Autumn Mouse Relief Carving

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Autumn Mouse Relief Carving

Get started with your fall decorating with this fanciful relief carving pattern

By Lora S. Irish

This clever little critter is planning ahead for winter. Rummaging through the oak leaves, he’s picking up acorns and storing them away. Use this adorable pattern to decorate anything–and carve it in a few hours!

This pattern would make a great addition to a house sign or carved mantel. While most of my patterns are best suited for relief carving–I’ve got a short attention span, and when I relief carve, I only have to carve one side–it would be easy and fun to carve this little guy in the round.

Carving Tips

This pattern looks great if you just carve along the lines with a small veiner (#11 gouge) and add a few detail lines with a small V-tool. You can also add a lot of depth and dimension by treating it as a shallow relief, or even a deep or pierced relief. I’ve found that it is easier to add the hair texture with a woodburner.

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About the Author

Lora S. Irish is a carver, artist, author, and pattern designer. For more of her work, visit

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