Product Reviews

Kampel’s WoodFil Epoxy

By Bob Duncan

Every carver should have a tube of wood-colored epoxy in his or her toolbox. Kampel’s WoodFil Epoxy is not only easy to use, but also comes in a variety of colors. I like the way you can mix and match different putty colors to make custom colors.

To use this two-part epoxy, simply cut off a slice and kneed it to mix the two parts. You can mold the putty to fill a hole or repair a damaged section. Carvers who use glass eyes for their pieces often use epoxy putty to seat the eyes in drilled holes, fashioning the excess epoxy into eyelids as it sets. Most epoxy putties come in a limited number of shades, which means sculpted or repaired areas usually need to be painted; however, Kampel’s selection of colors makes it easier to match the epoxy color to the blank. When dry, the epoxy patch can be sanded, cut, carved, and drilled. It never changes color and cannot be stained.

The WoodFil Epoxy is available for $11.15 per tube from

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