leftover leatherIrish, LoraPYRO2012Fall2012110WoodburningLeatherKeys
Relief ColumnVersatile SnowmanIrish, Lora S61Holiday201214relief carvingchristmassnowman
Checking the ListUse basic relief cuts and simple shaping to carve a folk art SantaOlson, Ellis61Holiday201218SantaFolk ArtRelief
Carving a Spiral Bulb OrnamentAny carver can make this complex-looing ornamentMorgan, Lyle61Holiday201222bulbspiralOrnament
Carving and Printing a Christmas CardUse traditional woodblock printing to turn your carving into a cardClarke, Dan61Holiday201226cardChristmascard
Carving a Sleepy WolfCarve, burn, and paint to create a realistic wildlife sculptureHajny, Desiree61Holiday201230wolfrealisticwoodburning
Folk Art AngelSimple carving can be used as an ornament, pin, or pendantSmith, Gerald61Holiday201237angelFolk Artornament
Joyful Santa PlaqueIncised relief design celebrates the joy of the seasonBiermann, Robert61Holiday201238SantaJoyPlaque
Whittling Moravian Star OrnamentsUse one knife and simple geometry to carve stars in various shapesSebring, Jody61Holiday201244starornamentwhittling
Peaceful Village WreathCarve individual pieces and glue them together for a dramatic presentationPadden, Betty</