Frosty Challenge


Frosty Challenge

The team at Woodcarving Illustrated asked to see your wackiest interpretation of a snowman—and boy, did you deliver! Tons of silly submissions rolled in from around the country, and picking a winner was a challenge. See a few of our favorites below. (Scroll down to see magazine editor Kaylee Schofield’s submission.)

To learn more about Gerard Canavan’s winning carving, pictured above, see the Letters section of our spring issue. Keep making woodchips, friends!

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Frosty Challenge Submissions

 Jim Camp

Morrison, Ill.

Mike Cochran

Cape Girardeau, Mo.

David Lye

American Fork, Utah

Amanda O’Deay

Des Moines, Iowa 

 Jason Forkings

Newbridge on Wye, Wales

Andrew Formiller

Albany, Ore.

Tom Mellott

Colorado Springs, Colo. 


Mitch Nader

Cleveland, Ohio


Al Leitgeb

Toccoa, Ga.

Kathy Vonderahe

Evansville, Ind.

Jeff Morgan

Salt Lake City, Utah

  Jason Johnson

Florence, Ky.

  Tom Taylor

East Washington, N.H.

Kaylee Schofield – Editor, Magazines

Mount Joy, Pa.

Inspired by the wide pool of creative carves, and a beloved treat—Neapolitan ice cream—magazine editor Kaylee Schofield decided to make her own wacky snowman. Unfortunately, as many of us do around our favorite sweet treats, he’s lost his head!




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