Power Carving Manual 2023 Volume 5

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Power Carving Manual 2023 Volume 5

Power Carving Manual, a special issue of Woodcarving Illustrated, includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. This issue is not a part of the regular magazine subscription. It is available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing, foxchapelpublishing.com or 1-800-457-9112.

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Getting Started

Power Carving Basics

Getting started power carving? Here are a few main things to consider

By Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

Selecting the Right Power Carving Equipment

Follow these wisdoms to build your dream kit

By Dave Hamilton, Jack Kochan, Frank Russell, and Chuck Solomon

Choosing Power Carving Bits

Make smart purchases with a basic understanding of the cutters available

By Dave Hamilton and Chuck Solomon

Tools for Removing Wood Quickly

We test-drive the hardiest “toys” on the market

By Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

Introduction to Reciprocating Carvers

Blend an edged-tool texture with the speed of a power carver

By Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

Power Carving Safety

Anticipate potential dangers for a safer shop experience

By Dave Hamilton, Jack Kochan, Frank Russell, and Chuck Solomon

Dust Collection Roundup

Consider these options for keeping your woodshop—and lungs—free of dust

By Jon Deck

Cleaning and Maintaining Bits

Prolong the life of burrs with these quick hacks

By Frank Russell

Woodburning Tips

Learn why pyrography is a key skill to add to your arsenal

By Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

Airbrushing on the Cheap

You could have two-thirds of an airbrush setup hiding in your workshop!

By Jon Deck

Micromotors: A Master Class

Get your hands on some tips and techniques for micromotor power carving

By Kristin LeVier


Carolina Wren

Carve a bird so lifelike it’ll make you do a double take

By B. David Duncan

Smoking Garden Gnome

This spunky character comes with a pipe and a whole lot of personality

By Edgar Shrum

Crescent Moon Wand

Make a little magic for the fantasy fan in your life

By Tamara Seevers

Three-Point Ribbon

Create a classic wooden whimsy with just a rotary tool and a knife

By Garth Burgon

Hardwood Mouse

Transform colorful scraps into a cute little rodent on a bed of leaves

By Paul Purnell

Ice Skate Ornament

Add an unexpected embellishment to an easy holiday ornament

By Keoma McCaffrey

Tiny T. Rex

This king of lizards will be a hit with dino lovers of all ages

By Brian Altison

Realistic Bear Head

Make this handsome beast without endless hours of fur texturing   

By Lori Andrews

Carving the Female Face

Master the technique of sculpting a human portrait

By Chris Howard

Power-Carved Pirate Ship

Indulge your inner pirate by making a miniature Jolly Roger

By Benjamin Tyler

Realistic Tropical Fish

Hone your fish-carving skills on a vibrant reef dweller

By James Spencer

Golden Eagle Walking Stick

Dress up a functional cane with this glorious raptor

By Paul Purnell

Autumn Jewelry

Sculpt a lovely array of wearable acorns and leaves

By Keoma McCaffrey

Making a Rustic Measuring Cup

Power carve a kitchen staple from salvaged wood

By David Drake

Rolling Pin Santa

Use a reciprocating carver to give old utensils a new face

By Randy George

Great Horned Owl

Let the chips fly where they may with this striking
chainsaw sculpture

By Michael Robinson

Web Extras

Free Project  Create an adorable baby chickadee from Butch Clark.

Click Here for Baby Chickadee Project

Bonus Reviews  Discover more power carving tools with our online product reviews for Foredom® and MakerX® tools.

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