Carving Cigar Box Lids

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Carving Cigar Box Lids

Create a one-of-a-kind gift by upcycling wooden cigar boxes

By Desiree Hajny

Most good cigars come in Spanish cedar boxes, and Spanish cedar is a great wood for carving. So, why not embellish a cigar box with a carving to transform it into a wonderful keepsake box.

When carving the lid of a cigar box, remember that the wood is relatively thin, so plan accordingly. You will not be able to create a deep relief. I suggest making your cuts no deeper than 1/8″ (3mm). Don’t be afraid to use a V-tool or woodburner to add the texture, or add the texture with paint.

You can use almost any relief carving pattern to embellish the box, but I’ve provided a few below. Just center the design on the lid and start carving.

CLICK HERE to download the winter chipmunk scene pattern.

CLICK HERE to download the reindeer scene pattern.



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