Woodcarving Illustrated Summer 2023, Issue #103

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Woodcarving Illustrated Summer 2023, Issue #103

The Summer 2023 issue of Woodcarving Illustrated includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. This issue is a part of the regular magazine subscription. It is also available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing, foxchapelpublishing.com or 1-800-457-9112.

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In This Issue



Summer Harvest Bowl

Share the season’s bounty with a stunning chip carved vessel

By Marty Leenhouts


Lighthouse In-the-Round

Make a nautical novelty with a few pieces of basswood

By Aaron and Andy Mayer

Carving a Hot-Air Balloon

Pay tribute to a legendary mode of transport with this vivid little project

By Mehmet Berat Tas


Honeybee Relief

Channel those summer vibes in a sweet ode to backyard pollinators

By Lucy Fox

Painting a Power-Carved Bluebird

Texturing, layering, blending: this realistic flier is all about the details

By Randy Conner


Caricature Pirate Captain

Peg legs are so last season—and it looks like this seafarer just got an upgrade

By Dwayne Gosnell

Carved Succulents

Turn Instagram’s favorite plant into a wooden desk sitter using just one knife!   

By David Young

Stylized Nuthatch

Perch this dynamic bird on a real tree branch

By Wouter de Bruijn


Build this classic game with some string and branches from your backyard

By Frank and Lillian Egholm

Whittled Turtle

Transform a block of wood into a sea of woodchips in this cute project

By Tom Hindes

Kelly the Clown

This colorful circus performer is sure to be the life of the party

By Bob Kozakiewicz

Four-Point Ribbon

Create a classic whimsey in just a few steps

By Garth Burgon

Uncle Sam Chip Clip

Carve a patriotic addition to your pantry

By Mark Akers

Simple Dinosaur

Travel back to the Jurassic Period with a creature you can carve using just three tools

By Parn Aniwat

Shaving Brush Caricature

Personalize your beard-care routine with a handcarved handle

By Roger Beane


Choosing Wood for Beginners

New to carving? Never fear! Here are the best materials for the job

By Jon Deck

The Basics of Sharpening

Properly prepare your knife for safe and enjoyable carving

By Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated


The Right Bench Knife for You

Looking for your first carving tool or a reliable upgrade? Check out these quality options

By Staff of Woodcarving Illustrated

Teaching Kids to Carve

Thinking about bringing a child into the fold? Here are some things to consider

By Doug Stowe

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