Woodcarving Illustrated Spring 2020, Issue #90

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Woodcarving Illustrated Spring 2020, Issue #90

The Spring 2020 issue of Woodcarving Illustrated includes a variety of projects, patterns, and features, as well as interesting techniques. This issue is a part of the regular magazine subscription. It is also available from your favorite retailer or from Fox Chapel Publishing, foxchapelpublishing.com or 1-800-457-9112.

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Making an Insect Condo

Protect pollinators using common materials from around the yard and shop

By Kaylee Schofield

Airbrushing on the Cheap

You could have two-thirds of an airbrush setup hiding in your workshop!

By Jon Deck

The Key Marco Cat

The tools used to carve this ancient figurine might surprise you

By Kaylee Schofield


Chip-Carved Gothic Cross

See the contrasting design appear with each new cut!

By Marty Leenhouts


Mythical Woodland Cottage: Part 1

Carve layers of pine to make a cozy home for a literary creature

By Betty Padden


Love You Beary Much

This charming beast won’t steal your honey, but she may steal your heart

By Sara Barraclough

Simple Fork & Spoon Set

Add milk paint to hardwood utensils to make carved details pop

By Elizabeth Sherman

Hangry Hawk

Carve this sassy caricature in an afternoon—with just one little block of wood

By Dennis Thornton

Painting the Hangry Hawk

Practice blending, drybrushing, and lining techniques on this small but expressive carving

By Susan Thornton

Hummingbird Moth Gourd

Transform a treasured photo into a piece of pyrography art

By Jenn Avery 

Trefoil Rosette Applique

Spruce up household furniture with a timeless floral motif

By Mark Ivan Fortune 

Carving a Baby Dragon

Hatch this charming creature from a tiny basswood block

By Jim Feather 

Simple Holiday Houses

Customize this cottage blank for Easter, Christmas, and Halloween

By Aaron and Andy Mayer

Comfort Turtle

Carve a simple 8-step reptile using just two tools

By Tom Mellott

Flat-Plane Bunny

This rascally rabbit is as cute as the real thing, but won’t destroy your vegetable patch

By James Miller 

Minnow Chaser 

Practice your airbrushing skills on this realistic lure

By Rich Rousseau

Whittled Cocktail Stirrers

Spice up party beverages with these reusable picks

By Tom Hindes

Swedish Courting Spoon

Swap out the cheesy Valentine card for a 17th-century alternative

By Dave Western 


Online Exclusives

Comfort Bird Plans

If you loved Tom Mellott’s comfort turtle, carve that creature a winged companion perfect for spring.

Comfort Bird Plans

Extra Photos

Want to make your own Key Marco Cat? Get an expanded tutorial (and more photos) here!

Key Marco Cat Project

Free Patterns

Download Bonus designs for Aaron and Andy Mayer’s Simple Holiday Houses!

Holiday Houses Patterns

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