Whittling 2018: Volume 5

Special Issues

Whittling 2018: Volume 5

Whittling, a special issue of Woodcarving Illustrated, includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. This issue is not a part of the regular magazine subscription. It is available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing, www.foxchapelpublishing.com or 1-800-457-9112.

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Beginning Carvers

10-Minute Dogs

By Tom Hindes 

This pattern is fast and easy—and adaptable to any breed

Best-Ever Blade Cover

By Gary Fenton

A simple trick ensures this cover stays in place to protect your blade

A Skulk of Foxes 

By Heath Dawson

This family of foxes fits together to form a puzzle, game, or finger fidget

Luring You On

By Harley Refsal 

Learn to carve with the grain by making a fishing lure

Making a Slip-Bark Whistle 

By Andrew Thomas-Price

This kid favorite is quick, easy, and really, really loud

Creating a Folding Cross

By Ron Vance 

Use straight cuts and a classic technique to turn a craft stick into a cross

Stick Horses and Other Twig Animals 

By Chris Lubkemann 

Turn a twig into a pen or a back scratcher with just a few cuts

Carving a Big Cat

By Don Self 

Make a black panther or a jaguar using the same pattern

Quick & Easy

Carving a Cottonwood Bark Chain

By Rick Wiebe 

Choosing a different type of wood makes it easier to join the “chain gang”

Whittle a Baby Elephant 

By Tom Hindes 

This elephant in the room is too cute to ignore

Hatching a Hedgehog

By Steven Kulp

Comfort critters are easy to make with basswood eggs and a simple template

One-Twig Owls

By Chris Lubkemann 

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be carving these “owl” day long

Quick & Easy Football Player 

By Lori Dickie 

Start with a premade basswood shape so you can get to the fun part faster

Weekend Projects

Super Simple Santa 

By John Overby

This jolly ornament is so easy you’ll be making dozens in no time flat

Making a Grumpy Soap Man 

By Chris Morgan

Hone your carving skills with this sweet-smelling beginner project

Doggone Cute Pugs

By James Miller

Combine flat-plane carving with painted details to create canines with character

Smooth Fox

By Peter Benson 

Whittle and sand your own streamlined comfort animal

Whittle Dwarfs

By Don Mertz 

Tiny cartoon carvings are perfect for practicing expressions

Whittling an Eagle

By Greg Young 

Grab a chunk of wood and a knife to carve this majestic eagle

Simple Songbird 

By Frank Egholm

Use this all-in-one pattern to carve and paint your own favorite backyard bird

Carving a Caricature Cop

By Harley Refsal 

This adorable officer is so easy it should be illegal

Angelic Ornament

By Douglas Schauer 

Carve and finish this beautiful stylized design in an afternoon

Twig Squirrels

By Chris Lubkemann

You’ll go nuts for the curly tails on these cute critters

Carving a Spoon Without a Hook Knife 

By Jon Mac 

This surprisingly elegant rough-hewn spoon proves you can create curves by carving straight lines

Updating the Ball-in-Cage 

By Frank Egholm

Rounded edges give this traditional favorite a fresh new look


By Keith Randich

Carve this new take on a classic whimsey

Starter Guide

Choosing a Whittling Knife

By Bob Duncan 

What to look for when selecting a folding knife

The Basics of Sharpening 

By Bob Duncan 

Properly prepare your knife for safe and enjoyable whittling

Comfortable Carving 

By Don Swartz

Simple changes and stretches make it comfortable to carve for long periods of time

Whittling Safety

By Bob Duncan 

A few simple rules prevent injuries while whittling

Learn the Basic Knife Cuts for Whittling

By Bob Duncan 

Complete most projects with four types of cuts

Online Exclusives

Whittling With Chris Videos

Follow along as Chris Lubkemann teaches you carving basics HERE.

Making Wooden Pliers

Step-by-step instructions to make a whittling classic HERE

Noah’s Ark Animals

Use the “10-Minute Dogs” techniques to make more quick animals HERE

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