Club News: International Woodcarvers Congress: “A Woodcarving Experience Like No Other”

The International Woodcarvers Congress celebrates 50 years in 2016, making it the longest running competitively judged annual woodcarving event in the United States. “It’s the premier woodcarving competition in the country,” said the show’s chairman, Larry Yudis. “When carvers enter this competition, they know they are going head-to-head with the very best. Even an honorable mention at the Congress is a badge of honor for many carvers. Throw in a week’s worth of excellent seminars, the judges’ critique sessions, a fund-raiser auction, and an awards banquet, and you’ve got a woodcarving experience like no other.”

Congress is sponsored by Affiliated Wood Carvers, Ltd., and held each June at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Maquoketa, Iowa. You still have time to register for the event or send pieces to compete. Visit the Congress website, www.awcltd.org, for more information.

Check out our gallery of photos celebrating half a century of this amazing show. Special thanks to Marc Featherly and Dick Belcher for providing images.

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