A Traditional Master

The Ukranian carver Vladimir Rusinov started carving at age 12. After serving in the Soviet Army, he earned a degree from Moscow Art University. Now the Russian artist, who is featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Woodcarving Illustrated, carves everything from wood to stone.

“In the epoch of computer technologies, I modestly continue the business of my ancestors,” Vladimir said. The carver works in his family’s tiny two-room apartment. His shop consists of a small table crammed in the corner and he uses knives, chisels, dentist and locksmith tools, and an electric rotary tool to carve his masterpieces. Vladimir cuts and trims trees for people, and he dries and mills the thickest cut branches and logs for his projects.

To see more of Vladimir’s work, visit his website at mycarvingclub.com/user/Vladimir/gallery. Scroll down to view several photos of Vladimir’s work that weren’t featured in the printed article.

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