Woodcarving Wednesdays: Painting Stone Texture

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Woodcarving Wednesdays: Painting Stone Texture

Since many of us are spending extra time indoors these days, it’s more important than ever to stay creative and busy. With that in mind, the team at Woodcarving Illustrated will be posting a free beginner-friendly project or technique to our website every Wednesday. So grab a knife and let those woodchips fly!


This week, Betty Padden demonstrates how to create realistic stone texture. Betty has taught carving and painting tips to students for more than three decades. Her most recent work—the Mythical Woodland Cottage—was featured in WCI Spring 2020 (Issue 90), and the upcoming Summer 2020 (Issue 91). Be sure to subscribe to Woodcarving Illustrated to learn how to carve and paint your own ethereal escape.


Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s video!


For more of Betty Padden’s paint guides and blending techniques, be sure to check out her recent book Carving and Painting Noah’s Ark: Easy-Build Ark Plans Plus Step-by-Step Instructions and Patterns for Classic Animals. This comprehensive guide shows you how to create your own big in-the-round Noah’s Ark to use as either a delightful children’s toy or a functional art collectible. Betty also reveals her layered techniques for transforming a major project into simpler, doable carvings, while adding a touch of whimsy along the way.

About the Author

Betty Padden and her husband, Bob, own Wooden Apple Signmakers in Auburn, Mass. They have been professional sign carvers for 35 years and have been teaching their craft to students for more than 30 years. They are the creators of SantaCarls®, a unique figure that has been sold at Disney parks and Busch Gardens. Betty also designs and paints for Ne’Qwa Art and Blossom Bucket, among other companies. Visit bettypadden.com for cut outs, patterns, and designs, and help for woodcarvers struggling with projects. See more of Betty’s work at woodenapplesignmakers.com.

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