Custom Candy Dishes

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Custom Candy Dishes

Create these candy dishes for carved or real candy

By Jack Proseilo

One way to show off your carving skills is with seasonal candy dishes. These easy-to-carve designs can easily be completed in a weekend. Cut around the perimeter, hollow the inside using your tools of choice, and carve as few or as many other details as you desire. Paint of finish as desired. If you plan to place unwrapped candy in the dish, seal it well with a food safe finish such as beeswax or shellac, or plan to allow the finish to cure long enough that you can no longer smell any finish.

Carved candy, like the Sweet Treats found in Woodcarving Illustrated Fall 2016 (Issue 76) also deserve a carved candy dish. Download the patterns below.



Evergreen-Candy-Dish-F Pumpkin-Candy-Dish-F
Tree Pattern Pumpkin Pattern
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