Mr. Vacation’s Suitcase

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Mr. Vacation’s Suitcase

Carve your tourist a suitcase big enough for him to travel the world with

By Wayne Laramore

I decided to give my vacationer from the summer issue a suitcase for traveling. Of course, it needed to be tattered and worn.

Attach the pattern to blank or sketch it on, if desired. Use a detail knife to round off the sharp edges. Remove wood carefully from around the handle and the wheels. Carve the belt with the knife to give the case an added squeezed look. I like the rough appearance it gives. Paint the suitcase (see Paint Notes below) and let dry. Seal the carving with a clear spray finish. Make sure to carve my “Mr. Vacation” caricature from the summer issue, and then attach the suitcase to the carving’s base with a method of your choice to complete your tourist’s look.

Paint Notes

  • Wheels and handle: lamb black (1)
  • Metal pull handle bars: Quaker gray (2)
  • Suitcase body: tomato red (1) shaded with black plum (1)
  • Belt: cocoa (1) shaded with burnt sienna (1)
  • Buckle: antique gold (1)
  • Tag: antique white (2)
  • Sticker: primary yellow (1) and lamb black (1)

1 Americana®   

2 Ceramcoat® 




• Basswood, 1″ (2.5cm) thick: 1 1/2″ x 2 3/8″ (3.8cm x 6cm)

• Acrylic paints, such as Americana®: antique gold, black plum, burnt sienna, cocoa, lamp black, primary yellow, tomato red; such as Ceramcoat®: antique white, Quaker gray


  • Detail knife
About the Author

Wayne Laramore Wayne was elected into the CCA in 2016 and resides in Sparta, Ill., with his wife Pat. He is a father of two and grandfather of four. See more of Wayne’s work at


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