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Inexpensive Tool Rack

Tool Rack

It’s easy to make a rack for carving tools out of 1″-diameter PVC pipe. First, choose the length to make the rack. Take into account the size of your work space and avoid making the length longer than 24″ because the pipe can sag. Drill 1/2″ to 3/4″-diameter holes every 2″. Add a 90° elbow to both ends. Cut two short lengths of pipe for the legs. Cut two T-sections in half the long way and insert the legs into these bases. You can control the size of the tools the rack will accommodate by the length of the legs. If you need a more stable rack for heavier tools, leave the T-sections uncut and attach short lengths of pipe to the T-sections for a wider base. In addition to being inexpensive and easy to construct, the rack is portable and allows you to see the tips of the tool to ensure you grab the correct one each time.

Roy Smith
Clovis, Calif.


Auxiliary Table

When cutting small pieces on a band saw, you often risk dropping or damaging the small pieces because of the gap in the table around the blade. To prevent this, I add a simple auxiliary table made from a piece of thin plywood. Cut the plywood the same size as your band saw table and then cut in to the center of the plywood with the band saw. Back the blade slightly out of the cut and clamp the plywood to the table.

From H. Harlan Baker
Mt. Morris, Ill.

Transparent Patterns

Transparent Patterns


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