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Whittling Little Folk – Pattern Correction

Harley Refsal’s new book, Whittling Little Folk, is receiving a lot of positive feedback from Woodcarving Illustrated readers. In addition to the compliments, readers shared that the pattern for Kristian on page 23 is incorrect, and the pattern for Lawrence on page 123 needs a few minor alterations.

For Lawrence, it’s simple to adjust the pattern to accommodate the missing long hair and to remove the ears, which are covered with hair. The modifications for Kristian are more extensive, so a corrected pattern is available below.

We’re not quite sure how the error on Kristian’s pattern got through the editorial staff, but Harley offers a possible explanation:

“I’m thinking this is what must have happened: I had the pattern all drawn, outline for the cap included, but just before the book went to print the wind must have blown his cap off, and there he stands, poor guy, with a completely naked head. Not even hair.

“But I managed to find the cap, it’s now back on his head, and I hope you enjoy carving Kristian, as well as the other figures in the book. And I hope you enjoy the foreword too.”

Harley Refsal also shared that Kristian and Thea Refsal were his grandparents. “Given where they lived, out on the prairie near the Minnesota/Dakota border where the wind blew most of the time, I’m sure he appreciates having his cap back on.”


CLICK HERE to download the Little Whittles Pattern.

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