Custom Carved Guitars

When Doug Rowell isn’t strumming a guitar, he’s whittling one. In Woodcarving Illustrated Summer 2012 (Issue 59) Doug showed some of the more than 100 solid-body, customized electric guitars that he has carved for popular collectors and musicians, including Russ Giguerre of The Association, Mike Botts and James Griffin of Bread, and the top Hollywood studio guitarists Mike Deasy and James Burton. He even carved a banjo for the comedian and film star Steve Martin.

“Every instrument I make is functional and playable,” Doug said. “Many of these guitars are for collectors who are more likely to hang them than play them. But it’s my intention to make the best guitar I can. I think it should be able to survive the roughest roadie and even the occasional bar fight.”

Scroll down to see more of Doug’s carved guitars.

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