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Rockler’s Silicone Project Mat

By Bob Duncan

Rockler’s Silicone Project Mat is one of those products that makes you ask, “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before now?” This mat will protect your work surface from … well … everything.

The 15″ by 30″ mat gives you plenty of space to work. The 1/8″-thick nonstick but nonslip, heat-resistant silicone material is durable, and you can literally peel dried glue and paint off easily. The mat rolls up for storage, but ALWAYS opens flat. The patterned front catches glue, paint, and even wood chips and sawdust. It will even protect your workbench from a woodburner or soldering iron mishap.

It’s a must for glue-ups in the shop, but woodworkers beware! When I took one home to test, my wife fell in love with it. She envisioned using it with our kids for craft projects and when she makes greeting cards (the mat would catch ink overspray and glitter). A coworker ruefully mentioned ruining the finish on her kitchen table when fingernail polish remover soaked through newspaper—this mat would have prevented that. Basically, if you do anything besides eat at your dining room table, you need this mat.

Rockler’s Silicone Project Mat is available for $29.99 plus S&H from Rockler, 800-279-4441,

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