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Pyrography 2020

The 2020 issue of Pyrography includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. This issue is not part of the regular magazine subscription. It is also available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing, or 1-800-457-9112.

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Building a Basic Pyrography Kit

Avoid the heat when you burn by gathering these essentials ahead of time

By Lora S. Irish, Sue Walters, and Simon Easton

Before Your Burn 

Good preparation is the foundation of great results

By Sue Walters


Safety Tips

Avoid harming yourself and others by observing these guidelines

By Sue Walters


Keeping It Clean

Follow these easy methods to keep your tool tips clean

By Lora S. Irish

Coloring with Polyurethane 

This clever technique is great for adding even, subtle color

By Don White


Product Review: Walnut Hollow 

This design is sleek and powerful—and won’t break the bank

By Lora S. Irish


Extreme Burning

These artists push the boundaries on what it means to play with fire

By Hannah Rachel Carroll

Gourd Preparation

Get your gourds ready for burning in a few simple steps

By Lora S. Irish

Keeping It Legal

Have copyright questions? So did
we—so we asked an intellectual property lawyer

By Kaylee Schofield

Embers: Getting Inked

For pyrographer Andy Mills, tattooing and woodburning go hand in hand

By Hannah Rachel Carroll


Autumn Kaleidoscope

From fiery leaves to turkey tail mushrooms, this forest scene has more color than a carnival

By Deborah Pompano

Beginner Practice Patterns

New to burning? Test these simple designs on everything from spoons to jewelry

By Lora S. Irish


Dragonfly Soleil Gourd

Use gold leaf to highlight the details on this elusive insect

By Jenn Avery

Burning the Nose

Use contour lines and shading to burn a realistic facial feature

By Jo Schwartz

Woodburning a Dinner Scene

Learn to “burn glass” in an elegant tableau fit for royalty

By Minisa Robinson

Leather Key Fob

Practice simple shading and coloring techniques on this nostalgic design

By Michele Parsons

Pyrography Portraits from Pet Photos

Create personalized woodburnings of cats, dogs, hamsters, and more using these winning tips

By Lora S. Irish

Trio of Blooms

Use negative space to frame and flesh out three elegant botanicals

By Marsha Wilson

Creating Scale Texture

This fiery dragon scene brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “burned artwork” 

By Don Stephenson

Great Horned Owl

Let this stern flier keep watch over your domain

By Valarie Connell

Castle Cookie Jar

Store your sweets in a medieval fortress worthy of King Arthur

By Si Easton

Burning Smoke

Make a powerful steam train using just one tip

By Minisa Robinson


Mountain Lion

Burn a fierce face of the forest in just nine steps

By Minisa Robinson

Stylized Peony

Practice making fluid lines on a bold, elegant summer blossom

By Shannon Mahoney


Henna Gourd

Transform an ordinary gourd into a mesmerizing piece of art with simple swirls and shapes 

By Mary McConnell

Dream Catcher Clock

Repeating designs let you burn a practical gift in record time

By Si Easton

Online Exclusives

Free Project

Burn and color a wintry forest scene by pyrography artist Deborah Pompano.

Midnight Frolic Pattern

Shopping Guide

Check out our comprehensive list of beginner-friendly models that’ll get you burning without breaking the bank.

Woodburner Shopping Guide

Bonus Content

Click here for Lora S. Irish’s Dragon and Greenman Patterns (featured in her Walnut Hollow review):

Two Free Patterns



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