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Get a Re-Grip!

Add comfortable handle covers to carving tools in just seconds

By Bob Duncan

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Three sizes:
MSRP: $10.99 (small), $11.99 (medium), $12.99 (large);

Re-grips are versatile handle covers that take the place of tape that carvers often apply to handles to make tools more comfortable to use. But they can be used on any tool—and go on in seconds flat.

Re-grips combine stretchy rubber sleeves with perforated spiral tubes. To use, just slide the tool handle into the tube and pull the tab at the end. The tube separates along perforations and allows the sleeve to tighten down on the handle for a secure fit. That’s it.

I use Re-grips on full-size gouge, chisel, and mallet handles. They improve my grip, are comfortable to hold, and provide cushioning that reduces fatigue when I’m using a mallet and gouge (especially during roughing out). And with regular use, these durable handle covers have maintained their shape. Eventually, I plan to have them on all of my full-size tools.

One thing to note: Re-grips will transform hexagonal handles into round ones. So use caution when transitioning; tools may now roll off the bench if you’re not careful.

Overall, this product’s convenience and comfort—as well as its reasonable price—make it a no-brainer addition to any workshop.

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