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Floyd Rhadigan Named WCI Woodcarver of the Year


Normally, folks find out they’ve been named Woodcarving Illustrated’s Woodcarver of the year when I call them up, congratulate them, and then set up a time to call them back for an extensive interview. This year was a little different. Since our 2016 Woodcarver of the Year was teaching at the Open House, we surprised Floyd Rhadigan with the presentation of the plaque.

I started describing the Woodcarver of the Year, and it was amusing to note the point during my speech when Floyd realized I was talking about him. Below is the short speech I gave leading up to the announcement:

This year’s Woodcarving Illustrated Woodcarver of the Year continues to promote carving in many ways that are close to our heart. Not only does this carver teach classes all around the country, he is also a prolific author and an active vendor and judge at carving shows. Despite this, he still finds time to design and create a variety of rough outs.

These traits endear him to carvers of all skill levels, but this carver isn’t afraid to spend a bit more time explaining to beginners. He’s honed his teaching skills to be able to share his vast knowledge with novices in a way that makes sense. This past president of the Caricature Carvers of America (this is where Floyd realized I was talking about him) is the fastest carver we’ve ever worked on step-by-step articles with in our photo studio. While his primary interest is in the fantasy theme, his carvings range from Santas, to cowboys, to historic figures, and even, more recently, soldiers.

Here is a recent interview with Floyd Rhadigan

For more information about Floyd, see Woodcarving Illustrated Winter 2016 (Issue 77).

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