2010 Best Carving Design Contest: Relief Carving Division Winners

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2010 Best Carving Design Contest: Relief Carving Division Winners

People’s Choice:  Deer in Field

By George Colp, Halifax, N.S., Canada

Long years of hunting white-tail deer inspired George Colp to create this project.

Deer in Field

“I loved watching white tail deer so much I put down my gun and picked up my camera,” George explained. “I loved watching them and taking photos, but I wanted to do more. That’s when I picked up carving.”

George used hand tools to carve the basswood scene, which measures 32″ high and 24″ wide. The piece was stained for contrast and sealed with spar varnish.

Editor’s Choice: Wagon Wheel

By Janet Swearingen, Penrose, Colo.

A trip to New Mexico inspired Janet Swearingen to create this painted relief carving.

Wagon Wheel

“We vacation at Truth or Consequences in New Mexico,” Janet explained. “Our friend, Al Gordon, takes black-and-white photos of ghost towns using one of the old box cameras. Al took a photo of this wagon wheel and said I could carve it.”

Janet carved the project from a 3/4″ by 9″ x 12″ piece of basswood and painted it with watercolors. Janet sealed the carving with Deft lacquer sanding sealer.

Honorable Mention

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