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Smart Jars

By Bob Duncan

Pegboard always seems like a good idea, but for tools, I’ve moved to a shelf/drawer system. But I kept the 4×8 sheet of pegboard tacked to my shop wall, because, well, it should be good for something.

At Maker Faire in New York City last September, I came across Smart Jars. The base clicks into pegboard and the clear plastic jar has a hinged locking lid that snaps in and out of the base. I requested a sample after Maker Faire, and my co-workers and I love them. These jars are one of the neatest organizational tools I’ve seen.

The jars arrange in any configuration on the pegboard. The bases stay put when you remove the jars, but they are easy to reposition on the pegboard, as well. The jars snap closed securely. I use them to hold palm tools, small knives, small sharpening equipment, hardware, and even bottles and tubes of paint.

The jars currently come in only one size, but the product developer plans to create different sizes. Depending on the sizes, I can see them being useful for everything from full-size knives and gouges, to files and rifflers, and even paintbrushes. They would be equally useful in the kitchen (they were originally designed for spices), craft room, sewing room, or even a child’s room. These really are smart organizational tools!

You can find Smart Jars online at

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