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Sharpening With Power

In the Woodcarving Illustrated Summer 2012, Mac Proffitt demonstrated how to sharpen using power tools. The goal in power sharpening is the same as hand sharpening—a sharp tool. But many people find power sharpening quicker and easier. Safety When you sharpen tools with power, you generate heat, sparks, and noise. […]

by April 10, 2012 Techniques

Sharpening a Gouge

It is possible to sharpen gouges with a flat stone, but I prefer to use a conical slip stone or gouge stone. Regardless of the stone you use, the goal is the same: to produce a wire edge on the inside of the bevel. The bevel is the part of […]

by November 15, 2010 Techniques

Sharpening a Carving Knife

A sharp carving tool is the first requirement for successful and happy carving. A dull tool will not produce clean cuts and creates a greater risk of injury. Fortunately, there is a simple method to sharpen your carving tools and keep them sharp. To understand sharpening, you must first understand […]

by February 24, 2010 Videos