Whittling with Chris: Carving an Owl

Whittling with Chris

Whittling with Chris: Carving an Owl

Transform a stick into a classic owl. Master whittler Chris Lubkemann shares his take on this classic carving project.


Many carvers start out by carving a 5-Minute Owl. Chris Lubkemann shows how the bark on a┬ábranch is perfect to imply an owl’s feathers. While it might take you a few more minutes to carve this own, it comes pre-finished. Chris also shows a few ways to embellish this classic carving.




A child of missionaries, Chris Lubkemann grew up in the forests of Brazil and Peru, where he developed an appreciation for knives and entertained himself and others by handcrafting rafts, tree houses, traps, and slingshots from scrap wood. As an adult, he has continued to use his woodworking skills for gold old-fashioned fun. Chris has carved some of the world’s smallest branch carvings; in fact, his smallest branch rooster was given a Guinness World Record Certificate. The author of five books on woodcarving with Fox Chapel Publishing, Chris currently demonstrates whittling as the resident woodcarver at the Amish Farm and House in Lancaster, Pa. Visit his website at www.whittlingwithchris.com.


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