Whittling 2019: Volume 6

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Whittling 2019: Volume 6

Whittling, a special issue of Woodcarving Illustrated, includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. This issue is not a part of the regular magazine subscription. It is available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing, foxchapelpublishing.com or 1-800-457-9112.

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Starter Guide

Choosing a Whittling Knife

By Bob Duncan

What to look for when selecting a folding knife

The Basics of Sharpening

By Bob Duncan

Properly prepare your knife for safe and enjoyable whittling

Whittling Safety

By Bob Duncan

A few simple rules to prevent injuries

Basic Knife Cuts for Whittling

By Bob Duncan

Complete most projects with four types of cuts

Teaching Kids to Whittle

By Mindy Kinsey

Simple suggestions make it fun and easy

Woodsy Bear

By Janet Bolyard

Learning to whittle a simple soap bear can lead to a lifetime of pleasure

Beginning Carvers

Man in the Moon

By Dave Stetson

Clever carving uses just a knife and a scrap of basswood

Twisted Spiral Ornament

By Carol Kent

Whittle this seemingly complex design in just eight steps

10-Minute Dogs

By Tom Hindes

This pattern is fast and easy–and adaptable to any breed

Whimmy Diddle

By Chris Lubkemann

Turn a stick or two into an entertaining toy

Whittling a Tiny Hippo

By Steve Tomashek 

Practice carving animal caricatures with this amusing miniature

Simple Santa

By Kathleen Schuck

Spread holiday cheer with this basic design

Slip-Bark Whistle

By Andrew Thomas-Price

This kid favorite is quick, easy, and really, really loud

Quick & Easy

Celtic Knotwork

By Dave Western

Simple design can be a brooch, pendant, or ornament

Bark Pine Trees

By Betsy Elswit

Use cottonwood bark scraps to create whimsical pine tree magnets

Caricature Snowman

By Greg Young

Start your holiday early with this fun design

Letter Opener 

By Chris Lubkemann 

Four simple steps to a long-lasting tool

5-Minute Wizard

By Tom Hindes

Beginner project is a great introduction to woodcarving

Whittling a Nuthatch 

By Glyn Cutts

Use a utility knife to carve a charming folk art bird

Wilma Witch

By Lori Dickie

Whittle a wacky witch from a basswood Santa blank

Miniature Gargoyles 

By Tom Hindes

Tiny but fierce figures to stand watch on your computer of coffee table

Weekend Projects

Cottonwood Bark Chain

By Rick Wiebe

Choosing a different type of wood makes it easier to join the “chain gang”

Whittling Java John

By Harley Refsal

Use large flat planes to emphasize exaggerated features

A Family of Owls

By Steven Kulp

These watchful egg owls are a hoot to hold and to make

Classic Ball-in-Cage

By Addison “Dusty” Dussinger

This old-time whittling project is a real attention-grabber

Americana Eagle Walking Stick

By Shawn Cipa

Folk art hiking stick inspired by historic carvings. PLUS: Harvesting blanks for walking sticks

Whittle a Spoon Without a Hook Knife

By Jon Mac

This surprisingly elegant rough-hewn spoon proves you can create curves by carving straight lines

Branch Rooster

By Chris Lubkemann

Turn a twig into a classic carving

Online Exclusives

Bonus Pattern

Download a free pattern for Mocha Mary (companion to Java John) HERE.

Video Extras

See how-to videos for Chris Lubkemann’s Letter Opener and Curl Technique.

Free Project Downloads

Find more free whittling projects and patterns in the How To section of our website HERE.

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