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Micro Pro Champion micro motor

By Bob Duncan

Woodcarvers Supply has redesigned their Pro Champion micro motor to give it a higher top speed and greater power (torque). The tool now features a top speed of 46,000rpm.

The Micro Pro kit eliminates the foot control. I never use the foot control with a micro motor, and I don’t know many carvers who do. The speed control dial and power switch are in convenient locations, and the handpiece is balanced and comfortable to hold. The kit comes with 3/32″- and 1/8″-diameter quick-change collets, and the handpiece uses sealed NSK bearings. It also features an integrated handpiece holder.

To test the limits of the tool, I chucked in a large carbide-point bit and grabbed a piece of hard maple. I pressed the tool against the wood and gradually increased the pressure. I was surprised at how much pressure I could apply and how much wood was removed before the tool bogged down. Within a few minutes, I reduced half the chunk of maple to shavings and sawdust.

The Micro Pro is not meant to replace a flexible shaft tool for roughing out carvings. However, this tool has a substantial amount of power, which allows me to switch from the bulky flexible shaft tool to the more comfortable micro motor at an earlier stage of carving.

The Micro Pro Champion is available for $199.95 from Woodcarvers Supply, 800-284-6229,

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