The WCI Team Carves!


The WCI Team Carves!

The holidays are a perfect time to show love through handmade gifts—and the WCI team is no exception! In the spirit of giving, we unsheathed knives, sharpened gouges, and prepared personal pieces for each of our loved ones.

Art director Jon Deck made woodchips fly as he diligently carved a snowman, llama, unicorn, and penguin—a unique “family” of projects for his four unique grandchildren. Editor Kaylee Schofield and editorial assistant Hannah Carroll enrolled in Mary May’s online School of Traditional Woodcarving for inspiration and tutelage. They recommend that any carver, no matter their level of difficulty, consider signing up for a membership. Not only is Mary May prolific and competent—she’s an encouraging teacher. Her video tutorials are simple and straightforward, and offer a variety of useful tips, allowing the carver to follow along with confidence.

Kaylee selected one of Mary May’s simple star ornaments, and carved a bunch for several family members, while Hannah carved her very first project—a stylized Madonna and child—for her future in-laws. Hannah carved her project from a rich piece of mahogany, and Kaylee used cherry wood from around Kaylee’s grandparents’ lake cottage in Maine, where her family vacationed every summer. In addition to the stars, Kaylee carved a Scottie dog and a fox—two classic designs by the legendary Tom Hindes. (Get more of his projects by purchasing his new book, Whittling in Your Free Time—it’s great for beginners!)

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Christmas may have looked a little different this year, but Jon, Kaylee, and Hannah were overjoyed at the chance to delve further into the craft they value so much—and to share something meaningful with their loved ones in the process.


From the Woodcarving Illustrated team,
Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year!


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