New Whittling Release! Whittle 14 Projects with Just One Knife


New Whittling Release! Whittle 14 Projects with Just One Knife

Introducing the Whittling Workbook by James Ray Miller

The ultimate beginner-friendly guide to whittling – Shop Now $17.99

A complete guide aimed specifically at beginners or anyone looking to create simple and relaxing carving projects, Whittling Workbook is the perfect source of inspiration!

In this 112-page paperback book from flat-plane carver James Ray Miller,  you will find patterns and instructions for carving and painting these delightful whittling projects beginning with starter projects such as a camping and fork spreader or a fresh-picked strawberry and progressing in techniques with the stylized sunflower or curious Martian.

James begins with a “Beginner’s Toolkit” section of basic instructions that will make carving these basswood projects a breeze: types of wood, sharpening your knife, pattern alignment, and cutting techniques.

whittling bookShop Now – $17.99 


Beginner’s Toolkit

The “Beginner’s Toolkit” covers wood and tools for roughing out each projects, plus tips for using just one knife. Detailed instructions and photos in “Basic Cuts,” illustrate common carving terms such as stop cut, v-shaped cut, slicing cut, and sweeping cut.


Inside the Beginner’s Toolkit:

  • What Is Whittling?
  • Safety
  • Types of Wood
  • Tools
  • General Overview of the Carving Process
  • Design
  • Roughing Out
  • Basic Cuts
  • Painting Techniques
  • Finishing Techniques
  • Carving Community

Shop Now – $17.99 



Projects & Full-Size Wood Carving Patterns


  • Camping Fork & Spreader
  • Fresh-Picked Strawberry
  • Egg-in-Cage
  • Gentle Hedgehog
  • Friendly Dinosaur
  • Wizard’s Apprentice Wand
  • Sleepy Owl
  • Stylized Sunflower
  • Sausage Pig
  • Curious Martian
  • Cozy Grandpa & Grandma
  • Sven the Sailor
  • Peppy Princess
  • Enchanted Prince

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About the Book

Your ultimate beginner-friendly project guide to whittling flat-plane carvings—with a modern twist!

  • 14 step-by-step projects for animals, people, aliens, wands, and other subjects that require minimal painting
  • Made for beginners, this flat-plane whittling project guide only requires one knife to complete the projects
  • Helpful guidance on whittling basics, making cuts, safety, painting and finishing, and how to find and join a carving community
  • Author James Ray Miller is a protégé of decorated Scandinavian-style carver, Harley Refsal and a regular contributor to Woodcarving Illustrated

Whittling Workbook is perfect for anyone seeking a range of easy wood carvings they can accomplish with just one knife — including the roughing out stage!

 whittling book

Shop Now – $17.99 


About the Author

“Carve whatever makes you happy. If you start a project but find that it no longer interests you, try to think of ways to tweak the pattern to turn it into something you are more passionate about. This is the key to a prolific carving career,” James wrote.

James Miller started carving at the age of 11 after being inspired by family members who dabbled in woodworking. A software developer by trade, James enjoys the creative challenge of simplifying and abstracting forms in unique ways. For more of his work, visit

Shop Now – $17.99 


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