Product Reviews

Gerber Knives

By Bob Duncan

Gerber has been designing knives and other tools for outdoorsmen and the military for more than 70 years. Two of their knives are useful for carvers.

The Three-Blade Stockman features a long, locking roughing-out blade; a smaller sheepsfoot blade, and an even smaller drop-point blade, all of which are made from high-carbon stainless steel and hold an edge well. The blades came with general-purpose bevels, which I extended on the sheepsfoot and drop-point blades. I use the large blade for general knife work (cutting rope, packages, etc.) and reserve the two smaller blades for carving.

If you don’t like to sharpen, the Gerber E.A.B Lite is a good choice for you. This folding blade uses standard utility-knife blades that lock in place. A screwdriver (or coin) is required to change the blade. This makes the E.A.B. much safer to use than similar designs because the blade will not accidentally slip.

The Three-Blade Stockman is available for $39, and the E.A.B. Lite is available for $16. To purchase, contact Gerber at 800-950-6161,

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