Distinctively Different Decoys


Distinctively Different Decoys

Chris Boone uses natural bark, knots, and lichen to accent his carved decoys

By Kathleen Ryan

Photos by Stephen Paul Thompson

North Carolina artist Chris Boone has carved out a name for himself by turning a hunter’s tool into beautiful works of art. He makes distinctive handcarved decoy ducks and water fowl that depart from traditional decoys in size, shape, structure, form, and grace. His methods for distressing the wood add an old-world charm that makes each piece unique.

Chris personally selects the wood for his sculptures, most often choosing cedar, pine, and various hardwoods from the lush forests of North Carolina. “I like to explore the variety of different woods and have found that using older wood gives the work more character,” said the 53-year-old artist. “I also look for wood with heavy bark, lichen, moss, knots or knot holes, etc., as these are all signs of potential character. I love cutting into the wood and uncovering the characteristics and beauty each tree hides.”

Scroll down for a gallery of more of Chris’s decoys.

WEB-Decoy-1 WEB-Decoy-2 WEB-Decoy-3 WEB-Decoy-4 WEB-Decoy-5 WEB-Decoy-6 WEB-Decoy-7 WEB-Decoy-8 WEB-Decoy-9 WEB-Decoy-10
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