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The Votes are in for the First WCI People’s Choice Contest 2016


Congratulations to the first winners in the 2016 People’s Choice Contest!

We are trying something new this year with our contest. Instead of running one big competition, we are breaking it into ongoing mini-matches. Plus, we are offering cash prizes! Special thanks to our first contest sponsor, King Arthur’s Tools.

The first category, announced last fall, was Realistic Mammals (not human): Painted or Unpainted. Although we didn’t receive many entries, they were strong designs that demonstrated creative carving and finishing. We’ll be talking to some of these carvers about sharing their patterns in future issues.


Realistic Mammals (not human): Painted

Milan -Zen

First Place: Zen

Phil Milan of Wentzville, Mo., carved Zen to resemble his daughter’s dog by the same name. He has carved several other dogs for family members, friends, and competition. Some of the live models have since passed away. Notes Phil, “My daughters and others are very grateful to have these loving reminders of their dogs.” Zen is 8″ tall and handcarved from basswood.

decarli - dog

Second Place: Rocky

Anthony DeCarli of Eynon, Pa., carved Rocky as a tribute to his own dog, a yellow lab who loved to fetch the morning paper. Rocky was power-carved from basswood.

willis-polar bear

Third Place: Polar Bear

Jim Willis of Kansas City, Mo., handcarved this Polar Bear, 4″ by 6″ by 10″, from jelutong.

Realistic Mammals (not human): Unpainted

ZU-Moss - cheetah

First Place: Running Cheetah

Danny R. Moss of Phoenix, Az., says that his winning piece was inspired by animals in the wild. He created it using a combination of power-carving and handcarving. The cheetah is approximately 3″ by 7″ and made of boxwood with woodburned spots.


Note: We only received a handful of entries in the unpainted category, so there is just one winner.

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