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Dave Stetson taught the Charlotte Woodcarvers how to make funny faces

Carvers learn funny faces from Dave Stetson

Dave Stetson, a well-known author, teacher, and member of the Caricature Carvers of America, recently traveled from Arizona to visit the Charlotte Woodcarvers Club of Charlotte, N.C. Dave was a judge at the club’s annual Showcase of Woodcarvings in February. He also taught a class on carving facial expressions. Dave used his technical approach to demonstrate many techniques. He offered a unique and well-researched approach to carving faces that was as informative as it was engaging. Members of the Charlotte Woodcarvers Club have taken many carving classes, and they consider this class to be have been among the best.  The club thoroughly enjoyed his class and was glad to have him at their show. (Submitted by Maria Senkel)

For more on the Charlotte Woodcarvers Club’s 2017 Showcase of Woodcarvings, visit their website. To see more of Dave Stetson’s work, visit his website. Want to see your club on the WCI website? Click here to learn how to submit your photos!

The Charlotte (NC) Woodcarvers Club

Dave Stetson’s sample carvings show his signature style

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