A Traditional Master

The Ukranian carver Vladimir Rusinov started carving at age 12. After serving in the Soviet Army, he earned a degree from Moscow Art University. Now the Russian artist, who is featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Woodcarving Illustrated, carves everything from wood to stone. “In the epoch of computer technologies, I modestly […]

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Pinewood Derby Special Issue

Pinewood Derby-style Race Cars is the go-to guide for building a winning racer! Scroll down for a FREE preview of this special issue! Since the first car rolled down the track in 1953, Pinewood Derby’s popularity has grown into a yearly event that promotes craftsmanship, healthy competition and strengthens the […]

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The Work of Sumner Misenheimer

The Spring 2011 issue (available in February) of Woodcarving Illustrated features an article demonstrating how to carve a diving otter in found wood by Sumner Misenheimer. Sumner’s father introduced him to woodcarving when Sumner was a young boy, and his father encouraged Sumner’s art talents through his school years. After […]

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The Work of Chris Hammack

The holiday 2010 issue of Woodcarving Illustrated includes an article on Chris Hammack. Chris started out carving wood, and then explored a career in the giftware industry before returning to his roots. Influenced by great carvers such as Andy Anderson, Harold Enlow, and Claude Bolton, Chris knew early on that […]

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Autographed Copy of Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons

Want to win an autographed copy of Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons by David Western? Just follow the link to enter.  Hurry, the contest ends November 30, 2010. Bruce B. from Mt. Vernon, IN won this contest. Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons Understanding, Designing, and Carving Romantic Heirlooms By David Western Learn […]

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WCI Issue #52 eNews

Have You Seen Woodcarving Illustrated Issue #52 (wci52)? If Not, Here’s a Sample of What You are Missing! Tom Wolfe is Chosen as the 2010 Woodcarver of the Year! As one of the most prolific authors of woodcarving books in the United States, Tom’s instructional texts have influenced thousands of […]

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Gifts for Carvers 2010

Woodcarving Illustrated’s 2010 fall issue (wci52) includes a special advertising section that highlights some terrific gifts for carvers. Scroll down to view the complete list with manufacturer links. Download or flip through the WCI52 Issue Gifts 4 Carvers on Scribd. Gifts Under $700 Graphic Transfer – Bare Bones Kit Delta […]

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Best Carving Design Contest – Vote Now

Best Carving Design Contest – Vote Now

Click here to see this year’s entries and begin voting! Woodcarving Illustrated’s readers submitted more than 300 projects in the Best Carving Design Contest. The editorial staff nominated the top pieces in each category (the Editor’s Choice Nominees) and posted them online for you to vote on the contest winners. […]

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WCI Issue #51 eNews

WCI Issue #51 eNews

When you carve wood for the sheer joy it gives you, everyday you get to devote to the craft makes you feel good…like being on vacation. To help you make every day of summer feel like vacation we’ve loaded this issue with great features, projects and techniques. From whittling away […]

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Andy Anderson’s Custom Carved Furniture

Next time you visit a woodcarving show, take a moment to notice how many dust-weary, saddle-sore cowboys are displayed. All of those carved cowboys can trace their lineage to the work of Andy Anderson. Inspired by a real-life cowboy from Wyoming, “the homeliest man I had ever laid my eyes […]

by June 1, 2010 Features